Keen.com Review 2022: Should You Pick The Keen Psychic Service And Trust Its Advisors?

Keen.com Review 2022 With Pros, Cons, Prices And Much More For Fortune Seekers

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$1.99 – $9.99

► Communication Types

Live chat, phone call, email

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First 3 minutes free

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► Reading Types

Psychic readings, Medium counseling, Financial outlook, Love & relationships, Life questions, Tarot readings, Astrology advice, Spiritual readings

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The Keen psychic reading website is a well-known service for those striving to know what’s happening behind the curtains. Here, you can find advisors specializing in different areas from tarot cards to astrology. Thousands of customers use this platform to improve their romantic lives, restore harmony in their minds, and even find out hidden information. Such a popular site can’t escape the attention of an average user.


Should you trust this service? Read one of the most comprehensive psychic reviews about Keen below to figure out whether it’s the right place to leave your money here.

What are the most important Keen psychic website facts?

Here are a few interesting facts about Keen you’ve got to find out right now:

  • It’s one of the oldest websites of that type as it was created over 20 years ago, way back in 1999.
  • The number of readings provided by the Keen psychics is more than 35 million.
  • Keen gives a $25 credit if you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with the service.
  • Advisors can’t see a client’s phone number or even a caller ID due to user safety measures.
  • Hundreds of thousands of customers remained satisfied with using readers’ services on Keen.

These details are quite impressive and give a basic understanding of such overwhelming popularity of the platform.

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Pros and cons

Consider these Keen psychic website advantages and disadvantages before searching for a fortune teller there.

✅ Pros:

❌ Cons:

The first 3 minutes free.

No video chat

Keen mobile app for Android and iOS.

Thousands of available psychics.

Activity on social media.

Affordable prices starting at $1.99 for 10 minutes.

24/7 customer support.

Worldwide availability.

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Keen psychic readings overview

Which categories are offered on this website? Keen psychic readings review is presented next:

  • Tarot readings. Find out the unknown details and circumstances thanks to the deck of 78 cards and a professional fortune-teller.
  • Love & Relationships. Keen romantic experts help customers improve their romantic lives and solve different problems with partners.
  • Keen horoscopes. The best astrologers can explain what stars have prepared for you and provide you with important insight.
  • Financial outlook. Once you face money issues, you can ask for advice from a psychic specializing in helping people fix their budget problems.
  • Medium counseling. If your beloved one or relative has passed away but you have questions without answers or want to hear from them once again, a psychic will assist you in setting contact.
  • Life issues. Should you relocate or change your job? Anything that disturbs you can be quickly fixed with an expert.
  • Psychic readings. Whenever you need to know real intentions, unknown information, or outcomes, this service will be the right solution.
  • Spiritual readings. Keen advisors lead customers to understanding themselves and uncovering their strengths.

As you can see, the range of Keen reading types is pretty attractive, so everyone can find appropriate assistance.

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Top Keen Psychic Advisors

The base of outstanding professional readers is rather large here, but you can take into account the top Keen psychics named below.



JourneyBySpirit is a certified psychic with a vast background in tarot interpretation, medium counseling, and clairvoyance. She’s been working at Keen for 19 years. The advisor speaks with angels and spirit guides. Many customers consider her the best Keen psychic, and it’s no wonder why–she made more than 90,000 readings.

Jeanne Clock


Jeanne started using her psychic gift in 2007. Nowadays, she’s one of the most demanded advisors on Keen as the number of readings already counts at almost 80,000. Jeanne specializes in love and relationships, spiritual guidance, and general life questions.

Anastasia Christine


Anastasia is an energy reader with 20 years of experience. She can do chakra cleansing, help cope with grief, assist in figuring out a life path, and much more. Anastasia is an empath and clairvoyant. She gave more than 60,000 readings and got lots of positive Keen reviews from users.

Rachel of the Light


Rachel’s gift was recognized at an early age by two powerful mentors. She’s been working for Keen as a spiritual healer and clairvoyant empath since 2001. Her guidance helps people achieve prosperity, find love, and restore happiness. Rachel is truly one of the top-rated advisors on this platform. The total sum of readings she completed is 46,000.



