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Best Tarot Card Reading Online Sites For Accurate Readings

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Best online tarot card reading sites for free tarot readings, counting down the most accurate online tarot readings services in 2021.

It is quite difficult to not be fearful of the future. There is always doubt regarding what steps should one take today so that the future is nice. We lose track of what path we should take next, and nothing seems enough. During such times, one can take the path of online tarot reading. It is the art of reading cards and proving the most insightful solutions into one’s life.

Some people hesitate to try this because they fall into the trap of thinking that these things are fake especially online. However, there are millions of users whose life’s course changed into something positive and beautiful because of tarot reading.

The only thing is to take these services from authentic websites because otherwise, it is a waste of money. Such things can be genuine only if done with pure intentions and gifted abilities. Life is always going to be uncertain and not always can one find answers to complex questions about career, path, money, or finance on their own. The insights given through the medium of tarot reading can prove to be life-changing.

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Tarot readings are often thought of as something that is going to bring fame and fortune to one’s life. It is to be understood that it is not a magic pill and will not do all those things. However, it will surely make one’s life easier by providing insights into what the person is doing today to impact their future. It gives wisdom, perspective, and understanding so that the person can improve their situations in matters of love, career, finance, and success.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites 2021:

Kasamba – The best for love tarot readings, by the experts, with an introductory offer of three free minutes and 70% off for new clients.

California Psychics – The best tarot reading for insights into past, present, and future. Affordable rates of $1/minute and a promo code of “ADD5” for extra free 5 minutes.

Keen Psychics – The cheapest accurate tarot readings online are conducted through mediums of phone, chat, and live. Keen Offer 10 first minutes at $1.99 only.

Psychic Source – Accurate tarot readers to uncover your past, present and future with exciting introductory offers. Psychic source offers the first 3 minutes readings session for free and 75% discount for first time users.

Here is a review of the top 4 accurate online tarot reading service providers.



Kasamba is a reputed site that offers various psychic reading services including tarot reading. They have been in this business of connecting users with psychics for life-changing insights for more than two decades now. The platform is extremely easy to use, as the users directly get the option of browsing through various psychic profiles, and choosing the ones that they like. They have strict rules for onboarding a psychic. Even the new ones have to go through the set procedures to get selected. Their background check, specialty, area of experience, and other important factors are taken into consideration.

The biggest barrier of location gets removed, as users do not have to worry about when and how to meet a psychic. Anybody across the globe, even from the remotest areas can connect with a psychic on Kasamba and get insights into life’s most important questions. It can be quite troublesome to stay stuck in something for a long period. It could be anything from love life, to problems related to career and finance. Psychics at Kasamba make use of different tools and provide answers to such questions.

It is one of the websites that provides the most accurate love tarot reading to its users. Users can choose the tarot reader according to their liking and comments left by the previous users. The users can also use the app for a better experience. Some tarot reading providing platforms do not confirm their presence and that leaves the users wondering if anything is happening. However, at Kasamba, the readers make the users feel connected by staying present and interacting throughout. If the users feel that they need offline assistance, the users can search for tarot card reading near me and get the address to their physical presence. All they need to do is select the reader, discuss payment and meeting terms, and that’s it.

The users are never left hanging and the readers even have the option to set their availability to busy, away, or available. This makes it easier for both parties to understand and set their timings according to availability. They also provide the first three minutes of tarot card reading online free for the users, because they know that a lot of customers are not willing to pay for these things without having first-hand experience. These free minutes give them an idea of how the session is going to turn. If they feel that they are satisfied, they can go ahead and continue with the session. However, if they feel dissatisfied, they can go ahead and end the session before those three minutes are up.

Key features:

  • Provides the most accurate tarot card readings through the medium of the specially designed deck of cards.

  • Most effective in love and relationship readings.

  • Provide first three minutes free plus 70% off, and sessions can be conducted through call, live and chat options.

  • All the readers are selected through an extensive selection process, ensuring only the best ones on the platform.

  • Excellent online availability, the users can search for tarot reading near me and find their offline presence as well.

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California Psychics


California psychics have been in the business of providing the most accurate psychic reading services for more than two decades now. Through the years they have followed the same principle of selecting psychics only after a rigorous selection process. They ensure that every psychic on their platform is gifted with the best of abilities, and has enough knowledge in the field. It is very easy for users to get connected with psychics on this platform. All the profiles are available, and it is left to users to choose the ones that they think shall be the most beneficial.

