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Best Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2021

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We get it. Sometimes you can barely see ahead of today. On those days, you may just want to stay tucked under covers, not willing to face what’s ahead. But you have responsibilities, and a future ahead of you. When you seek out a tarot advisor, what you get is the gentle nudge in the right direction. Enough clarity to know what lies ahead is worth striving for. There are a thousand-and-one different ways that life can surprise you. But knowing how to equip yourself for the changes to come is an incredible way to stay ahead of the game. You don’t need to spend time worrying, wondering, and tossing and turning through the night when there is guidance available to you only a few clicks away. Tarot card readings, when conducted with seasoned experience and kindness, can help you gain the confidence you need to see a future worth having.

Tarot card readings aren’t meant to tell you you’re going to have fame and fortune. No, the tarot is a sacred accountability system that brings your awareness to your current state of being, your cyclical thinking patterns, and your behaviors. A tarot card reading helps you see what you’re doing today that’s impacting your financial future, your future in love, and your future finances. You can gain the wisdom and understanding you need to recognize what needs to happen to get you into a better state of being.

Below, we share our top three favorite sites for online tarot card readings. We give you the lowdown on what to expect and include some pros and cons for each site. We even answer some of your most common questions and help you formulate the kind of questions you can ask. Ultimately, tarot is about enlightenment and accountability. The answers you seek are available; all you ever have to do is ask.

Tarot Readings Online: Top 3 Breakdown

  1. Kasamba – Best Introductory Offer
  2. Keen – Highly Reputable
  3. MysticSense – Best Connection Method Variety

When you’re feeling like you just don’t know what to do and your judgment has become cloudy, a tarot card reading is a tool you can add to your spiritual toolbelt. Seek out the assistance when you need it, ask careful questions that empower you, and keep moving forward with a bit more knowledge and a lot more confidence.

Tarot Card Reading Sites & Service Reviews

1. Kasamba – Best Introductory Offer



  • 24/7 support via chat, email, or phone
  • Strict guidelines ensure psychics are seasoned professionals
  • First three minutes free with every psychic via chat
  • Learn more through their blogs and articles


  • No free horoscope available

Kasamba offers a host of different services that include tarot readings, psychic readings, and even fortune telling. You are immediately given the freedom to choose which route you’d like to take and you’ll easily find a list of top-rated tarot reading experts. Kasamba has been connecting people like you with psychics for over 20 years and their consistent five-star ratings and positive reviews demonstrate how well they vet the psychics they list on their site. They have a strict set of guidelines every psychic must adhere to, and even the newest psychics to join their website have plenty of proven experience.

You can always find someone to connect with, no matter the time of day because Kasamba’s psychics are from all over the globe. You can download their app for ease of access and enjoy their Best Match Guarantee, which gifts you with three free chat minutes with each new psychic. You can peruse and try different tarot advisors all at no risk to you. And if you have your first reading and you’re not completely satisfied, they won’t hesitate to provide you with a refund. All you have to do is let them know what happened and ask for your money back.

When you begin a chat with your tarot advisor, you can watch as they connect with you and begin responding with an answer. This feature helps you feel connected in real-time, versus other sites that may leave you wondering if there is anyone on the other end. And if you’re not able to meet in real-time, you can always go the offline route. Simply select your preferred tarot advisor, agree on payment terms, and ask your question. Your tarot advisor will respond via a secure, private mailbox Kasamba hosts and your answers will arrive within 24 hours.

If you’re looking to connect with someone right away, it’s easy to tell who is available. Each psychic can set their status to either busy, online, or away. When a psychic is available in the moment, the “Let’s chat” button is available. If you’d like to learn more about them before beginning your chat, click on their profile to learn more about their services, experience, and qualifications. Plus, their reviews are available from their profile page and you can see what others have to say about their tarot reading experience. From the main tarot advisor page, you’ll notice that you’re only provided with the option to chat or email with a psychic. However, all you have to do is click over to the phone advisor page and you’re provided with a list of psychics who are available by phone as well. Use the “Call Now” button to get started with your tarot reading.