This talented Keen advisor started collaborating with the service way back in 2006, while her gift was noticed when she was a child. Astrobeams works with tarot cards and offers astrological guidance. She provided over 42,000 Keen online psychic readings.

No matter what specific assistance you seek for, whether you need love psychic reading or answers concerning your career. The best Keen advisors successfully help clients with anything.

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Keen website navigation: how does it work?

Most Keen psychic reviews insist that the navigation on this website is incredibly simple, and it’s really true. The service is packed with different features and counts a large number of readers ready to address your question.

The most important aspects of using the platform are described next.

Keen registration


It’s hard to find a website with a quicker signing-up process. You only have to enter your email address and password. After giving the necessary information, you’re taken to the next page so that you can start picking psychics.

Choosing Keen readers

To look for Keen psychic advisors, use filters identifying the reading category, connection type, and price. To make the search more accurate, you can apply more parameters:

  • Star rating
  • Skills and methods
  • Availability
  • Specialities
  • Offers

By the way, Keen allows members to choose the best available or featured readers. So, you’ll definitely find a person who will help you with your life situation.

Psychics’ profiles


Before contacting a particular reader, you can visit their page to find out more information. Profiles contain information about their skills and professional expertise. Here are the details presented out there:

  • A number of reviews and readings
  • Experience on the Keen psychic website
  • Specialties
  • Skills & methods
  • Languages
  • Bio
  • Rating and testimonials

Most Keen profiles are detailed and represent the path of a psychic. So, don’t be lazy and dedicate a few minutes to visiting experts’ pages before making a final decision. It may help you pick the right person to solve your problems on a spiritual level.



Before you start your search, transfer some money on your Keen balance to be able to start the session with an adviser as fast as possible. There are two ways to fill your financial account–via credit card or PayPal. In both cases, you won’t be charged at this stage.

Top features

This service is a kind of unique in this niche due to the options that will be discussed next in this Keen psychic review. The simplest features include recommended advisors you’ll find on the page after registering. Of course, it’s pretty convenient, but there are a couple of other interesting offers to take into account.

What should you expect to get on this platform? Here are the top features provided by this popular website:

  • Daily horoscope. If you want to get astrology advice at Keen, just enter your date of birth, and you’ll receive the answer within a second. The platform will identify your zodiac sign and show you the prediction and warning for the day. It’s a nice option to obtain an understanding of what you should wait for during the next 24 hours.
  • Psychic match. Find advisors by passing a quick test. Once you press the button “Get matched,” you’ll be offered to answer a few questions. Specify your mood today, a sphere you’d like to discuss, the reader’s specific skills, the manner in which you prefer to hear the answer, and your name with birth date optionally. The service will generate a list of experts based on the information you’ll provide. If you face the problem of choice, just visit profiles and read com user reviews.
  • Under $5 advisors. It’s a cool feature for those striving to save some money and time. Recommended readers who offer inexpensive sessions are shown right below the section with your favorite psychics. A newcomer can start their experience on the website with experts who don’t set sky-high prices.
  • Arranged calls. Keen makes interaction with psychics as convenient as possible. If an expert is busy at the moment and can’t answer your questions right now, you set the preferred time and contact them when you choose. It’s also workable to join the advisor’s waitlist. Keen will send you a notification when they appear online.

These options are ultimately practical and advantageous for users. Besides, you can add some fun to your daily routine by checking regular horoscopes. If you want to find out astrology compatibility by date of birth or anything else connected with your romantic life, it’s also not a problem.

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Communication with advisors

The service offers a few methods to connect with experts. A member is free to choose the most convenient way to get Keen psychic readings:

  • Phone call. As it was mentioned above, a user can prearrange the session or wait for their turn on a reader’s waitlist. There are two ways to order readings with this contact method. Pick an expert online and follow the instruction or dial the provided Keen number so that managers help you connect with the chosen reader.
  • Chat. Click this button, and the window for communication will appear. However, don’t forget to transfer some money to your balance, depending on how much time to spend talking to Keen advisors. You can also arrange an appointment for later if a reader is busy at the moment.
  • Mail. Describe your problem and send a letter to a preferable reader. Once they get a request, they’ll process it and reply to your message. Mention all the important details connected with the situation to receive an exhaustive answer. Notice that the number of characters is limited to 9,000.

