UpWellness Reviews: UpWellness Supplements Product List

UpWellness is a nutrition supplement company offering a wide variety of products geared towards nutrient-rich living. Lead by founders Dr. Joshua Leviit and Dr. Amanda Levitt and their team of natural medicine doctors. Along with Dr. Josh, UpWellness collaborates with the best and brightest minds in the natural medicine world. They work together and use their vast experience in the industry to develop the roster of products now available on the UpWellness website.

The focus of UpWellness is to bring back a nutrient-rich life to their customer’s worlds. By using all-natural ingredients, and premium products to their customers, they truly have a passion for providing trust and quality to their buyers.

What is UpWellness?

UpWellness was born in 2015 by founders Dr. Joshua Levitt and Dr. Amanda Levitt. Dr. Josh is a naturopathic doctor that uses both his natural medicine and traditional medicine knowledge to provide his patients with the best of both worlds approach to their care. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Josh understands the effects of food, especially nutritional supplements, on the body. He combined both his love for surfing and his natural medicine knowledge and created UpWellness.

The name and mission statement comes from a phenomenon in the ocean called an upwelling. This is when the sea brings the cold, nutrient-dense water from the bottom to the surface to continue recycling the water and maintain the ecosystem. This phenomenon of nutrient-dense water that increases biological life is what UpWellness is created from. The team at UpWellness has created products to help you get well and stay at an elevated level of health and wellness.

Dr. Levitt was driven to launch UpWellness to help others grasp this concept of nutrient-rich living. He claims that when people think of nutrients, they think of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Dr. Josh wants to help people change how they feel about nutrients to more broad to all aspects of health.

UpWellness Supplements

All supplements in the UpWellness roster say they implement several strict guidelines to ensure quality across the board. They have all the scientific research linked to each product page, making it easy for all their customers to see the science behind the products they are looking to purchase.

Many of the prices of the individual bottles of supplements are on the pricier side compared to other similar products on the market. Their prices do drop quite a bit per bottle if you decide to go with the multiple-bottle bundles. However, this means you will be spending more money and getting more products. Not great for the person looking to try out a supplement for the first time. They are a relatively new supplement company, and so, maybe in the future, they will offer better pricing or different pricing options to make their products more affordable.

If you subscribe to any of the individual supplements, you can save 10% on your purchase – and this also applies to the bundles they offer. It’s not much, but if you are a frequent user, you can save a few dollars on each bottle or each bundle you purchase.

Golden Revive +


Golden Revive + is one of UpWellness’ best-selling products. This formula helps alleviate painful joints, ligaments, and tendons and allows you to reclaim your mobility. This 100% natural formulation uses powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that provide support to your entire musculoskeletal system. Along with alleviating aching joints, this product also improves circulation, improves range of motion, supports healthy vision and cholesterol levels, and balances blood sugar.

It is formulated with curcumin, Boswellia, bromelain, quercetin, magnesium, and piperine to enhance a youthful moving body. Curcumin or Turmeric is a very well-known ingredient to alleviate inflammation in the body. Golden Revive + uses a specific extract, BCM-95, which is shown to be 200 times more potent compared to regular curcumin extract.

Mixed with the other powerhouse ingredients on this label, the bioavailability and effectiveness of all the ingredients work together to provide you with a great product.


  • 1 Bottle: $57.00
  • 3 Bottles: $49.00/bottle ($149.95)
  • 6 Bottles: $33.33/bottle ($199.00)

Total Revive +


Millions of Americans suffer from bloating, indigestion, gas, and cramping because of a lack of stomach acid. UpWellness has developed an exclusive blend of digestive enzymes to overcome any discomfort you may be experiencing, all while strengthening your entire digestive tract.

Total Revive +, created by a naturopathic physician, was made to support the breakdown of proteins specifically, fats, carbs, increase your tolerance of beans, dairy, and wheat, make your bowel movements more regular, promote healthy gut bacteria growth, enhance nutrient uptake and decrease the feeling of hunger.

It seems like one pill fixes all types of solutions! The specific blend of ten digestive enzymes comes together to make a powerhouse aid to your digestion. This product also contains three adaptogenic herbs to boost the effects of the entire product further. Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is loaded with Vitamin C (10x more than an orange) and is widely used in herbal medicine to enhance digestion, improve heart health and increase energy.

Gotu Kola has been used for thousands of years as an anti-aging remedy and has specific soothing benefits to the skin and lining of the gut. Holy Basil is the last herb in this formula and has been deemed in many texts as incomparable. It helps make digestion more efficient, protects against toxic exposures, increases physical stamina, and improves glucose control.

All these benefits are wrapped up into 1-2 capsules with each meal. You get 45 servings per bottle, and at a fair price, you really can’t go wrong in trying it.


