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Psychic Near Me: Best Sites in 2021

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Many people across the United States are still facing restrictions and limitations when attempting to travel to businesses and shops. Though you may have a local psychic in your general area, they may not be able to offer services the way they used to. However, most people are finding their resilience, even through these unforeseen times and psychics are just the same. Though we cannot control what life presents us with, we can always choose how to respond to its surprises.

You can easily connect with a psychic online to get the guidance you need in your life right now. You may be facing unprecedented circumstances and are now looking at your life with more questions than before. You could be wondering about your finances and next career move or you could be looking to connect with a deceased loved one to gain some peace in your heart and mind. You may question if the accuracy of an online reading is comparable to an in-person reading and the answer is yes, and more. When you search online, you have the entire country of highly skilled professionals right at your fingertips.

Each of the psychics on the websites we list below are already vetted and their qualifications and expertise are confirmed. You don’t need to wonder if the person you’re connecting with is who they say they are. And for those of you who are perhaps more reserved, you can use chat and email options to get your reading. And if all that flexibility isn’t enough, you can save big by taking advantage of the introductory offers each website has.

Psychics Near Me: Top 4 Breakdown

  1. Keen – Best for Top-Rated Psychics
  2. Kasamba – Top Choice for Online Chat Readings
  3. Mysticsense – Well-Known for Their Vetting Process
  4. Asknow – Best for Meeting Your Budget

Spiritual wisdom is a welcome gift for many and it’s right at your fingertips. There’s nothing like cozying up by the fire at home and connecting with someone who has the answers to your heart’s questions. Distance readings are a real way to help you get through the next phases of your life – they’re like a lighthouse when you’re feeling lost at sea.

Psychics Services & Reviews: The Best of 2021

1. Keen – Best for Top-Rated Psychics



  • Your first three minutes are free
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Articles and Keen radio available for spiritual topics
  • Check out your daily horoscope on their website
  • Additional introductory offers available


  • Psychic readings via video calls are not available

Keen has designed a website that makes it easy for you to receive the answers you seek and be provided with intuitive guidance for your life. Their price per minute ranges between $1.99 and $9.99+ and you can easily set your price point by using their filtering tool at the top of the page. Their psychics are available via call and chat and you can sort by “best available” or “featured advisors,” depending on your preference. Off to the right, there is a “more” button, which lets you filter using additional specifications. Choose from different skills and methods, like empath, medium, tarot, or clairvoyant. And select your preferred specialty, depending on the reason for your reading: either career/work, destiny/lifepath, love/relationships, spirit guides, and more.

Each psychic profile is listed one on top of the other and psychics are given plenty of space here to let you know who they are, how experienced they are, what they specialize in, and what their availability is. Each profile lets you take a quick look into the personality of the psychic, as they’re completely customizable. After their profile photo, the top line is their username, immediately followed by a tagline, and finally a short introductory paragraph. Down the center, you get some stats upfront, including what their review rating is (depicted through five gold stars), how many readings they’ve conducted, and how long they have been an advisor with Keen. Finally, you can choose to “call now,” “chat now,” or “send mail” to connect with them.

But if you’re interested in a profile and not ready to commit, just click on their username to learn more about them. Their full profile gives you more information for you to consider. If you’re looking for a psychic reading regarding pets/animals, you’ll want to be sure they list that type of reading under their specialties. Most psychics have one main specialty and then several others that they focus on. Also, if you want to work with a psychic who has a specific set of abilities, like chakra cleansing and aura cleansing, for instance, you’ll want to check out their skills and methods where these are identified. Full profiles also give you a chance to learn about the psychic’s background and how they approach each of their readings. Some psychics will have a more direct approach while others approach their readings with a more compassionate and empathetic tone. Having this information upfront is helpful so you don’t waste any of your free minutes with someone who you just won’t click with.

Click Here To Get 3 Free Minutes With Keen

2. Kasamba – Top Choice for Online Chat Readings



  • Connect with a psychic via chat, phone, or email
  • Three minutes free with each new psychic (chat only)
  • Additional discounts, including 15% off
  • Multiple reading types available on one site for your convenience


  • Daily horoscope not available on this website

On the Kasamba website, you can see the total number of psychic reading advisors available to connect with. This website was created so you can have the support you need along your journey to love, happiness, and overall fulfillment. The advice and answers you need are only a few clicks away. At the top of the website, you can also see the many different services they offer, including tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, and even career forecasts. When you click on “more,” you can check out additional perks of signing up with them, including access to palm readings, universal laws, and paranormal topics. They’ve been around for over 20 years and have put together a top-rated network of psychics who are ready to share their gifts with you to help you on your lifepath.

Their psychics are listed in a gallery view with their photos, and a main headline. Some include their name in the headline space, while others identify themselves by their title, like “intuitive advisor.” Other profiles highlight their main specialty, like “true love connection.” All of them have a section where they share their expertise, primarily “psychic readings.” Each profile clearly lists if the psychic is online and available and you can also read a short blurb about them from this main page. Your first three minutes via chat are always free with each new psychic you connect with, which is a generous feature Kasamba provides to help you get connected with someone you feel comfortable with. Connecting with someone you feel you can trust is the most important aspect of getting a good psychic reading and Kasamba understands you may need to speak with a few psychics briefly before being able to decide on the perfect one for you.

