Best Pet Psychics: How Do Pet Readings Work

Have you ever wondered what’s on your beloved pet’s mind? Or how to tame him or understand his needs? This is actually a lot easier than you think if you consult professionals. And by professionals, not always vets are considered.

Pet psychics can connect with your pet friend on a completely different level, and pet readings have become more popular now.

How a pet communicator can help you? What are the specifics of animal psychic communication? And where should you search for a specialist? Explore everything about the pet psychic reading in this detailed guide.

4 Best Pet Psychic Readings Sites


Top Features


  • First 3 minutes for free or 50% discount for new users;
  • Refund after unsatisfactory sessions;
  • Notifications when your pet psychic is online.


  • First free 3 minutes of consultation for all new members;
  • Satisfaction Guarantee ($25 from the site after one unsatisfactory conversation every 30 days);
  • 3 ways to connect with psychics (chat, mail, phone).


  • Introductory $30 package of 30 minutes for new members;
  • English and Spanish languages;
  • Mediums’ schedules to set up a session.
  • Video chat consultations;
  • Free 10,000 coins for new users;
  • Free public chat to understand whether a particular animal medium is a fit for you.

To get the utmost experience of animal psychic readings, choose only the top platforms. Let’s shortly review some of them and what features they provide.



✅First 3 minutes for free or 50% discount for new users.

The top demanded pet mediums on Kasamba are:

  • Fruno;
  • Mystic Knight.

Sign Up at Kasamba And Get 3 Minutes for FREE

Kasamba has entered the market in 1999. Since then, its specialists have consulted over 3 million people on various life questions. There are lots of categories Kasamba mediums specialize in, including animal spirit reading.

There are about 35 pet mediums psychics on the platform. It may seem not too many for some, but the quality is definitely more important than quantity here.

In each expert’s profile, you’ll find an extensive description of his/her expertise, pet psychic reviews from previous clients, languages a specialist talks in, other specialties he/she can consult you in, and ways of contact. This will greatly help you if your inquiry is to find pet psychics near me.

Generally, you can reach a pet medium in live chat, by phone, or by letter. Though email consultations are optional, not all psychics offer such a service.

The price for the session is set by each expert individually and depends on his/her experience and skills. It usually ranges from $2.99 to $25.09 per minute.

The cost for correspondence is negotiable—almost all pet psychics encourage clients to contact them directly for clarification.



✅First free 3 minutes of consultation for all new members.

The best animal communicators on Keen are:

  • Prophet Angel;
  • Universal Crystal Novas;
  • DivineHelp

Sign Up at Keen And Get 3 Minutes for FREE

Keen is one of the most well-known websites specializing in psychic readings, including animal readings. It has operated for more than 20 years and has proven its expertise with years.

For those who search for pet mediums, there’s a separate section with specialists in psychic animal communication. Considering the fact that the field of psychic pet readings isn’t for everyone, the number of experts you can reach out to on Keen isn’t that big. Still, you can rest assured they all are capable of providing you the top experience.

There are three ways to contact the animal psychic – in chat, by phone, or by letters. The price for the consultation is set by each medium individually. It ranges from $5.99 to $49.99 per minute. The cost of correspondence is usually fixed and depends on the experience and skills a particular pet psychic possesses.

Each specialist gets reviews from previous clients so that you can read them before the consultation to pick up the best expert for yourself. You’ll also find an extensive description of physics expertise and year of practice in their profiles.



✅Introductory $30 package of 30 minutes for new members;

Among the top-rated pet psychics on AskNow are:

  • Angela Nikola;
  • Goddess Jayde;
  • Psychic Sequin.

Sign Up at AskNow And Get Special Price

AskNow has been helping those who seek answers since 2005. You’ll find specialists in lots of categories with animal readings included. To reach a fortune teller who connects with animals, opt for a Search.

All the specialists can be sorted out based on their price, way of connection, availability, and language they consult in.

All the consultations are held either via chat or by phone. The price is the same for both types and depends on the particular pet medium. There are Top Rated ($4.99-$9.99), Elite ($10.00-$12.99), and Master Advisors ($13+). You pay on a per-minute basis.

The majority of pet communicators offer the first 5 minutes for free so that you can understand whether a particular expert is a fit for you.

What’s cool, all the psychics at AksNow have a schedule in their profiles so that you can see what days they are available and when it would be better to schedule your sessions.



✅Free 10,000 coins for newbies.

Top-rated pet mediums on Oranum:

  • AnnSc;
  • EmpathicZebra;
  • MayaMysticMeera.

Sign Up at Oranum And Get Your 10,000 Coins for FREE

Oranum is a famous psychic reading platform that lists experts in lots of fields. There are about 30 active animal psychics mediums on Oranum.