They specialize in tarot reading online and have helped more than 2 million people now to find their purpose in life. They provide accurate insights into matters of love, relationships, and destiny. Oftentimes, people get stuck with the most complicated situations in life relating to a career as well. There is so much uncertainty, and it is difficult to find guidance around the same kind of people, who themselves are confused. In such situations, it is important to get a psychic service that reads through the situation and helps users get out of it with ease and comfort. The insights provided by California Psychics can be drastically life-altering for people, in the most positive ways.

California psychics have a tier of readers and accordingly, pricing is set. The tarot readers with the highest rates are the ones who are most popular and provide the most accurate readings for a client’s life. This does not in any way mean that the readers with lower rates are any lesser in their capabilities. It is just that readers at California psychics themselves need to work hard and make their way up to the top tier. This ensures that the readers as well are also always working hard to ensure customer satisfaction. It gives them a sense of purpose as well, to keep doing better and better with every passing day.

California psychics often use the tool of tarot reading because of its popularity among the customers. It is one of the best ways because it provides accurate insights into one’s life problems. The users can go to the platform of California psychics, and choose the option of psychics. Under that, there is an option to choose psychic tools, through which “tarot psychics” can be chosen. This selection will take users to a page where the availability of tarot readers is shown. The busy, available, and offline ones are shown on the same page, so users have an idea. Along with that, the profiles of each reader display their rates, specialization, and rating. The sorting and filter option makes it even easier to find the exact match.

Key features:

  • Best for the present, past, and future tarot readings.

  • Rates as low as $1 per minute and promo code ‘ADD5’ can be applied for extra free tarot reading of 5 minutes.

  • 24*7 availability through various mediums.

  • Only 2% of the psychics who apply, get selected ensuring the best quality.

  • Exclusive offers with “Karma rewards”

  • Informational videos on the website for educating users.

Visit California Tarot Readers To Find Your Clarity – 5 Free Minutes

Keen Psychics


Keen psychics is one of the most reputable psychic reading platforms available online. They have been in this business for more than two decades now, and have developed a loyal customer base through the years. Users can easily opt for tarot online services with this platform. However, other services are also available, and one of the most advantageous things is that Keen psychics also provides free horoscopes for all the users in detail. From daily, to monthly to yearly, everything is available for all the signs, for free. Alongside these services, they also provide articles and blogs on their website so that users can have a better understanding of how online tarot reading works and what benefit can come out of them.

For new users, it can be quite tricky to understand the workings of such websites. However, keen psychics is extremely simple to use. Users can just go to the website, select the tarot reader they like, and go ahead with the sessions. There is uncertainty as to which advisor should be chosen. Even that goes away with keen psychics because all the advisor profiles listed on the platform mentions specific details relating to their specializations, rates per minute, and previous users’ reviews on how the experience turned out for them. This helps the new users make an educated guess and choose the one that they think might be the perfect match for them.

This website is extremely helpful in providing users with access to their sessions through online and calls mediums. A lot of users cannot take out time from their busy schedules to travel and meet with the tarot reader. Some people are hesitant with questions relating to the effectiveness of online tarot card reading. The users can rest assured because the readers at Keen psychics are trained and experienced well enough to conduct these sessions effectively online. Plus, it is widely believed that energy attracts a particular user, and that is how both parties match. When the match is based on the aura, it is the most genuine.

Keen psychics is one of the only websites that provide links on their website so that people can access those links and get a deeper knowledge about the subject of tarot readings. it is history, how it can be beneficial, how does it work, and other such things. They take full responsibility for customer satisfaction and hence also have blogs about what the customers can expect from a session so that they are no surprises after they have paid for the sessions. Even the payment options are very versatile and easy to follow. Users can add money to their wallets and pay accordingly, or they can also use card payments or bank transfers.

Key features

  • They are one of the cheapest service providers and give 10 minutes of reading for only $1.99.

  • Readings can be done via various mediums including chat, call, and live options.

  • Accurate love psychic tarot readings online.

  • Free tips on how to choose the best advisor.

  • Easy price point filtering options.