Go to Kasamba.com

2. Keen – Highly Reputable

M3_210331_JUE_Best tarot


  • Enjoy three free minutes
  • Free online horoscope
  • Read through helpful blogs and articles
  • Tune into Keen radio to learn more about spirituality
  • Enjoy additional introductory offers (10 minutes for $1.99)


  • You can only connect through chat or phone

On the Keen website, you can easily get a tarot card reading from any one of their advisors. Plus, if you’re interested in additional services, you can get a spiritual reading, psychic reading, and even connect with psychic mediums. And if you’re curious about your horoscope, you can access it directly on their website. In addition to providing free horoscopes, they provide articles and blog posts that help orient you with more of what these spiritual practices are about and you can even watch videos that answer frequently asked questions.

The website is very user-friendly and lists tarot advisors with a short summary that includes their review star ratings, how many readings they’ve done, and how experienced they are. You can also take a quick look at their photos and read how long they have been working with tarot cards. Each of the tarot advisors lists their per minute rates and any promotions they offer for first time clients. Choose from chat or phone call options to connect with the person you feel resonates the most with you.

When you look through different tarot advisor listings, you’ll notice they offer promotions for first time customers, most commonly your first three minutes free. They then list their per minute rates once those first free minutes are exhausted. Choose your price point by filtering your search results: the per minute rates range from $1.99 through to $9.99 and more. If you see a tarot reader that interests you, just click on over to view their entire profile. Once you do, you’ll be able to learn more about that person, what their specialties are, what their skillset includes, and what their preferred reading methods entail. Plus, they’re given an opportunity to share more about who they are and what their background is. All of this information is meant to help you decide if you want to receive a tarot reading from them.

If you’d like to learn more about tarot card history, they provide a brief explanation with links out to more in-depth articles regarding the tarot history. They also help new users by advising you to set an intention prior to your reading and give you a list of commonly asked questions to help you formulate your own. They also let you know what you can expect from an online tarot card reading and give you a few tips on how to choose your tarot advisor. Ultimately, they want you to feel connected with your tarot advisor and are helpful in assisting you with choosing the right fit.

Go to Keen.com

3. MysticSense – Best Connection Method Variety

M2_210331_JUE_Best tarot


  • Connect via chat, phone, or video
  • Your first five minutes are free
  • User-friendly website
  • All psychics are vetted


  • Profiles don’t list introductory offers

MysticSense has thousands of reviews that detail positive experiences with the psychics listed on their website. Most of the psychics listed on this website have more than one specialty and can offer additional services, like love and relationship readings and astrology readings. Another great aspect of this website is they vet all the psychics on their website carefully. It’s not just free for all. Rather, they each go through a background checking process to ensure they are qualified for the work they’re advertising. Hop onto their website at any time of the day when you’re seeking tarot card guidance and you’ll find someone available to connect with because they’re accessible 24/7. Imagine getting off a difficult call with a loved one, feeling confused, and being able to access a tarot card reader – even at midnight. There is always someone available on MysticSense to help you get through whatever life throws your way.

When you work with a psychic on MysticSense, they’ll tailor your reading to whatever you’re looking for. Sometimes you may need guidance on events in your life that have you wondering which direction to head in. Other times you may not have a specific request but are looking for general guidance about your life. And sometimes you need insight into a romantic relationship so you can grow with your partner and experience a lasting love. No matter what the reason, a psychic can give you a tarot card reading that brings more clarity into the situation.

When you’re looking through their psychic listings, you’ll find all the information you need upfront to help you choose who you’d like to work with. The summarized profiles on the listings page show you the psychic’s photo, their specialties, the types of tools they work with, and their reading style. You can also see if they’re available right at that moment. Their rates per minute range depending on the psychic, but you will notice many of them start at about $1.00 per minute. Their rates change depending on the way you choose to connect with them. You have three options: you can either chat with them online, schedule a phone call or schedule a video call. If you’re a bit shy, you may prefer one of the first two options, but if you’re not, you may enjoy the face-to-face interaction afforded by a video call.

