Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Blend Christian Supplement Review

Wisdom is a liquid supplement that combines many natural ingredients and essential oils that are backed up by biblical references. The remedy can be consumed on its own, mixed with another food/drink, or applied to the complexion.

What is Wisdom?

Everyone wants more energy, but the many options on the market today only leave consumes with options that make them feel more jittery. Plus, the energy barely lasts. Smart customers are seeking out opportunities that users can take on to make their body feel good, and the creators behind Wisdom have an interesting opportunity.

The entire concept behind Wisdom is that is based on biblical evidence to back up the ingredients used. The remedy doesn’t offer much of a description, but it is meant to promote better energy and support good health.

About Patrick Gentempo Jr.

The creator behind this formula is Dr. Patrick Gentempo. He is a documentary filmmaker and chiropractor, and he also holds patents in diagnostic technology. He worked for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance for over two decades, bringing forth technology called “The Insight,” which is now used in over 8,000 doctor’s offices.

Though he is not a doctor, many claim that he is a health expert. His experience has led him to testify for Congress, and he’s been featured on Forbes.com. He also has a TedX talk that almost half a million people have watched. The reason that so many people may know his name, however, is due to a collaboration with Jeff Hays to create the “Christ Revealed” documentary series.

How Does Wisdom Work?

This formula is a combination of several different ingredients, and many of them come in the form of essential minerals to bring out the raw and holistic benefits. This formula is comprised of:


  • Anise
  • Cinnamon
  • Hyssop
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Tulsi / Holy Basil
  • Milk Thistle

Take a look at how the body reacts to these ingredients and the biblical reasons behind Wisdom’s inclusion.


Turmeric is the natural plant behind curcumin, which has thousands of studies to back it up. This substance is known for reducing inflammation, offering multiple anti-inflammatory compounds that can relieve the tension and swelling throughout the body. While prescription medication can help significantly, science shows how powerful the effect of turmeric can be. It also promotes better skin health and reduces the risk of obesity.

The creators reference Song of Solomon 4:14 as the reason for including turmeric.


Anise has a high amount of iron for the body, which is necessary for healthy red blood cells. These cells are responsible for bringing oxygen to the rest of the cells, supporting energy demands. It can also help with the buildup of bacteria and the prevention of ulcers. Some people find that it eases the symptoms associated with depression and menopause.

Matthew 23:23 is the reason that Anise is included.


Cinnamon has often been praised for the way that it reduces high blood sugar. It has immense medicinal benefits, and it can protect the body from toxins. It can also promote better heart health.

The use of cinnamon is rooted in Exodus 30:23.


Hyssop has a sweetly natural smell. Used often in ceremonial rituals, it is meant to promote inner cleansing. It also can help the muscles and arteries to receive the circulation that they need to be healthy and nourished. In many cases, it alleviates spasms and pain in the muscles.

Wisdom includes hyssop because of Psalm 51:7.


Frankincense is meant for medicinal use, and it has been a holistic treatment for over 2,000 years. It is incredibly powerful with the many terpenes and Boswellia acid that it provides. It reduces inflammation, helping users to age more slowly and reduce the risk of disease. It even boosts the immune system.

Frankincense is included due to Matthew 2:11.


Myrrh is referred to many times in the Bible, and it is used for many afflictions. Earaches and hemorrhoids alike can benefit significantly. It is used as an antibacterial and antifungal remedy, surpassing the performance of vitamin E as an antioxidant.

The creators included Myrrh because of Esther 2:12.

Tulsi / Holy Basil

Holy basil, also known as Tulsi, provides users with an incredible amount of vitamin K, helping with bone and heart health. It can keep blood glucose under control, and it can reduce blood pressure. There are studies still being pursued regarding the effects that holy basil can have on anxiety and depression as well.

While there is not a verse tied to the inclusion of Tulsi, the creators remark that the plant was allegedly found growing in Christ’s tomb.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has a profound effect on the way that aging impacts the entire body. It provides users with antioxidant support that benefits the organs and skin, though it is particularly good for the liver and its processes.

The most common association with milk thistle is the Virgin Mary.


Purchasing A Bottle of Wisdom

To ensure that consumers get the real deal, they need to shop on the official website. There are a few different packages offered, and consumers will save per bottle if they are willing to buy a few at the same time.

Currently, consumers have their choice of:

  • One bottle for $59
  • Three bottles for $98 ($49 each)
  • Six bottles for $117 ($39 each)

Each bottle has enough of the formula to last through the next 30 days, so consumers have plenty of the formula to get through the month. Plus, no matter how small or big the package is, they qualify for free shipping automatically.

However, even if they find that they don’t get the energetic benefits of Wisdom, the company offers up to 180 days to get a refund.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom

What is the taste of Wisdom?

Many consumers find that they enjoy the taste of Wisdom. It is concocted entirely with essential oils, but there are no sweeteners or stevia to sway the flavor. It is safe to add the Wisdom formula to other drinks or recipes to add a health boost or change the taste.

How is Wisdom meant to be taken?

Users can consume about 1-2 droppers a day of Wisdom to get the desired results. It is safe to add to meals or drinks, though users can also apply it directly to the skin as a topical remedy for fine lines and wrinkles.

Are there any possible side effects to Wisdom?

Not at all. Since everything is natural, consumers won’t likely experience any unwanted effects with the use of the remedy. Everything is pure, high-quality, and tested to keep customers safe. The company even uses an FDA-registered facility to ensure that it is made within a certified lab.

What is the optimal number of bottles to order?

It entirely depends on what the user is looking to get out of this remedy. Some people want to reduce their total cost, only opting for one bottle to see what the experience is like. However, others want to save on their cost of each bottle, which would be better suited to the six-bottle purchase.

Will Wisdom be offered in stores?

Unfortunately, no. The company focuses on keeping the price as low as possible. By selling it directly from their website, there are no extra processors to pay, and the price can be as low as possible. Plus, delivery goes straight from the Wisdom facilities to the customer’s doorstep.

Will users have to get a subscription to get their bottle of Wisdom?

Not at all. Every purchase made is only used for a one-time transaction. Consumers that want to stock up can order a larger package, but a new order will need to be separately placed when the user wants additional bottles sent to them.

What if this remedy is not a good solution for the customer?

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 180 days after the purchase is made.

The customer service team is ready for any other concerns or questions. However, contact information is not available directly on the website.


Wisdom provides users with the nourishment that natural ingredients and essential oils can offer like no other formula. The remedy is meant to boost energy, but the effects of all of the ingredients cause a powerful improvement on the health of the body. Users will notice that almost every single substance used is directly linked to a verse in the Bible, though even the ones without a verse have Biblical roots. While consumers don’t have to be Christians to use this remedy, it may be helpful in their daily spiritual routines.


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