When you’re drawn to a specific psychic, just click the “let’s chat” button to get started. If your chosen psychic isn’t available at that moment, you can click the “notify me” button to schedule a future reading. To learn more about a psychic, view their full profile where you can learn more about who they are, what you can expect during a reading with them, and any other information they feel may be helpful as you decide who to work with. Some psychics include guidance on the types of questions you can ask and let you know what they can’t help with you with. For instance, some psychics tell you upfront that they won’t be a good match if you’re looking for a quick fix or magical answer to life’s complex questions. Reading through their profiles gives you a good indication of what you may be in for, lessening the time you spend on connecting via chat.

Click Here To Get 3 Free Minutes + 50% Off With Kasamba

3. MysticSense – Well-Known for Their Vetting Process



  • Psychics are properly vetted to confirm experience
  • Connect easily via chat, phone, or video
  • First five minutes are free
  • Many specialties and tools help you customize your reading
  • Check your horoscope directly on their website


  • Some psychics have limited availability in their schedule

Hop onto the MysticSense website for a quick overview of their available psychics. Along with their featured profile photos, you can immediately check out their review ratings and specialties, like spiritual and psychic ability or intuitive empath. Each psychic’s per minute rates are clearly displayed just underneath their main tagline. Some psychics list their title along with their name, while others use a more creative approach, identifying themselves with descriptive words, such as “spirit minded” and “divine power.” No matter what your inquiry, MysticSense is set up so you can tailor your reading to whatever it is you’re looking for. That may mean a tarot card reading for some and it may mean a love and relationships reading for others. You have the flexibility to look for and find the type of service you need and connect with the psychic who is ready to deliver your reading.

Look through the specialties available to help you narrow down the right psychic. If you’re in a relationship where there has been an affair, for instance, and you’re unsure if you should forgive and move forward or walk away from the relationship, select the “affairs and cheating hearts” specialty. Or, if you’ve lost an important item, like maybe a family heirloom or perhaps something more practical, like your car keys and you can’t see to remember where you left it, select the “lost objects” specialty. You’ll find psychics are gifted with a variety of specialties and the filtering options available on MysticSense help you find the person whose gift perfectly complements your needs.

If you’re the type of person who needs tough messages delivered in a soft, compassionate manner, you can select that form their “reading style” filters. If you prefer a more straightforward approach that minds your feelings less but gets you on a path of action quickly, you can select “direct” from the reading styles available. Choose from a variety of tools as well, such as life coaching, counseling, crystal ball, and meditation to work with a psychic who employs these tools in their readings. You can tailor your psychic to meet all your requirements, right from the first page. Then, when you’ve found someone you’d like to connect with, click on over to their full profile to learn more about the way they work. Once you’re ready, choose from chat, phone, or video to get started with your ideal psychic reading.

Click Here To Get 5 Free Minutes With MysticSense

4. Asknow – Best for Meeting Your Budget



  • Two introductory packages available
  • Get your first five minutes free with certain psychics
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 availability
  • Look up your horoscope on their website


  • No filtering options; requires extra scrolling to find the right psychic

On Asknow, you can connect with a psychic around the clock either via online or chat or by phone. You may be seeking advice for career, dating, or family relationships and there is an expert online now to help you get the answers and guidance you need. To add to the divine guidance theme, each psychic profile features a photo of the psychic with a starry background. You’ll notice each psychic sets their specific offers. Some have discounted pricing that starts at only $1.00 per minute while others share a promotion that includes your first five minutes for free. You can easily see who is available and can choose to call right away or learn more about them by viewing their full profile. Asknow highlights each psychic’s categories and credentials upfront, so you can get a quick snapshot of the details you need before requesting a reading. If you’re looking to connect with a deceased loved one, for example, you can skip the profiles that specialize in career goals and finances and instead find the ones who identify themselves as mediums.

Asknow provides new customers with a satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with your reading for any reason, you can get five minutes back credited to your account. When you’re employing your intuition and you recognize that a connection just isn’t right with a psychic, all you have to do is end the connection and request the credit back to your account so you can connect with someone who is a better match for your energy. This perk makes it easier for new customers to get started on their psychic reading journey, knowing they are not spending money for readings that just don’t match up with their expectations.

For new customers, you can also choose between two of their introductory packages. You can choose to purchase 30 minutes for $30.00 or purchase 20 minutes for $20.00. And if you purchase a package and life gets in the way of scheduling, you don’t have to worry because those minutes are available for you to use for up to a year after purchase. Along with each of these packages, you are also gifted five free minutes with a psychic who is at the Elite or Master level. This gives you an opportunity to note the difference between a well-seasoned psychic and one who may not have reached that level of experience yet.

Click Here To Get 5 Free Minutes With Asknow

Psychic Readings: Online versus Local Psychic Near Me?