Once you find someone that piques your interest, you can click on over to their profile and learn more about them. Each psychic is provided space to share more about what a reading with them is like. They can also share a bit more about their background to help you get acquainted with them before a reading. And if you’re looking for reviews, they’re listed along with their profile information. You’ll notice many of the reviews are short and sweet and give you just enough information to help you decide if that psychic is right for you.

Go to Mysticsense.com

Ways Online Tarot Card Readings are Performed

Online tarot card readings are available in a variety of formats. Each website lists the connection methods available. Keep in mind that all tarot readings have a per minute rate but they are charged differently based on your chosen connection method.

Tarot readings by phone

Connect with a psychic via phone for a tarot reading. This gives you a voice connection that you can’t get via chat and may help you feel better connected with your tarot advisor.

Tarot readings by chat

Online chat tarot readings are super convenient and Kasamba is a site that incentivizes new customers using this method by offering three free minutes for any first time connection with a tarot advisor. This is an especially convenient method of connecting if you’re looking to have a private reading but find yourself in a crowded room. It feels much like texting a friend.

Tarot readings by video call

A tarot reading via video call is ideal if you prefer a face-to-face interaction. You can connect with your tarot advisor and make eye contact and watch how they pull their cards, how they respond as they interpret them, which can assist you in formulating your next questions.

Can you trust Online Tarot Card Readings?

Like with any online product or service offering, even tarot card readings can be hit or miss. That’s why it’s important to consider how psychics are vetted by the website that hosts their listings. Working with someone who is experienced and who you feel you can connect with is crucial. When asking personal questions that are important for your overall well being, you want to work with someone whose reading style fits your personality, so you can be receptive to what they’re telling you.

If a reading style doesn’t match your energy, you may think the reading itself is inaccurate when in fact it could be just what you need to know. But perhaps with a different tone. So, to ensure you have the most positive, accurate, and trustworthy reading, take your time finding someone whose background, personality, and approach to readings matches what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, people who work with tarot decks share their services because they have been gifted with heightened intuition and they have worked with the cards long enough to recognize the value they can bring to your life. They want to be in service to your highest good and share their gifts with you to help you along your life path. When you consider that this is their intention, you can settle into a trusting space, which helps the overall energy of your tarot reading.

What are the most important Tarot Cards?

You’ll notice not all psychics use the same tarot card deck. And while the cards may differ from deck to deck, there are a few staples in the deck that are commonly interpreted along the same lines. It’s important to know there is no “correct” deck, rather the deck and your chosen psychic work together to deliver the best reading for your specific needs. Below, we outline seven important cards and explain their general interpretations.

The Fool

This card has many possibilities for different interpretations. On one hand, it can symbolize an open, bold, and free personality or endeavor. On the other, it can also bring up inexperience and immaturity. Sometimes, these things go hand in hand, and it ultimately depends on the type of question you ask. This card is numbered zero in a tarot card deck.

The Lovers

This card is usually associated with a special bond or union in your life. It is commonly pulled to confirm a positive, sexual, passionate romantic relationship. It brings to light the love bond you’re experiencing and reminds you that to have a fulfilling relationship, you must release your past. This is the sixth card in a tarot card deck.


This card is often the one most people hope to never get. And while it is rarely interpreted as being literal, it is more often a sign that change is coming. Death to an old way of living, to a relationship, or to a negative pattern. Depending on what you ask, this card being pulled will help you make sense of a situation that needs to come to an end or is currently coming to an end. This is the thirteenth card in a tarot card deck.


This card is generally perceived as having positive connotations that include renewal and hope for a new future. How this card is interpreted will vary on the specific question you ask and the intuition of your tarot card reader. This is the twentieth card in a tarot card deck.

The Moon

The moon is often associated with a life path that has lost its sense of direction. It can be interpreted to bring awareness to feelings of anxiety and confusion. It can also connote doubts and out-of-touch ideas that aren’t based in reality. Your tarot advisor will interpret this card depending on your question, but it is generally pulled when some positive changes are in order. This is the eighteenth card in a tarot card deck.

