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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics Can Help With Questions About Love, Career and Life

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A guide to online psychic reading, counting down the best free psychic readings services for accurate tarot readings, psychic mediums, future telling, love readings, palm readings, astrology readings, spiritual readings and more.

Problems are a part of life. Everyone had to endure and fight it. There are various service methods companies present with their different techniques to help and overcome the dark time of life. One of the services is called Psychic reading. The people who read your fortune on various devices are called psychics. Psychic reading is not a new game. It is a very old service provided to people in need.

Those who are confused in their choices and are stuck in life can opt for these services to get a hint or clear their doubts regarding any decision. Of course, they will not be told outright what they should do. It is their decision, and they should be able to make it. It is not that clients can visit these psychics only when they are in problems; no, they can visit the sites when they have a big decision to make that can change their whole life if they are confused about it. This could help users to make the right choice.

>> Get clarity on your love, relations and finances with a free psychic reading

A glimpse into the future and the coming days, past and the present, can tell a lot about a person’s life. With the pandemic circling the whole world, it’s safer for people to stay at home and use these services online. Experts like online psychics are available on the online sites that provide psychic reading like horoscope reading, numerology, psychic mediums, tarot card readings, spiritual readings, love readings by love psychics, future telling, astrology readings.

Live psychics are available 24 x 7 for the benefit of the people to get a session whenever they want and wherever they want. We know that many fraud sites have emerged and are using their same services to make money. Being wary of such fraud sites is a sensible thing. That is why we present four credible online websites that only provide good and authentic service but are also very famous.

Most people are unaware of these fabulous websites that have the power to change a person’s life with their psychic reading.

Best Free Psychic Reading Online Services For Accurate & Live Readings:

Kasamba – Great for love and relationship advice (3 Minutes Free +50% Discount)

California Psychics – Great for tarot readings ($1 per minute + 5 free minutes)

Keen Psychics – Great for accurate readings on big life decisions (10 minutes for $1.99 only)

Psychic Source – Great for career and money advice (Free 3 minutes +75% discount)

A detailed review of these websites is given to understand and choose the best one for you.



This is probably one of the best psychic websites available online. People don’t worry if they don’t know what to do after reaching this site; they have the best navigational features to guide the user. Users can easily be connected to any live psychics and get started. They can ask them about the services and choose if they are new to the field. Psychic reading online is very easy and comfortable for people who are usually shy in front of strangers and are not very keen to get their psychic reading.

Prominent features

  • The first 3 minutes are free for new customers by Kasamba.
  • A 50% discount is available as an offer if a person is still interested in psychic reading after the 3-minute session with the online psychics.
  • The customer can avail all the psychic reading services by online chats or phone, for which phone psychics and chat psychics are available all the time.
  • If the customer wants to chat in real-time, then live psychics are present for this service. They can guide people and remove their worries by talking to them in real-time.
  • Horoscope reading, dream analysis, aura readings, rune casts, fortune telling, crystal readings, pet psychics, astrological predictions, numerology, psychic medium, tarot card readings, and much more are present customers
  • Famous for love readings by love psychics and live psychics.
  • Online psychics are extremely talented and experienced in their fields of expertise.
  • Money-back guarantee offers are also present to people who are still unsatisfied with the answers.
  • Simple registration to be completed when the customers are new to this website to keep track of the customers. The information of customers is kept confidential.

>> Try Kasamba Gifted Psychics – 3 First Minutes For Free

Benefits of choosing Kasamba

  • One of the top free psychic reading websites famous for the accurate readings provided to the people. Many customers have seen a positive transformation in their life after abiding by the advice of the live psychics present on Kasamba.
  • Several options for the offers are present so that people can choose what suits best to their needs.
  • The online psychics are passed through a screening process and then selected based on their previous work and experience in the subjects.
  • Separate psychics are available for the different types of psychic reading.
  • The option of selecting their psychic is available to the customer. If the customer is confused, then a psychic is provided to the person to get started.
  • 50% discount offers are present for the regular customers.
  • Psychic readings by phone or chat options are given to the people to choose according to their needs.

With 15 years of unmatched experience, Kasamba has grown widely to give its services to the people in need. With such affordable and competitive prices, people can get and know anything their heart desires. Take career advice from the advisor on the website or love readings by love psychics. If a person faces financial problems, they can ask the experts for fortune-telling or astrology predictions to get a hint of where they should continue for success.

