Erase My Back Pain Review (Emily Lark Back to Life) Legit Results?

Would you believe it if we said that there exists one stretch that can possibly free you from lower back pain and sciatica altogether? If you don’t, at least yoga and pilates instructor, wellness coach, speaker, and renowned back expert, Emily Lark will. As someone who has suffered and was debilitated from back pain, she sought every imaginable resource out there only to find that it didn’t resolve her issues. Could you visualize being in her shoes, inability to move, with limited freedom and all while feeling tortured from inside and out? Fortunately, the expert affirms to have created a system that can prevent others from going through a similar path. The purpose of this review is to introduce the one and only, Back to Life.

What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is a completely healthy back system founded on pain research, kinesiology, and exercise science. Compiled into a three-part video series, this is for anyone in dire need of back relief and want nothing more than a risk- and surgery-free alternative to increased range of motion, flexibility, and freedom. As mentioned earlier, Emily insists that there is one particular stretch that immediately hits the spot, but, additional routines have also been included to further results. To fully assess the extent to which Back to Life can revive our backs, let’s take a closer look at the learning opportunities presented in this series.

What learning opportunity is presented through Back to Life?

Back to Life has been structured in a way that not only may resolve back issues at the source, but also ensures that individuals are gaining insight into the dos and don’ts, what they have been doing right and wrong and other crucial knowledge pertaining to the back. Below is a preview into the ultimate learning experience:

  • The true power repetitive trauma has on being able to attack the source daily
  • Why it is important to avoid stretching the wrong muscles the wrong way
  • Why it is wrong to use strengthening over stretching the back
  • How prolonged rest might further stiffen the back
  • How a 10-minute routine can unlock the body’s natural healing capacities and alignment
  • The most effective core-strengthening moves to execute for a healthy back
  • Precise techniques that can instantly release tension within muscles

The end goal for Back to Life is to walk everybody through gentle movements in a precise scientific sequence to literally eliminate fault lines encompassing muscular imbalances, and distortions in posture. In other words, this program neither promotes intense training nor will anyone have to break a sweat.

What does Back to Life include?

Every Back to Life purchase includes the main reference system along with a handful of bonuses. Particularly, they include:

Unlock Your Body’s Natural Alignment and Vitality

Back to Life: Unlock Your Body’s Natural Alignment and Vitality is the main three-part video series that aims to better strength, flexibility, and balance. In it, individuals will find the 10-minute seated, healthy back routine, exercises that tighten the stomach and support the spine, demonstrations on how to execute each movement, gentle stretches to relieve tight muscles and personalized modifications and adjustments for any age and fitness level.

Bonus #1. The Ten-Minute Chair Routine Companion Manual

The Ten-Minute Chair Routine Companion Manual is literally the three-part video series but instead of videos as a medium, individuals have a manual that provides everything in color demonstrational pictures format, and step-by-step instructions. This manual is for anyone who simply doesn’t have time to access or play the videos and would rather jump straight into the content.

Bonus #2. Healthy Back Checklist

The Healthy Back Checklist has been created to ensure that individuals are performing the instructed steps accurately. Sometimes it is a matter of making slight adjustments for utmost health and this is the foundation for this checklist. Other crucial information summarized include, but are not limited to:

  • The simple way to stand to eliminate aches and pains
  • The ideal sleeping position for a healthy spine and hips
  • The nutritional perspective into easing pain
  • The effect that footwear has on reducing lower back pain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is repetitive trauma?

Repetitive trauma stems from everyday modern life. Individuals who are accustomed to driving a car, sitting down for prolonged periods and/or even texting are likely to experience back pain and/or postural distortions. This gives rise to a condition called crossed syndrome, where areas of vulnerability/fault lines are created like muscular imbalances, and distortions in posture.

Why is it wrong to strengthen the back?

People with back issues do not have a weak back, they have a weak core. When the core is weakened, the back ends up taking on more responsibilities, straining it on a whole other level. So, if one were to consider strengthening, it should be directed at the core, which will naturally lead to a healthy back.

Is Back to Life safe for people with a specific medical condition?

Yes, Back to Life is safe for people with a specific medical condition. This is because the exercises listed are designed to be low-impact, gentle and effective. But of course, not all movements are meant for everyone. Therefore, the first best step is to consult a health professional before starting the program. It is a good idea to bring up the fact that Back to Life will include twists, and side, front, and backbends among others.