  • 1 Bottle: $47.00
  • 3 Bottles: $42.75/bottle ($128.25)
  • 6 Bottles: $28.50/bottle ($171.00)

Probiotic +


We don’t realize how much of an effect our gut has on our overall well-being. UpWellness does and has created this product to support optimal gut health. This blend of 6 proven probiotic strains and three herbal superfoods will give you that extra boost in your digestive health.

These capsules also contain some fiber to give you a very well-rounded formulation. Not only will you get digestion benefits, but once you start healing your gut, other things follow. Your brain will be clearer, and you’ll have a better sleep, mood, and cognitive performance. Your metabolism will increase, and you’ll be able to burn calories more efficiently at a higher rate, reduce cravings and blood sugar fluctuations. The immune system will also become stronger and more equipped to fight off outside diseases, bacteria, and viruses now that it’s not focused on defeating inflammation in your gut.

Probiotic + was created by UpWellness’ naturopathic team to alleviate digestive discomfort, promote healthy bacteria growth in your gut, improve gastrointestinal motility and comfort. These benefits will result in more manageable and more regular bowel movements, less gas and bloating, a slimmer waistline, fewer cravings, and overall better energy.

You only need to take one of these capsules per day to reap all the benefits. This means you get a two months supply in one bottle, which is always a nice bonus.


  • 1 Bottle: $57.00
  • 2 Bottles: $49.99/bottle ($149.95)
  • 3 Bottles: $33.33/bottle ($199.95)

Immune 11x


Immune 11x is a physician formulated, 100% natural immune support supplement to boost your body’s natural defense system against environmental pathogens we encounter daily. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic and complex illnesses because their immune system is not optimized to function at maximum capacity. Using a blend of daily vitamins and ancient herbal medicines, this product can give you the peace of mind you might be looking for.

Along with boosting your immune system, this supplement can help enhance cellular repair and tissue recovery, stop free radical damage with powerful antioxidants, and control inflammatory chemicals.

Although this product comes with a great combination of many well-known immune-boosting ingredients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Astralagus, some of these key ingredients are less than other similar products on the market. You only need to take two capsules once per day to start strengthening your defense system.


  • 1 Bottle: $37.00
  • 2 Bottles: $35.25/bottle ($105.75)
  • 3 Bottles: $23.50/bottle ($141.00)

Mind & Mood


Mind & Mood provides the user with a natural way to calm their nervous system. It offers herbal and nutritional support to maintain emotional balance even during high stress, is natural neurotransmitter support, lifts your energy, and promotes focus and attention.

By supporting emotional health and the nervous system, this supplement can help rid you of brain symptoms such as brain fog and poor memory, emotional symptoms like nervousness and irritability, physical symptoms like fatigue and cravings, and lifestyle symptoms like lack of motivation and social withdrawal.

UpWellness chose powerhouse ingredients such as GABA, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola, to name a few, to assure you you’re getting a top product. Mind & Mood has an equivalent, and in some cases, more critical ingredients for stress relief than similar products on the market.

Each serving requires you to take two capsules in the morning with food to get the best results. You get 30 servings per bottle which is more than enough to experience any effects and whether or not it’s the right fit for you and your body.


  • 1 Bottle: $57.00
  • 2 Bottles: $49.99/bottle ($149.95)
  • 3 Bottles: $33.33/bottle ($199.95)

Rest & Recharge


Sleep is one of the essential habits to keep in check and yet so often overlooked. It is one of the cornerstones of living a healthy life as it allows your body to recover from a days’ work of keeping you breathing. Rest & Recharge was created to support that all-important aspect of health, non-drug.

This 100% natural blend of herbal and nutritional ingredients helps you get to sleep fast, and best of all, stay asleep. Rest & Recharge promotes restful and restorative sleep cycles, allows you to wake up feeling refreshed, supports a calm nervous system before bed, and gives you better energy all day long.

Some of the ingredients on this list are equal to other similar products on the market. However, when we look at melatonin, one of the most well-known natural sleep aids, it seems to fall short compared to similar products. Many others on the market contain anywhere from 3-6mg of melatonin, where Rest & Recharge contains just 1mg.

If you have used melatonin before, you may not feel any effects from this dosage. But on the positive side, this quantity of melatonin should not leave you feeling tired, where some of the other supplements with higher doses might.


  • 1 Bottle: $37.00
  • 2 Bottles: $35.25/bottle ($105.75)
  • 3 Bottles: $23.50/bottle ($141.00)

UpWellness Coffee


Around 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee each day. It’s safe to say that coffee is universally used, but there is a difference between good and bad coffee. Organic, non-GMO, chemical-free, and flavonoid-rich, UpWellness Coffee sure gives a kick to your average cup of joe.