People can choose daily horoscopes if they want to get on day by day. They can also get your readings by phone if you don’t have much time to spare. Always be clear of what you have to ask the online psychics to make full use of the session. Online psychics are present from all over the world, so that it makes it easier for the customers to choose their psychics based on geographical location if they want.

A review page for the psychics is available on the websites to write about their experience with the psychics. This way, the new members can read those if they want and decide which psychic to choose. Detailed categories and sections are present on the website to navigate easily and select what they require if they are unsure of what to choose when they can get in touch with an advisor to help them realize what they need.

People can always change their advisors if they are unsatisfied with the present one. There is nothing compulsory to the options for the customers. Many customers feel that numbers are the best way to reveal the answers to their questions, so they opt for numerology instead of fortune telling or tarot card readings.

Visit Kasamba Best Psychic Readers Via Phone Or Live Chat

California Psychics


This website is giving valuable and authentic psychic readings to customers for the past 25 years now. The easy navigation and unique features of this website make it different from other fortune-telling websites. The art of psychic readings is not something every person will understand, and those who do might not be very talented and gifted to read the signs and aura of a person.

Reading fortunes is not a child’s play, and we certainly take it seriously when it is a matter of life-altering decisions for the people. The online psychics present are specialized in different topics such as finance-related doubts, career advice, love life, relationships, business, and so on. The people can choose the topics and the psychics they prefer and get on with the session right away.

People with any doubts regarding their information’s privacy should know that their information is not revealed to third parties at any cost. Still, if they are not comfortable with the live sessions, they can interact with their psychics via phone calls or email, or texts.

Prominent features

  • A dollar is charged for every minute of the sessions with the psychics on the website.
  • Using the promotional offers present on the site can give a person five additional minutes if they are interested in asking more questions.
  • A special promotional offer of 80% discount is also available on the website so that people can resolve their issues without any considerable dent in their pocket.
  • Phone psychics and chat psychics options are present for the people to choose if they are not comfortable talking to the psychics face to face.
  • A horde of options for the love psychics, live psychics, phone psychics, and chat psychics are present so that the customers can choose what they want from a wide number of options.
  • The new customers who do not have any experience yet with the online psychics can see the ratings for the psychics on their website to make a good decision.
  • Along with the various promotional offers, a partial refund of money is also available for the customers if they are not satisfied with the previous session with online psychics.
  • Daily horoscopes are provided to the customers if they register themselves on the website. A simple registration can keep them updated on the offers that California Psychics gives.

Try California Psychics Here – Enjoy 5 Free Minutes

Benefits of choosing California Psychics

  • The satisfaction of the customers is important. Online psychics present make sure to clear any doubts and not to put any more confusing questions in the customer’s head.
  • The services provided by California Psychics remain active 24 x 7 for people all over the world. They have to choose the right topic and prepare the questions and ask the psychic right away.
  • The rates are very low, and people can get their preferred type of psychic reading done in no time. The offers are not only present for the new customers but also the regular and old ones. The charges are only 1 dollar for a minute. A single session can be very useful for the customer to know what is needed.
  • Talented and extremely professional psychics use pendulums and i-Chings, and other objects to read the aura around the patient and give them accurate readings.
  • A customer can opt for different types of psychic reading to know the accuracy of the answers and what they need to do.
  • No appointments are necessary, and the customers can start the session with their preferred psychic right away.
  • With many seers available, there is no shortage of live psychics, and the customer can start the session anytime they can spare from their busy life.

Seeking psychics is not limited to when a person has problems to be solved or wants guidance in their life. People can also reach the psychics to get some peace from their busy and stressful life. Spiritual advisors are present to give people spiritual advice and calm their minds to feel peace and relax accordingly.

California Psychics: Accurate predictions, $1/min – Click Here To Start

Keen Psychics


The life of a person is like a rollercoaster ride that has numerous ups and downs. To reach the upper part, it goes through the lower part. Similarly, dark times come in a person’s life, but that does not mean that it will not worsen. The hope and energy required to make it better are sometimes overpowered by the stress caused to them.

What they require can be given to them through these psychics present on Keen Psychics. The mystical readings can sometimes reinstate the inner peace that was lost in daily life. Psychic readings can give hope to people who have tumbled down in the dark valleys and have no urge to live their life.

Online psychics are selected only based on their performance and experience. No one enters without a good screening process and strict verification. The clients can search for a particular psychic through the filters in the categories. If people are worried about their love life and trying to save their relationship, your search ends here. The love psychics can give accurate predictions to the customers and advise whether they should continue or end the relationship, whatever is better for the client.

