Master Li’s Tarot Reading Reviews – Free Tarot Card Reading That Works?

Did you know that tarot cards were initially introduced to the world as playing cards and were only considered for divination purposes in the 20th century[1]? Though the common belief is that this form of reading is meant for predicting the future, that is far from the truth. In reality, tarot cards should be perceived as spiritual guidance that allows one to connect and understand themselves from within and their place in the world. How does one decipher their current path, and what does it suggest about their past and future?

We recently stumbled upon one expert dubbed Master Li, who affirms delivering personalized readings regardless of location. That’s right, unlike most services, this is a virtual reading that attempts to establish a roughly realistic experience with the master himself. Furthermore, it is quite convenient, seeing that no meetings are scheduled in the process. Want to take the first steps to get your reading? The purpose of this review is to provide a thorough analysis of “Master Li’s Tarot Reading” and to show how easily accessible it is.

What is Master Li’s Tarot Reading?

As hinted in the title, Master Li’s Tarot Reading is a personalized, virtual tarot reading service that aims to elicit the same vibes and experiences that in-person services do. Individuals will be asked questions about their birth, life, and hardships throughout the process, all while drawing seven cards that hold the story to the next chapter in one’s life. To fully grasp how this service will be delivered, let’s take a closer look at Master Li’s ways.

How does Master Li’s Tarot Reading work?

Master Li Tarot Reading works similarly to traditional readings, with the difference that now, things are online. To get to the final reading, individuals are asked to follow a series of instructions. For starters, individuals will be asked to draw two cards out of eight to see how one can commence their self-discovery journey. Then, individuals will be asked their respective names and date of birth. Ideally, a rough estimate of the time of birth will also be inputted for a more precise reading. Following suit, a page requesting an email address will pop up so that a detailed report of Master Li’s reading can be emailed out.

Later, a page will elaborate on the two drawn cards. For instance, if the “Judgement and Death” and the “Death” cards are drawn, they allegedly signify constant sufferings with self-doubt and that some self-renewal awaits ahead. Keeping things brief, individuals will then have to identify one of their biggest challenges in life (i.e., love life, health, family, finances, and work). From there, advice will be provided regarding transformational changes. Finally, an additional five cards will need to be drawn to unlock answers to some of the most burning questions. After 24 to 48 hours, Master Li insists the personalized reading will be finalized and on its way to one’s inbox.

What types of information can be gathered from Master Li’s Tarot Reading?

Normally Master Li claims to have the answers to the following types of questions:

  • How will I know that I have met my True Soulmate?
  • How do I unlock abundant Wealth in my life?
  • What changes need to be made so I can feel Pure Happiness?
  • Which of my Chakras is at risk of being blocked, and how do I clear it?
  • How do I avoid the perils of Shadow Energy?

The above is just an overview of what each reading constitutes. Since the reading is tailored, the summarized information and advice will be specific to one’s difficulties and the combination of the selected seven cards.

How much does it cost to get a Tarot Reading from Master Li?

To get a personalized tarot reading from Master Li, individuals must invest USD$19 (or equivalently CAD$26.37). Though no refund policies are available from Master Li’s side, each purchase has been protected by the retailer’s “ClickBank Guarantee.” So, should individuals feel that their readings aren’t as relatable as one would hope to be, customer service can be contacted for a return or replacement within 60 days from the date of purchase. To have a clear idea of the refund policy, click here.

Final Thoughts

Tarot reading has been a much sought-for service by people who feel the need to have some clarity regarding their journey in life. It is not so much a predictive tool but more so a soul-searching and comforting tool that places a great deal of attention on spiritual guidance. Master Li’s Tarot Reading is a personalized service that generates unique readings based on a series of parameters. At the time of writing, very little has been disclosed about Master Li, his own journey, and what led him to create such a service, so these are some pieces of information that should be gathered before placing an order.

Nonetheless, the listed price of $19 is inexpensive and suffices to know how one should approach life moving forward. Moreover, our editorial team was surprised to see the level of detail on the website, which creates a welcoming and spirit-enhancing vibe. Who can forget the shuffle button that causes the cards to be as mixed up as possible? Ultimately, if the goal is to attain spiritual guidance, divine information, means of overcoming hardships and making future choices, this might be an interesting place to start. To find out more about Master Li’s Tarot Reading, click here>>>.


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