Try Keen Best Tarot Readers Enjoy 3 FREE minutes + 10 Minutes for $1.99 Only

Psychic Source


Psychic Source has been the home to hundreds of psychic and tarot card readers for more than thirty years now. There is so much variety for users to choose from. The users just need to go to the website, and everything gets displayed in a very easy-to-use format. They can browse through the profiles of these tarot readers and choose the ones that they think can prove to be the best for them.

This website is completely risk-free. They take special care to ensure that the user data is free with them. Everything is encrypted and stored so that no personal information comes into the hand of some fraud. During the session also if the user feels like the readers are trying to access their confidential information, they can complain about them and the website will address it. The users are not even obliged to sit through the session if they feel that something is wrong. They can end the session then and there.

Along with taking care of the privacy concerns, they also try to ensure that the users are completely satisfied. Hence, all their psychics are selected only after a thorough screening of their background and experience. The users that come to psychic sources, do so with the hope of gaining insights and answers to the questions they always thought were impossible to find answers for.

People often get stuck in their lives due to complications in various aspects of their life. It could be setbacks in love life, relationships, career, or money. These things often stop a person from moving forward in life. The tarot readers at Psychic source try their best to provide the users with the most insightful solutions. If the users feel that there is something still lacking, they can talk, or write to customer care so that they can set them up with other psychics.

Psychic source also takes note of the problem that new users face. Because of so many rumors floating about psychic readings not being accurate, few users are hesitant to invest in them. Hence, the rates at psychic sources are kept very low so that the new users can try them without being guilty of spending money. Once they take the free services, it is their call if they want to continue or not.

Key features

  • The best platform for angel card readings and cartomancy readings.

  • They provide the first three minutes free along with the lowest rate of $0.66 per minute.

  • Sessions can be conducted through various mediums like chat, live and call.

  • They provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and address every customer concern.

  • Authentic gifted tarot readers.

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Can Online Tarot Reading Be Trusted?

There are a lot of reasons that point toward the fact that online tarot readings can be extremely effective.

  • Extensive screening

    All the readers in the psychic platforms are selected after screening them properly for their experience, background, and specialty. Some of the websites also have tier pricing which means that the higher rates specify a reader that is highly popular and provides an accurate reading. This motivates the ones from lower tiers to keep improving their readings and reaching a higher tier. This ensures top-notch quality tarot readers.

  • Energy connection

    In a tarot reading, it is said that the cards attract a particular user. And, for this, a person does not have to be physically present. Even online, the cards attract a user, and that connection is the most genuine. The insights provided in such a session can be tremendously life-altering for some people, in the most positive ways. The users can also ask any questions they may have about their life, apart from what the reader told. This promotes fruitful discussions and helpful insights.

  • Confidentiality

    There is also this fear that the online platforms leak data, or misuse the user data. However, most platforms have an encrypted setup which ensures that no data is leaked. Even the readers do not have access to the information provided by the users unless they comply with it. Also, if the users try to ask for any sensitive information, the users have every right to end the session and report that reader. They can also get their money back if the issue is serious and the customer is highly dissatisfied.

  • Reviews and ratings

    The users prefer to leave comments on the tarot reader’s profile sharing about their own experiences. This helps the new users get an idea of what they should be expecting from the sessions. Now, it is very easy to figure out the authenticity of such reviews because if they are overly positive, it is a signal that they are fabricated. This is something that should be taken care of because not everyone will have the same experiences. This will help the users figure out the reliability of a particular reader and the website.

  • Customer-oriented approach

    No platform will want to provide false services and play with the life of users. That is why all the readers are selected only when their authenticity is confirmed. Apart from this, if the users feel dissatisfied with the services provided to them, they still have the option to call the customer care of that website that complains about them and get their money back.

    There is every provision in place to ensure that the customers are satisfied. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is to ensure that thorough research is done before choosing the website and reader so that the needs are met.

How can one get the most out of a tarot reading session?

Even if a user comes with the purest of intentions, making the maximum out of that limited time can be quite the task. Here are some tips that can be followed to get the most out of a tarot reading session

  • Keep questions ready

    Before a session starts, one is usually sure of what problems they have in life. They are just not sure of the solutions. So, if a user starts thinking of what they should ask during the session, then the focus gets disturbed from what is being told. The users can sit down quietly before the session starts, and write down the questions that they are seeking answers for. This will save their time, and enhance their focus in absorbing the insights.

