Death Notices

Elizabeth May Miller

Elizabeth May Miller (née Lacock) stepped into the light on April 9, 2017. She was born in Hinsdale, Montana, to Rolla and Laura Griggs Lacock… Continue reading

Death Notice: Joan C. Aggeler

Joan C. Aggeler, born Jan. 1, 1936, peacefully passed away on March 31, 2017, in Juneau. Burial services are scheduled for June 24 in Juneau.… Continue reading

Jerry Edward Hauf

Jerry Edward Hauf died in January 2017 at age 77. Hauf was born in Missoula, Montana on May 1, 1939 to Arthur L. and Cara… Continue reading

Morris David Whitney

Morris David Whitney died on March 4, 2017 at the age of 81. Whitney went into the Coast Guard in 1957, and was there for… Continue reading

Kathy Orme Hildre

A celebration of life for Kathy Orme Hildre will take place on Saturday, April 22 at the Yacht Club.… Continue reading

Katherine Ethel Love (Gillespie)

Katherine Ethel Love (Gillespie) passed away unexpectedly while traveling from North Pole to Fairbanks on Dec. 22, 2016, at the age 80. She was known… Continue reading

Death Notice: Joan E. Harju

Joan E. HarjuJoan E. Harju died Dec. 24, 2016. She was 81 years old.She was preceded in death by her parents, Arthur and Esther Kassner,… Continue reading

Death Notice: Dr. George Brown

Death Notice: Dr. George Brown

Dr. George BrownDr. George Brown passed away on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016, in Anchorage. His wife, Dr. carolyn Brown, children Benjamin and Rachel, grand-daughter Eleanor… Continue reading

Death Notice: Dr. George Brown

Death Notice: Lester “Spike” Henkins

Lester (Spike) HenkinsLester (Spike) Henkins died Dec. 6, 2016, peacefully at the Ketchikan Pioneers Home. He was 79.Henkins was born July 9, 1937 in Wyoming,… Continue reading

Death Notice: Katherene (Kathy) Hildre

Katherene (Kathy) HildreKatherene (Kathy) Hildre passed away suddenly on Monday, Dec. 12, with family & friends surrounding her.A full obituary will follow soon.… Continue reading

Death Notice: Eugene A. Smith

Eugene A. SmithEugene A. Smith passed away at home Dec. 2, 2016, due to a sudden illness. He was 82.Smith was born in 1934 in… Continue reading

Philip ‘Joe’ Edwards

Philip ‘Joe’ Edwards, longtime Juneau resident and master machinist, died Oct. 29, 2016.There will be a joint celebration of life for Joe and for Sherman… Continue reading

Vika Heleine ‘Ita’aehau Tupou

Vika Heleine ‘Ita’aehau Tupou passed away on Nov. 8, 2016. She was 81 years old.She was born July 5, 1935, in Ha’akame, Tonga. She attended… Continue reading

Robert (Bob) Hurley

Robert (Bob) HurleyRobert (Bob) Hurley passed away on Thursday, Nov. 3, from a fatal heart event in the morning. A full obituary will follow as… Continue reading

William (Bill) League

William (Bill) LeagueWilliam (Bill) League passed away on Oct. 24, 2016. He was 70 years old.He graduated from high school in Hawaii and attended Church… Continue reading

Maria Nieves Marin Ortega

Maria Nieves Marin OrtegaMaria Nieves Marin Ortega passed away on Oct. 21, 2016, in Juneau.She was born in Michoacan, Mexico. She enjoyed a simple life… Continue reading

Edwin Ebona

Edwin EbonaEdwin (Ed) Ebona passed away in October 2016.He was born on Aug.10, 1973, in Juneau. He graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School and worked as… Continue reading

Sherman Albert Johnson

Sherman Albert JohnsonSherman Albert Johnson passed away in El Paso, Texas, on Oct. 10, 2016, a the age of 59. A celebration of his life… Continue reading

Memorial notice: Kenneth M. Dean

Memorial notice: Kenneth M. DeanKenneth M. Den passed away on Oct. 16, 2016. He was 68 years old.A celebration of life has been scheduled for… Continue reading

Una Jean Swensen

Una Jean SwensenUna Jean Swensen passed away on Oct. 4, 2016, at the Juneau Pioneer’s Home after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. She was… Continue reading