Different modes of readings are present for the comfort of people. Choose phone psychics or chat psychics to get the readings via phone or messaging in no time. People can visit this website for the best psychic reading online experience.

Prominent features

  • Special introductory offers are presented for the new members of the website with 10 minutes of the session with their favorite psychics at just $1.99 after the first free 3 minutes. The lowest rates are available on this website. Customers should hurry and grab this impossible deal and get a chance to transform their lives.
  • Every service and offer is open for 24 hours of the day for the whole week. People can get their advice whenever they want.
  • Keen Psychics is famous and known for the accurate love readings by the experts present. There are different psychics available for each, relationships, love life, career advice, business, etc.
  • Different special offers with ranging prices are present for the people to choose from.
  • Phone psychics options are available, along with texting them when required.
  • Communication with the customers is easy with regional psychics available.
  • The seers are divided based on tools they use, skills, and specializations in different categories.
  • Reviews and ratings on the psychics are also present so that the customer can choose accordingly. After the sessions, the person can give the ratings to the psychic according to their level of satisfaction with the answers provided.
  • Psychic phone readings are available for the customers to use whenever they feel necessary.

Benefits of choosing Keen Psychics:

  • Once the person has registered on the website, they can benefit from a free trial with their psychics.
  • This website is known widely for the love psychics that can give accurate readings and advice for the love life and relationships of the people.
  • There is not even a single day of the year when the website is unavailable. The seers are present all the time for the customers. A schedule can be hectic. That is why the customers can interact with the psychics whenever they are free to do so.
  • Huge numbers of psychics are present on the site to meet the growing demands of the people. They can choose from a wide variety of psychics and begin the session at their time.
  • The information of the client is kept hidden all the time for pry eyes.
  • They provide high-quality readings to the customers on the phone and emails too.
  • There are several experts present for every variety of problems.
  • Unmatched and unique offers for the new and old members of the customers.
  • A lot of experience in dealing with the millions of customers patiently, listening to their worries, and giving accurate readings and sensible advice.
  • Various options of payments are available, including PayPal, to ease the payment process for the customer.

Along with all this, this website is also very famous for the accurate tarot card readings given to millions of customers. It is no doubt that millions of people have faith in Keen Psychics, and this faith does not come very easily. The customers can at least take advantage of a free trial to know if they need the sessions or not.

Connect to Keen gifted psychic advisors 10 minutes for only $1.99

Psychic Source


Best known for the accurate mystical predictions and true visions for the seers. This website is dedicated to the well-being of the client that reaches to it for help and hope. Psychic Source has three decades of experience dealing with customers and giving life-changing predictions to those who need it. The predictions are the truths and mysteries which need to be unraveled by the customers with the guide of the seers.

Often only a small push is needed for a person to emerge from the shallow pits of despair and move towards a better life filled with opportunities. A bad situation can shatter the will and hope of a person, but with the help of some guidance and support, the person can overcome the obstacles in life to live in better conditions.

We are lucky to be surrounded by friends and families, but not everyone has that to their advantage, and therefore, when a deep end comes, they fall right into it, with no one around them to care and mentor them. This is where the psychics are extremely useful. They provide guidance and hope to the person without any second thoughts about race, caste, religion, and any other type of discrimination.

The right balance between the soul and the body is necessary to obtain inner peace in mind. If these two factors are at odds, then no solution can take them to the right path. Spiritual advisors are present on the websites to calm their minds and help them obtain peace from the wars raging inside their heads.

No violation of nature is done to get accurate predictions. The seers are extremely skilled and extraordinary. They can sense the other worlds and get answers for the mystical objects for the person in despair.

Prominent features

  • Psychic Source is known for fortune telling, tarot card readings, career guidance, love readings, finance psychics.
  • Different reading modes are available, like live readings through video calls, messaging through chat psychics, and call through phone psychics.
  • A wide variety of psychic readings are present for the customers. They can choose tarot card readings, energy healing, career advice, spiritual healing, astrological predictions, aura readings, counseling, love readings, and so on.
  • For the new members, special offers are available such as the first 3 minutes are free with a 75% discount on the rest of the session should the customer decide to continue.
  • The online psychics are present 24 x 7 for the service of the customers. The customers can access the session online at any time they wish.
  • Free psychic reading online is available and the best feature of Psychic Source.