  • Sit in a quiet place

    When the reading starts, if the users choose to sit in a distracting environment, the session will go to waste. Rather, a quiet spot can be found, and if it is a video call, it should be ensured that the connectivity is checked beforehand. Otherwise, it ends up wasting the time of both parties.

  • Being honest

    When a session starts, most people fear that they will be judged or some other fear that stops them from being completely honest about their lives. If they are not honest, the reader will not be able to provide insights. They will then only tell about what the cards say, and not the deep issues that users wanted to address in the first place.

  • Don’t interrupt

    It is of utmost importance to ensure that the users do not disturb the readers before the cards are dealt with. It is good to ask questions from the reader, but only after they get the green signal to do so. Interrupting in the middle of reading disturbs the focus of the reader and the discussions do not go anywhere. Rather, the user should wait for the signal, and then asks the questions that they had prepared. This will ensure that there is a fruitful discussion, both the parties are focused, and the maximum insights are given.

  • Know what one wants

    The users should be sure of what they want from the session. Otherwise, they will not be able to decide if the session was helpful or not. However, if they are clear with their expectations, they can understand and take action accordingly. They will know if they are liking the session and can continue with it. They will also know if they are not liking the session, and can go ahead and end it. Not knowing will lead to a stuck situation and complete waste of time.

A few advantages of online tarot reading

  • Availability

    The users do not have to wait for the availability, as most psychics on the online platforms are available 24*7.

  • Saving more

    The users will no longer have to arrange for traveling facilities and pay extra for that. Nor do they have to take out time from busy schedules to match the timings of a clinic.

  • Flexibility

    In case a user is not satisfied with the insights given by one reader, they always have a choice to end the session, and choose another reader.

What questions should one ask in a tarot reading session?

It is crucial to understand the kind of questions that one should be asking during a session and the way of asking them. If it is not specific, it can be interpreted as something else by the reader, and the session can go vague. For a healthy and insightful discussion, it is good to always prepare beforehand.

  • Going beyond a ‘yes’ or ‘no’

    It is good to have questions that are not just limited to a yes or no. when one is taking a reading session, they should be looking for answers beyond that. Anybody can tell if a certain thing is going to happen or not, but when a special session is being taken, the focus should be on getting to know the reasons behind things.

    For example, instead of asking, “Will, I get a promotion this year?”, one can ask” How can I improve my work life, focus more, and do well in my professional life?”. This will promote fruitful discussions and give insights beyond what could have been expected.

  • Focusing on self

    It is very easy to blame one’s behavior on someone else’s action. Rather than what can be done to improve another person, the focus should be on how to improve oneself.

    For example, instead of asking, “ When will my partner take responsibility for everything?”, one can ask “What can I do to be more understanding so that it helps our relationship?”. These questions promote deep discussions, give a chance to the reader to give wonderful insights, and also improve the relationship with oneself and with those around them.

  • Letting go of past and future

    We have a habit of holding on to things that we cannot change or do not have control over. What has already happened will and can never change. So, thinking about what could have been done differently to prevent such a situation, or what could have been different if the past could be changed, is a waste of time. Similarly, fearing the future that is yet to come, will only ruin the present.

    For example, instead of blaming the past and saying “Things would have been different if I could change my past”, one can ask “What can I do to accept, let go of my past, and enjoy my present?”. It is important to remember that the kind of questions one asks, will also promote the kind of answers one gets.


Online tarot reading is something that one can always turn to when they feel stuck in life. Finding one’s purpose in life is something only gifted readers can provide insights into. Most online platforms put in a lot of effort to create a pool of talented readers on their platform. These readers are experienced and trained well enough to conduct tarot reading sessions online in an effective manner and be of tremendous help to the user.

Most of these readings are based on energy attraction and are bound to be authentic. It creates a deep connection between the two parties and brings out amazing results. When the connection is so genuine and deep, something positive is bound to come out of it. If one is still unsure, one can check the reviews, try the free sessions and then decide oneself, but do try it once, because something life-altering may come out of it.

Try one of the above-mentioned websites, and one is guaranteed to find the reader that is one’s exact match. Most of them provide exciting introductory offers for new users and also have promo codes and discounts for the existing ones. One can always reach out to customer care in case of dissatisfaction.

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