Alaska Outdoors

Who’s calling who? Lessons from a failed waterfowl hunt.

Without illogical enthusiasm, we might not learn new things.

Waterfowl hunting season to close next week

The season will go later next year.

Famous shooters of noxious spray

What do skunks, beetles and octopuses all have in common?

Bear with them, they’re learning

Lecture examines behavior of not-quite adult bears

Sustainable Alaska: Saving Energy at UAS

How the campus saves energy (and money).

Redoubt’s big impact 30 years ago

The eruption that nearly brought down a passenger jet.

The story of five spawning salmon

It’s tough sledding for Dredge Lakes salmon.

A little brown bat. (Courtesy Photo | Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

Dogs make the best bat-scent detectors, helping local researchers

The excellent noses of dogs are put to work in bat research.

A little brown bat. (Courtesy Photo | Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

Thankful for being overwhelmed

Happy to be living in Southeast.

Birds of a different feather can hunt together

There’s a reason they call ravens ‘wolf-birds.’

What killed the world’s giants?

Lions in Alaska? Yes, it’s a thing.

Dirty glaciers all over the world

Chalk it up to rocks.

Keep the lows, medium

‘You’re on a roll, Lund.’


Which came first in Alaska: cabins or bats?

Long live the little brown bat!

Roots and places

“Every special place has a song it sings …”