Benefits of Choosing Psychic Source :

  • Psychic Source has always made it a priority to make the sessions comfortable for the customers to talk about their problems freely. A comfortable environment is very important for the customer to talk without any hesitation or fear.
  • Affordable rates are set up for the customers to benefit from psychic readings without spending a considerable amount of money.
  • The video sessions are most beneficial for the client since the seers can peer into their faces and recognize the aura around them. This leads to better results and accurate predictions.
  • Dream analysis, spiritual guidance, astrological predictions, tarot card readings, psychic mediums, angel card readings, and more options are present for the people. If they remain satisfied with one reading, they can choose the alternatives to get accurate readings and see what suits them.
  • Free psychic reading is available on this website. But this does not mean it is not authentic. Top-quality readings are given to the customers to resolve their doubts in the best possible way.
  • Data of the customer is not revealed to anyone at any cost. The information is confidential and is required to keep track of the customers.

People can have access to the top-notch psychics available at affordable rates. Even a piece of small advice can alter their whole life. It can save someone from drowning in despair. The guidance and care shown by the seers can allow people to get on with their life day by day until they are independent to move on with no worries.

People have to understand that this is not a magical potion that can take away all the problems when drunk. Healing of the mind takes some time, and with the help of some spiritual advice and predictions, the process of healing is increased by a great factor.

Visit Psychic Source Top-Rated Psychics For Free 3 Minutes Readings

Tools Required For a Psychic Reading

A psychic can use several tools to predict something or give mystical readings to a person. These tools usually help the psychic to extend their abilities and give accurate predictions. Most psychics are well versed in one of the tools to help them read the otherworldly signs.

  • Crystal orbs : They enhance the healing energy of the psychic by altering and amplifying the frequencies. This assists the psychics to use their abilities in a better way.

  • Tarot cards : The total number of cards in the deck is 78, containing different symbols and images. There can be several interpretations of each symbol depending upon the person’s questions in his/her mind.

  • Numerology : Numbers are probably the best way to predict something for someone. It never fails to provide accurate answers about the problems in life.

  • Astrology : Some people may not believe in fortune-telling, but the stars are proof of the existence of other worlds, and to study the stars and obtain answers for the customer is a good way for making accurate predictions.

  • Pendulum : A device through which a simple yes and no can be received. The amplification of senses is necessary to get the answers that get easier with this device’s use.

  • Runes : An oracle reading system used by the psychics to read the runic symbols etched on different materials and predicted answers to the customers’ questions.

  • Oracle cards : The total number of cards varies from 12 to 100. A wider range of predictions can be made using this device.

What Types of Matters Can Be Discussed With The Psychics?

  • Past life : The present and the future depends heavily on the past life of a person. Sometimes even a small realization of the situations that happened in the past can help people to live the present time in a better way. Experiencing moments that we thought had happened before and had some troubling dreams can be resolved by peeking into the past and knowing the Source can help a lot to get on with life peacefully.

  • Love life and Relationships : There are dark times in your relationships when you will like nothing is left in it. Whether it is because the partners don’t have time for each other or trust between them is no longer present. For a relationship to be long-lasting and beautiful, it has to be nurtured with care and affection. A small piece of advice can do wonders and revive a dying bond between two souls.

  • Career : Time and constant energy is required to build an outstanding career. Career advice helps a lot in deciding what to choose and which path to take. Sometimes people have to make the bold choice of leaving one thing and starting the other; it requires strong will and energy, and some guidance and support will help a lot in making that choice successful.

  • Finance : Money is an equally important thing necessary to get food and comforts from time to time. Loss in business and reduction in income can cause stress and panic, impacting mental and physical health.

  • Pets : Pets are like family members, and if something bad happens to them, then the pain and suffering caused through that incident can be overwhelming. Even bad behavior of the pets can lead to unanswered questions. In these cases, consulting with pet psychics can lead to all the answers about why they might be showing these types of behaviors.

  • Lost items : It is possible that if a person loses something of great value, it can cause great discomfort and stress in your life. Even after searching numerous times, they might not have any luck. This can be easily solved with the help of a psychic. They can find and track the object for you with the enhanced senses and with the tools to amplify their search to a wider range.

  • Lost person : If a person goes missing, then it is an equally stressful situation. The client is not aware of the situation in which the person may be present. In case the client wants to know the whereabouts of the missing person, they can try the psychics to get the missing person’s location. With the help of psychic tools, the psychic might give an idea, if not a precise location, as to where the person may be found.

The client can ask their queries about life problems without hesitation and worry from the extraordinary seers present on these authentic sites. The psychic reading will surely be a good way to help people out.

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