The Devil

This card is often pulled when there is repetitive, destructive behavior in your life. It can signal that there is a vice keeping you stuck in a self-destructive cycle or bring to light that your life’s choices have been lacking moral structure. Though the final interpretation is dependent on the question you asked and your tarot card advisor’s intuition, this card is meant to bring your awareness to something that requires change for betterment in your life so you can be released from “the devil’s” grip. This is the fifteenth card in a tarot card deck.

Wheel of Fortune

This card has a few meanings, usually relating to the cycles of your life and how your choices impact your outcomes. It tends to illuminate how the energy you put out into the world comes back to you and may point to possibilities or opportunities, depending on how you pose your initial question. This is the tenth card in a tarot card deck.

What Questions to Ask in your Online Tarot Card Reading?

This is such an important question that most people ask, whether it’s their first tarot card reading or not. Phrasing is important when you formulate your questions because they determine how well your tarot cards respond to your inquiry. When you’re looking to have an insightful and productive reading, you will receive a reading that helps you move forward in life toward the goals you wish to achieve and the relationships you wish to invite in. If your questions are phrased poorly or are limiting in nature, your tarot card reading may come through in a confusing way that simply leaves you with more questions.

So, we’ve compiled a few tips for phrasing your questions:

Keep your questions open, honoring possibilities beyond your limited expectations.

You’ll find that the cards have lots to tell you if you’re willing to listen. Refrain from asking simple ‘yes or no’ questions, as this limits the wisdom the cards can offer. Instead, keep your questions open and allow the cards to bring you as much information as possible.


  • Don’t ask: “Will he propose this year?”
  • Do ask: “How can I deepen my connection with my partner?”

Keep your questions focused on what you can do, instead on what others can do.

The attempt to control others is one of the most common reasons we experience anxiety and upset. The fact is, no one can control another person’s behavior, so it’s ultimately unproductive to even inquire about it. Instead, keep your questions centered around the only thing you do have control of. That’s you.


  • Don’t ask: “Is my boss thinking of hiring someone else?”
  • Do ask: “How can I improve my performance at work?”

Ask questions that include personal accountability for your own behavior.

It’s all too easy to place blame on others when things don’t work out for us. But this practice isn’t helpful for your own personal growth. And yes, sometimes somebody else did cause harm, but you always have the choice in how you respond. Always phrase your questions in a way that keeps you accountable for your behavior, as this is the most empowering perspective you can take when approaching a tarot card reading.


  • Don’t ask: “Will I get a raise this year?”
  • Do ask: “How can I improve my skillset to improve my performance at work? What blocks can I address to facilitate my professional growth?”

Keep your questions focused on your present, versus venturing into the past or future.

Take an empowering position with your questions. Though tarot is sometimes confused as fortune-telling, the way a tarot reading is most helpful is when you ask about what you can do today. After all, your choices today are what shape your life tomorrow and thereafter. Similarly, what happened in the past cannot be altered any longer, so it’s rather pointless to inquire about something you have no control over. Rather, ask what you can do today to align yourself with the future you wish to experience.


  • Don’t ask: “Did I make the right choice in the past?”
  • Do ask: “What can I do today to bring about the best possible outcome?”

Below, we include a list of some common questions you can ask to get a good reading. If none of these apply to your specific situation, just look at the structure of the question so you can formulate your own based on what you’d like to know.

  • What information is most beneficial for me to know today about this situation?
  • What forces are most influential at this point in my life?
  • What do I need to work on before I can attract a loving, committed partner?
  • What can I do to shift the energy of my current relationship?
  • How can I improve myself to open up new career opportunities?
  • How does my attitude toward money affect my finances?


When situations difficult to navigate arise in your life, there is always somewhere you can turn. An online tarot reading gives you the accessibility and flexibility you need to connect with someone who can interpret the messages you need to hear. When you find someone you feel you can connect with on a deeper level, the accuracy of your reading will leave you astounded – and most importantly, relieved.

Try any of the sites above and take advantage of their introductory offers for your first tarot reading. And if you don’t like the outcome of your first reading, don’t be discouraged. Reach out for a refund or credits and try again. It’s all about connecting with the right fit and it may take some trial and error. Which of the services listed above do you feel most drawn to? Try them out and get ready to unlock the next spiritual level of your life.

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