Alaska Outdoors

Dirty glaciers all over the world

Chalk it up to rocks.


Keep the lows, medium

‘You’re on a roll, Lund.’


Do you know the history behind the Horse Tram Trail?

A new trail with an old story.



Which came first in Alaska: cabins or bats?

Long live the little brown bat!

Roots and places

“Every special place has a song it sings …”

Sustainable Alaska: Mining decisions need better science

Biologists, ecological experts arrive at a consensus.

Little brown bats remain a northern mystery

Author reexamines Alaska bats.

Lucky? Good? Who cares

The hunt continues.

Mystery organism comes to light

A real-life X-Files episode.

Alaska’s three types of Amanita muscaria

A common, conspicuous, gaudy mushroom.

Living dead scattered across Alaska landscape

16-legged frogs? Yes, it’s a thing.

When a hat isn’t just a hat

Dude, where’s my hat?

How do rising C02 levels affect plants?

Carbon dioxide and ecosystems.

The story behind these ubiquitous round worms

There are thousands of species of nematodes.