Juneau Road

Support the ‘ocean road’ to Southeast

Access to Juneau and Southeast Alaska has been an issue for a long time. We need good, inexpensive, reliable access to and from our communities.… Continue reading


Juneau Empire File

Feds sign death certificate for Juneau Road construction

Nineteen months after Gov. Bill Walker killed the Juneau Access Project, the federal government has signed the death certificate.


Walker still opposes The Road

Gov. Bill Walker has not changed his opposition to the Juneau Access road project. Reading a prepared statement, Walker press secretary Austin Baird said Tuesday… Continue reading


Alaska Senate plans millions for Juneau road

Correction: A previous version of this article mischaracterized the speech given by DOT Southcoast Region Director Lance Mearig to the Chamber of Commerce. This article… Continue reading

Juneau Access is dead, but what about the millions saved to build it?

Now that Gov. Bill Walker has deemed the Juneau Road dead, lawmakers are trying to carve up the carcass. On Wednesday evening, the Alaska House… Continue reading

House committee reverses Senate, plans to keep natural gas pipeline funded

The Alaska House of Representatives hasn’t given up on the idea of a trans-Alaska natural gas pipeline. On Sunday, members of the House’s finance committee… Continue reading