Alaska Outdoors

Birds large and small sniff their way through life

Birds’ inability to smell has proven wrong many times.

Tick, tick, tick: Alaska braces for invading parasites

State’s warming climate helping ticks gain foothold.

Alaska should not rank 43rd in US in sustainable development

Cuts to public education, climate action, ferry system constitute reckless governance.

Did Juneau’s pine trees arrive from the north?

Opining on the history, ecology of these tall specimens.

Photos: Juneau Springs to Life

It’s getting brighter and warmer.

Friends, fishing and the ones that got away

Losing a 20-pound halibut isn’t fun.

Iditarod represents one of the last Gold Rush towns

A century ago, for a few years, it was the largest city in the Interior.

Signs of spring’s arrival all around Juneau

The fun in the snow is finished and the fun of spring begins.

Now’s the time to be aware and prepare for bears

Tips to follow to prevent issues with bears.

Southeast pink salmon forecast cause for concern

It’s also cause for conservation.

The colorful evolution of moths and butterflies

These insects belong to a large, but young group.

There’s no place like home in Alaska

Traveling is fun, but rarely do I feel like I need a vacation from this state.

Sandy memories of ancient storms

Why did the people who lived on Seward Peninsula for more than 4,000 years leave?

Refreshing break from Southeast in Baja

Sights and sounds in Loreto, Mexico.

Winter in Baja offers change of scenery

Fun in the sun with birds, whales and sardines.