How much time should pass before switching from one phase to the next?

There is not set guideline on how to switch from phase one to two to three. Ideally, the first phase will be repeated for several weeks before moving up. The most important thing to bear in mind here is that Back to Life is not a race. So, all exercises need time to master precision and control.

How often should Back to Life be performed?

It depends on an individualistic basis, one can either choose to perform the movements once or twice a day.

What are the purported benefits of following Back to Life?

Emily believes that consistently following Back to Life can improve posture, mobility, balance, and mood while promoting increased toning of the stomach, hips, and thighs and eliciting stress relief.

Can someone who is neither strong nor flexible benefit from Back to Life?

Back to Life considers all bodies of different works of life. Therefore, strength and flexibility aren’t prerequisites to attaining pain relief through. In fact, this program has been created with varying levels and modifications that can be chosen on an individualistic basis. It is important to note that Back to Life should be perceived as a therapeutic solution and not so much a training regimen.

Does age determine whether someone is a candidate for Back to Life?

No, age does not determine whether someone is a candidate for Back to Life. As explained by Emily, each of the three phases/parts carries multiple levels and modifications within it to support all ages. Matter-of-factly, in the first video, every listed movement will be executed while seated on a chair.

Does fitness level determine the quality of results attained from Back to Life?

Just like age doesn’t determine one’s success with Back to Life, fitness levels do not matter either. Once again, the goal is to release tension and pain by performing simple movements. There’s no need for intense workouts or sweating in this program.

How much time will it take to complete Back to Life?

A maximum of 10 minutes is all that’s required to complete Back to Life daily. Interestingly, some of the movements only require 30 seconds and can be performed while seated infront of a desk or while at the kitchen table. Should individuals have spare time, that’s when Emily’s additional and more soothing routines can be fully appreciated.

How long will it take to receive the DVD version of Back to Life?

For orders shipped within the U.S., it can take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days, while international might need up to 14 business days.

What if Back to Life ceases to work?

Back to Life has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Should individuals find that it ceased to work, customer service can be contacted to inquire about one’s eligibility for refunds. The first step is to communicate one’s request and this can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Email: support@backtolifesystem.com.
  • Toll-free phone: +1 (800) 390 6035
  • International phone: +1 (208) 345 4245

How much does Back to Life cost?

Regardless of whether individuals want to have online or physical access to Back to Life, the price is $37, which has been reduced from a retail price of $99.99. For those who favor physical copies, shipping fees can be anticipated and/or delays should be anticipated.


Meet Emily Lark

Emily Lark has been in the fitness and wellness industry as a coach since 2004. She started her career as a yoga and pilates instructor and quickly became a personal trainer in Chicago. Her down-to-earth teaching approaches has garnered a lot of fans, allowing her to make appearances at studios and gyms across the country. As someone who faced a series of hardships, from financial turmoil to several health implications, she knew she wanted to make mind-body wellness solutions available to all.

What motivated Emily to create this system? Well, it turns out that she lived most of her life in pain because of a car accident she was in at the age of 12. When experts forced the idea of surgery on her, she walked the other way and resorted to back experts. Combining their advice with her knowledge of the body, she taught natural approaches to healing – leading her to create the Back to Life three-phase program!

Final Verdict

Overall, Back to Life is self-explanatory; it is a three-part video series that elaborates on the potential that simple and gentle movements can have on rectifying the back or as put by Emily, could bring our backs to life again. This program can be tailored for people of any age and fitness level – all of whom are trusted to see and feel improvements with time. Seeing how much pressure we place on our backs daily, having a system like Back to Life is reassuring. Not only will individuals learn the dos and don’ts, but the gained knowledge will aid them in preventing future aches and pains.

Emily Lark is an expert in her line of work, as she has spent over a decade helping people across the globe. To see that such wisdom can be accessed for a measly $37 is incredible, not to forget the risk-free nature of this program. Above all, Emily created Back to Life to tend to her own back issues. This shows that she knows her product inside and out, which is comforting. In accordance with everything that has been discussed up to this point, our editorial team believes that Back to Life may carry value. To find out more about Emily’s history and how it served as a foundation for the Back to Life system, click here>>>.


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