Unfortunately, Keen doesn’t have a video call option. Still, it doesn’t prevent readers from discussing subjects of different complexity, from love spells that work immediately to missing people.


You’ll be happy to find out that prices are really flexible on this platform. Advisors set the cost of their services on their own, so you can pick a professional reader at an affordable sum. When you choose the “Offer” parameter among filters, the website will show you experts who promise different discounts.

However, the best deals for newbies are offered by the service itself:

  • 3 minutes of Keen free reading. If you want to try how spiritual readings work or check whether the chosen advisor is the one who can help you in your current situation, pick this option. You won’t lose a penny for opening the world of the power you didn’t know before.
  • $1.99 per 10 minutes. In case you feel that 3 minutes aren’t enough to clarify the disturbing question or figure out that you’ve set a special connection with a Keen psychic, choose this feature.

Indeed, such discounts are more than just attractive for a customer who wants to experience the touch of a mystery. On average, it costs from $1.99 up to $50 per minute to have a reading session through the Keen platform. Everything depends on an advisor’s experience and skills.

Customer Keen reviews analysis

You’ll find hundreds of different Keen reviews written by users who ordered psychic sessions on this platform. Normally, there are positive and negative testimonials that should be considered. The insights received from the comments that have been checked are presented below.

What customers like about Keen:

  • People are happy with the variety of features and filters helping find an advisor meeting their requirements.
  • Lots of advisors impress clients with their professionalism and the help they provide, from predictions to spiritual guidance.
  • People praise the timely support and assistance they get from Keen psychics online and the support team.

What people dislike about the service:

  • Although many customers are satisfied with their sessions on Keen.com, they’d like to see more promos on the website.
  • Some users mention occasional problems with using mobile apps.
  • Advisors who have been working for Keen for a long time are popular, thus you should wait until there’s a chance to call them.

The main point you’ve got to remember is that it’s better to pick checked and trusted experts, and it concerns any service. When it comes to prices, you can always select a cheaper reader. So, don’t forget to do research before making a choice.

Get your first 3 Free minutes of reading at Keen.com

Try Keen.com and find all the answers!

As mentioned in the Keen psychics review above, it’s one of the oldest platforms in this niche. The service has gained popularity due to a large number of professional readers, categories to choose from, and prices. No doubt, Keen is worth your attention whenever you need a helping hand to guide you through life circumstances.


Is Keen secure?

This service has a rich history that allowed it to build a reputation as a credible platform. It’s totally safe for a user, so you don’t have to worry about your personal data. Moreover, the website offers users to transfer money via payment systems known all over the world. The support team is available 24/7.

You can find all the necessary documentation, including User Policy, Refund Policy, and Payment Policy on the site, and therefore there’s no doubt about the question is Keen legit.

Is Keen confidential?

User confidentiality is taken seriously at Keen. Your personal questions and life situations will remain between you and the reader. Even a psychic won’t find out your contact data unless you agree to share it or provide these details to them on your own.

Can you get your money back from Keen?

Keen.com has strict money refund rules. The Satisfaction Guarantee Policy allows a member to get a $25 credit if they didn’t get the desired result and had problems with an advisor on the platform. The request for receiving the cashback should be sent within 72 hours after a session. A customer can count on reimbursing the money once a month.

How to find my trusted advisor on Keen Psychics?

To choose a reliable advisor and get a satisfying experience with the service, you can use search filters and pick only featured advisors. If none of the readers meet your requirements, it’s necessary to conduct research. The first thing you should do is to read Keen psychic reviews. Moreover, you have to check both those posted on the website and specialized platforms or forums.

If you have financial limitations, pay attention to prices. Getting the first 3 minutes of reading for free is a nice idea that will help you figure out whether an advisor is worth your money.


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