FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheet Review (Perry Belcher) Copy Blueprint Worksheets? [Update]

Perry Belcher has launched a new online offer featuring free laminated “copy blueprint” cheat sheets.

By signing up for the offer today, you can discover the secret formula to creating irresistible offers in an hour or less – even if you’re a complete copywriting beginner.

Are the Perry Belcher’s FIBS laminated cheat sheets worth it? Should you buy the cheat sheets online today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Perry Belcher and the FIBS laminated cheat sheets today in our review.

What Are the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets?

Legendary copywriter Perry Belcher has released some of the tools he uses to create copy.

In exchange for a small shipping fee of $6.95, you can get access to some of Perry’s best cheat sheets and start crafting your own irresistible copy.

The cheat sheets are a free introduction to Perry Belcher’s FIBS writing system and his FIBS writing community. If you’re interested in the cheat sheets and like Perry’s style, then you can sign up for Perry’s “fill in the blanks” (FIBS) workshops and other events within the FIBS community.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Features

Perry’s cheat sheets cover different aspects of copywriting. One cheat sheet focuses on creating the perfect headline, for example, while another cheat sheet focuses on crafting a story to draw customers in.

Each cheat sheet is designed as an all-in-one, hassle-free blueprint to crafting copy at any level of experience. Perry shares his tactics for building offers, writing stories, creating effective sales pages, and crafting headlines. By following Perry’s system, you can “fill in the blanks” towards copywriting success.

FIBS laminated cheat sheets come with the following features and benefits:

  • Quickly and easily research your offer topic, letting you write copy easily without interruptions
  • Learn how to write copy in any niche, no matter your experience level
  • Create compelling stories using a story arc, helping your readers stay engaged and encouraging them to read your copy line by line
  • Craft compelling headlines to capture your reader’s attention and make the most out of every visit to your offer

Overall, the FIBS laminated cheat sheets are marketed as expert-created copy tools that can help copywriters of all levels get started. Regardless of your experience level, and regardless of what type of copy you want to write, you can use the FIBS laminated cheat sheets to create winning offers, build effective sales funnels, and write breakthrough sales copy.


What’s Included with the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets?

When you download the FIBS laminated cheat sheets today, you get a bundle of bonus tools and reports you can use to grow your copywriting skills.

The FIBS laminated cheat sheets come with:

Perry’s Offer Research Map: Over Perry’s 30 years as a marketer and master copywriter, offer creation has allowed him to build multiple successful businesses, earning him millions. In Perry’s Offer Research Map, you get one of the most powerful tools you could use to uncover the deepest, darkest desires of your future customers. This map is the first step towards creating an offer so good that your future customers will be begging to pay you. According to Perry, all of the world’s big-name marketing gurus follow this process and have achieved success with it.

Perry’s Headline Writing Formula: A good headline draws readers in. A bad headline pushes them away. When you download the FIBS laminated cheat sheets today, you get Perry’s Headline Writing Formula. It’s a cheat sheet that walks you step by step through the headline creation process. You can write your headline, then check with the blueprint to make sure the headline is a winner. According to Perry, this is the exact, proven headline formula he uses in all of his copy because it works. By following this blueprint, you can make moneymaking headlines quickly and easily, allowing you to sell just about anything. Perry has used this headline creation system to sell everything from online training classes to makeup products to survivalist gear.

Perry’s Story Design Formula: Good copywriters attract customers with a story. A good story draws readers in, makes them the hero, and gets them invested in your brand. As Perry explains, “a sales letter is always better with a gripping, emotional story.” Stories draw prospects in and get them emotionally involved in your sales pitch. By getting them involved and keeping their attention on your sales message, they’re more likely to buy. In this blueprint, Perry explains the common elements in a good marketing story. You can use this formula to create stories that virtually force prospects to give you their money.

Perry’s Offer Crafting Formula: You also get a copy of Perry’s Offer Crafting Formula with all purchases of the FIBS laminated cheat sheets. After using the Offer Research Map to find out what your prospects want and need, you can use the Offer Crafting Formula to take what you learned and create an irresistible offer to encourage your customers to buy. This cheat sheet allows you to perfect your copy, create the ideal story, and ensure your visitors turn into paying customers.

Bonus #1: Cash Grabbing Headline Video Training: If you buy the FIBS laminated cheat sheets today, you also get a copy of Perry’s Cash Grabbing Headline Video Training system, where Perry teaches you how to create headlines that rival the world’s best copywriters. You can learn from Perry via a video presentation, discovering the strategies Perry uses to sell products online.

Bonus #2: One Full Year of FIBS Membership: By buying the FIBS laminated cheat sheets today, you also get one full year of FIBS membership for free. You can become a member of Perry’s FIBS community. Membership is valued at $49 per year.

Overall, Perry describes these cheat sheets as “foolproof and easy to follow.” Regardless of your copywriting skills, you can use these formulas to convince customers to buy your products.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Benefits

The FIBS laminated cheat sheets come with all of the following benefits, according to Perry:

  • Perry has done the testing for you. He has worked as a copywriter for 30 years, and he has extensively tested his formula over those decades while spending millions of his advertising dollars to ensure it works.
  • Write quality sales copy with a proven formula. You can craft professional-level sales copy quickly using a proven, foolproof formula.
  • Easy and effective, and anyone can easily follow the simple steps outlined in the worksheets to get a complete sales letter even with zero copywriting experience.
  • Get a blueprint to take any beginner from newbie to successful copywriter, regardless of your starting point, niche, or level of experience.

Why Are the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Free? What’s the Catch?

Perry Belcher is giving away the FIBS laminated cheat sheets for “free” – you just pay a shipping fee of $6.95. Why are they free? How can Perry afford to give away the cheat sheets for free?

Here’s how Perry explains his reasoning for giving away the laminated cheat sheets for free:

“…why am I giving these away? This is my way of introducing you to the FIBS Copywriting System. I want to make sure you have the tools and the knowledge necessary to write compelling copy, whether you’re trying to get an email click, a landing page click or a purchase completed.”

The cheat sheets are free for anyone to download online today. Just enter your payment information to cover the shipping fee, then get ready to learn from a master copywriter.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Pricing

The FIBS laminated cheat sheets are valued at $29.95 and available for “free” – you just pay a shipping fee of $6.95.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when you order online today through the official website:

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Package: $0 + $6.95 Shipping

The cheat sheets will be mailed to your address after your purchase is confirmed.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Refund Policy

The FIBS laminated cheat sheets are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with the laminated cheat sheets for any reason, or if you did not like the information contained within the cheat sheets, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days of your original purchase.

About Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher is an investor, marketing specialist, and copywriter in the direct response space. He focuses on online, radio, and television marketing.

According to PerryBelcher.com, Perry enjoys marketing, problem-solving and finance. He offers a range of products and services online, including marketing tools (like an advertising spy too, ad management platform, and affiliate management platform) and a podcast.

You can learn more about Perry at his About page here.

You can contact Perry Belcher’s team via the following:

  • Email: support@perrybelcher.com
  • Phone: 737-231-2775
  • Mailing Address: 4330 Gaines Ranch Loop, Suite 120, Austin, TX 78739

Final Word

Perry Belcher has launched a new online offer to promote his FIBS (fill in the blanks) online writing community. In exchange for a small shipping fee ($6.95), you get a package of laminated blueprints Perry uses to craft compelling copy online.

To learn more about Perry’s unique offer, or to download the FIBS laminated cheat sheets from Perry Belcher today, visit the official website at PerryBelcher.com.


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