To choose the best one for you, open their profiles and study the information about the expertise they share. Not only this, but animal psychics also add live videos and post stories so that you could “feel” the personality of a medium better before ordering a private session.

You can reach out to pet mediums in free public video chat, private video chat, video call, or voice call. Some specialists also consult their clients via letters. You pay for the session with coins—special Oranum currency. The price is set by each psychic individually and depends on his experience and skills.

All the best professionals are gathered in the Awards section. There, you’ll find animal psychics that are well-liked by other clients.

What is an animal communicator?

Pet communicator is a person who possesses the gift of understanding animals’ feelings and transcribing them into people’s language.

Pet psychics are believed to connect with animals on the spiritual level. They tune to the pet’s energy, usually with the help of a photo or some item that belongs to a pet. But some don’t even need any of those and establish the connection only with the power of the mind.

There are mainly two types of pet mediums: those who communicate with dead and living ones.

How does a pet communicator work?

The work style is solely individual and depends on a particular specialist.

Some need at least a photo of a pet, others connect with animals mentally and don’t need their presence. There are also dog mediums and cat psychics who scan pets’ bodies to find an injury or a disease. Often, they’re called healers.

As a rule, a pet psychic connects with an animal on a spiritual or mental level. They visualize a pet and ask him questions with the help of images (by visualizations). They usually get answers from an animal the same way. Some say they see pictures, others claim they often get pets’ responses in a child’s voice.

There are also mediums who practice pet tarot reading—they use tarot to connect with pets.

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Reasons to have a pet psychic session

Everyone has his own reasons for contacting a pet medium. But these are among the most popular ones:

  • Understand the issues with behavior. Often, people just don’t understand the signs their pets send them and, therefore, can’t become an authority and make animals listen to them.
  • Resolve issues with behavior. In case your cat or dog behaves inappropriately and a vet doesn’t help with this, consulting a pet communicator might be a solution.
  • Find the disease or an injury. If you notice some unusual behavior and suspect some illness, but a vet can’t find anything, an animal psychic medium can do a much deeper scanning and find an answer.
  • Find the lost pet. This is the most common reason for people to consult dog psychics and cat communicators. Though not every specialist can provide such a service.
  • Establish a connection and understanding between you and your pet. Often, pet owners just can’t understand how to behave and teach their animals right, and cynologists don’t help as well. This is when contacting a professional pet psychic might be a solution.
  • Connect with the pet that died. The grief after the death of your beloved pet is just impossible to bear. Pet communicators help you with this by connecting the spirits of dead animals.

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How much does a pet psychic cost?

The price for the pet psychic readings is strictly individual and is set by each pet medium. It usually depends on his experience, expertise, and extra services he or she might provide.

The cost of a phone or live chat consultation is usually set on a per-minute basis and ranges from $2 to $50 and more.

If you want to connect with a pet psychic via letters, expect to pay around $30-$50 for each email.

Still, these prices are roughly approximate and average and vary depending on every psychic website and a particular expert.

Get 3 FREE Minutes For Your 1st Pet Reading

What to ask pet psychics?

The questions to ask a pet medium are individual, and you should consider only your experience and needs. Don’t try to create a scenario of your session, just ask what bothers you.

For a better understanding of what answers you should expect from a pet communicator, these are the most common questions they receive:

  • Is my pet happy?
  • What does my pet try to tell me by a certain behavior?
  • How can I make the life of my pet better?
  • How does my pet like his sitter?
  • What does my pet think about one more pet in the house?
  • What’s my pet afraid of?
  • Where’s my pet (in case he’s lost)?
  • What happens after the pet’s death (in case your pet has passed away)?


Pet psychics are a great help in case you can’t understand your animal’s behavior, desire to find a lost pet, or just want to ease your grief after your pet’s death. You can reach the best pet mediums online and at any time of the day. Choose the recommended websites from this guide, follow the recommendations given above, and your connection with your beloved animal will become even stronger.


Are animal communicators real?

Yes. These are people with a gift of understanding animals. They all are screened and reviewed by the psychic websites teams before posting their profiles.

Are animal communicators legitimate?

Yes, there’s nothing illegal in the services animal psychics offer.

What kind of animals can psychics work with?

Mainly, there are cat psychics and those who establish a dog spiritual connection. But professional pet mediums can communicate with all kinds of animals.

Can mediums talk to dogs?

Sure. You’ll always find dog psychics on all medium websites, as there’s rarely such a thing as specialization in connection with only one kind of animal.

Can pet psychics communicate with a dead animal?

Yes, there are pet mediums who specialize in connection with spirits of the dead animals to bring peace to their masters. Still, not everyone can provide such a service.

Can pet psychics find lost pets?

Pet communicators who are capable of finding a lost dog or cat are listed on almost all psychic websites, but their number is limited. If your inquiry is to reach an

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