Though local psychics may have caught your attention in the past, there is one significant downside to connecting with someone in your local area: limitations. Limited experience, specialties, tools, and schedules. But when you venture onto the world wide web, the possibilities open up significantly, allowing you to tailor your psychic reading to meet your precise needs. For example, if you want to work with a psychic who can provide a love and relationship reading while working with angel cards and crystals, you can easily filter out the psychics who do not specialize in that type of reading and who don’t use the tools you’d prefer. Plus, you have immediate access to all their reviews so you can scroll through to learn about their previous customer experiences and get a good idea of what a reading with them is like.

When you have a massive network of online psychics to choose from, you’re in control of the person you connect with instead of at the mercy of the person who is in your general vicinity. And when you are working with a psychic online, you can take advantage of the introductory rates and packages they offer, which provides you with extra value. Each psychic sets their own per minute rates, so you can also choose based on your budget, a perk that isn’t available when you’re limited to only working with your local psychic. This is a modern world, and you don’t have to work with the one and only psychic in your town or city. Even if there are a few local psychics available in your area, that doesn’t compare to the hundreds of psychics you can find and connect with online. Feeling the right kind of chemistry with a psychic is such a vital aspect of a psychic reading and when you are choosing from a large network, the chances of you finding someone you really like increase dramatically.

Convenience is another major upside to an online psychic reading. How great is it to be able to connect with someone who is offering guidance for your life right from the comfort of your own home? Being able to choose between a chat, a phone call, or a video call makes your life easier by fitting into your personal preferences. Though local psychics may have some flexibility with connection methods, you then run into another issue. Whether it’s limited reviews, no website, and no other way to vet them and confirm their experience, you are left having to trust a total stranger. Online psychic websites take that extra step to vet each psychic to confirm their specialties and expertise. With this extra cushion of accountability, you can walk into your psychic reading feeling a lot more comfortable.

Are Online Psychics Readings accurate?

Online psychic readings are accurate because it’s not proximity that makes for a good psychic reading. If an in-person interaction were all it took to get the most accurate reading possible, your local psychics would have year long waiting lists. With online readings, you can access a large network of psychics from which you can take your pick, based on their experience level, specialties, expertise, and tools. Plus, they’re upfront about their reading style, which allows you to settle into a receptive space for the guidance they’re able to channel.

If you’ve ever dealt with a rude customer service professional, you know how awkward it feels to have a completely valid question or point, and then be totally bulldozed by their lack of empathy and compassion. Though they may be telling you the truth of your situation, providing facts and figures, their delivery makes you want to fight back. When you’re put into this state of resistance, there is no way you can actually take what they’re saying as truth, and you’ll often need someone else’s assistance to help you assimilate the details of the situation.

Now, you might be the type of person who loves to get your information in a straightforward manner and who prefers everyone skip the niceties and sugarcoating. A person with an approach perceived as rude or blunt by another may be a welcome approach for you! If you prefer to just receive the message without any extra words, you’ll love a psychic who offers a direct, expressive approach.

With online psychics, you get your pick. You can weed out the psychics who you feel you won’t connect with properly. When you’re working with someone you easily link with, the messages come through without obstruction.

How can you get a Psychic Reading?

If you’re having to drive to a local psychic, chances are you are having to alter your schedule to make that outing possible. Sometimes that means getting a babysitter or if you don’t have kids, it’s just an added hassle to get to a reading in-person. You may have to juggle multiple items just to get out the door and the worst part is you’re also messing with your most valuable commodity: your time. With an online reading, you have multiple ways to connect with a psychic and all of it can be done on your own time. The websites above offer several options for connecting with a psychic, and they include:

  • Psychic reading via online chat
  • Psychic reading via phone call
  • Psychic reading via video call
  • Psychic reading via email

With so many options, you have the flexibility and convenience to decide what you would prefer. If you’re feeling down about something and need the guidance but don’t want to expend the extra energy it takes to speak to your psychic, no problem – just choose the chat or email options. If you’re feeling excited about a situation and you’re looking for confirmation that it’s right for you, you may enjoy having a conversation with a psychic over the phone. And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t feel completely connected to someone else unless you get to look at their face while speaking, then you can always schedule a video call for your psychic reading.

You’re never limited to a particular method and you can switch between the different types for different readings. The per minute costs are affordable, particularly when you can snag an introductory package, so you can derive a lot of value from an online psychic reading. With an easy signup process and filtering options that put you in control, you can start working with one psychics right away.


When you’re filled with many questions, know that you have online portals that lead to your answers. Feeling overwhelmed or confused about life is normal, but you should never stay stagnated for too long. Life is all about forward momentum; when you find yourself stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to a psychic for an online reading.

There are so many gifted psychics willing to guide you from all over the world. No matter what you’re facing, you can find someone who can get you through to the other side with words of wisdom. Sometimes, all you need is a new perspective, a new way of going about things, and suddenly your entire world starts changing for the better.

With Keen, you can search through some of the top-rated psychics available online. Kasamba helps you find the right match with their best match guarantee and MysticSense works hard to only feature the most seasoned psychics on their site. Finally, Asknow has rates that are extra friendly for your budget. Try one or try them all – the choice is always yours.

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