Alaska Outdoors

Sandy memories of ancient storms

Why did the people who lived on Seward Peninsula for more than 4,000 years leave?

Refreshing break from Southeast in Baja

Sights and sounds in Loreto, Mexico.

Winter in Baja offers change of scenery

Fun in the sun with birds, whales and sardines.

Pondering the power of the ocean

Research into wave energy could serve as template for Alaska’s coastal communities.

A grand misadventure

It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.

Alaska taking shape near Yakutat

The forces shaping Alaska never sleep.

Arthropods invade the land

There are more species of arthropod than all other animals combined.

The world would be a filthier place without these pests

Despite their reputation, flies are useful in many ways.

A ‘secret’ trail becomes new and exciting again

As a kid, this trail was ours. As an adult, it’s a shared spot.

A bad summer for birds on Cooper Island

In time, some birds came back. Many did not.

Jabbing sensors into the Denali Fault

Scientists are performing some rare fieldwork.

When Alaska salmon ‘go viral’

Alaska’s infamous salmon-related content never seems to die.

The daily struggles of a gearhead

How to justify purchasing those new waders.

Diversity in nature

Winter brings a variety of observations.

Juneau leading the way for a sustainable future

City is identifying important issues, setting sustainability goals.