UpWellness claims to use premium beans that provide you with all the benefits of coffee without the jitters, upset stomach, or spikes in energy. It comes as a medium roast and whole beans – meaning you’ll need to be able to grind the coffee at home before making it.

Their website talks about how great this coffee is and the healthiest and #1 doctor-approved coffee. However, there aren’t any studies and, frankly, very few reviews to prove that point. There is also no indication of whether the coffee is freshly roasted before being sent to the customer. This is pretty important when looking for a fresh batch of coffee, something that brands like Koffee Kult do very well.

Something to consider before your purchase (it’s also pretty pricey compared to “regular” coffee).


  • 1 Bag: $29.95
  • 2 Bag: $24.95/bottle ($74.85)
  • 3 Bag: $19.95/bottle ($119.70)

UpWellness Mojo


Suppose you want to increase your energy, supercharge your metabolism, give some love to your adrenal system, and improve your focus and mood. In that case, Mojo might be a supplement to introduce into your everyday lineup. This 100% natural, the adaptogenic formula helps support your adrenal system for clean, all-day energy.

With increased energy, Mojo can give you better focus and stress management, decreased cravings, more motivation, and so many more benefits. It comes in a chocolate flavor supposedly tasting like hot chocolate (if made with hot water). All the ingredients work together symbiotically to provide the user with a delicious and healthy boost.

Mojo comes in little ready-to-go packets for easy, pre-measured use. However, at almost $70 for just one bag, you only get 20 servings which are definitely on the pricey side for less than one month of product. It also only comes in the chocolate flavor, and so if you aren’t a chocolate fanatic, this is probably a product you’re going to want to pass on.


  • 1 Bag: $69.95
  • 2 Bag: $59.95/bottle ($179.95)
  • 3 Bag: $49.95/bottle ($249.95)

Manuka Miracle


Manuka honey is known to be an ultra healing ingredient. You can use it as traditional honey with a health boost, or in this case, use it to heal your skin. Manuka Miracle is a skin-rejuvenating skin elixir to help eliminate dry, cracked skin, improve radiance and overall appearance.

This 100% natural formulation provides hydration and added smoothness and provides antimicrobial properties to the skin for an added layer of protection. Along with the manuka honey, this product contains other powerhouse ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, and sunflower seed oil which all in themselves have traits to boost overall skin health, healing, and appearance.

To use, you apply a generous amount to any affected areas and rub gently until the product is absorbed into the skin. Manuka honey is a costly ingredient, and due to that, the price per bottle is definitely on the pricier side.


  • 1 Bottle: $47.00
  • 3 Bottles: $42.75/bottle ($128.25)
  • 6 Bottles: $28.50/bottle ($171.00)

The ACV Secret


Just as it works internally on your pH levels and detoxification, apple cider vinegar can also help boost your skin’s appearance when applied topically. UpWellness created The ACV Secret for its customers to reap all the benefits of this powerhouse all-natural ingredient.

Their proprietary formula is said to eliminate wrinkles, destroy harmful bacteria or viruses on your skin and erase any sunspots. You get seven skin-boosting ingredients wrapped up in this ACV cream, including hyaluronic acid for radiance, chamomile for soothing, and castor oil for hydration.


  • 1 Bottle: $47.00
  • 3 Bottles: $42.75/bottle ($128.25)
  • 6 Bottles: $28.50/bottle ($171.00)

UpWellness Reviews: What Do the Customers Have to Say?

The reviews on the UpWellness website show that the customers who are buying these supplements are satisfied. The golden revive + is the only product with more than ten reviews (190). All other products have no more than seven reviews, if they have any, so they don’t have much feedback.

It’s important to remember that they won’t post any bad or mediocre reviews on any company website. In the case of Upwellness, because the reviews are low on their website, it’s hard to get an accurate picture of whether or not the customers like their products.

They have some products on Amazon but a tiny portion of their product line, making it a little less accessible to some who don’t want to order from their website. We searched here for some possible diversity in reviews; however, whatever reviews were on Amazon all seemed to be overall good! They offer free shipping perks, although it is confusing as it mentions over $75 of product for free shipping, over $100 of product for free shipping, and just free shipping in the US in general.

As with any supplement or skin product, results will vary between individuals as we all have different goals and needs. With any product, you will always find a group of individuals who were not satisfied, so try to be mindful of this as you do your research. Always look for top reviews and some of the 1-star reviews (if any) to see where people have potential issues.

UpWellness Pros

  • Amazon reviews were overall good – 4.5 stars and above
  • Products are 100% natural created with high protocols and high safety and health standards (GMP)
  • Can purchase more than one bottle to save money
  • Subscribe & save 10% on individual bottles or bundle packs
  • Can purchase some main products from Amazon
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Link to all scientific articles mentioned on the product pages
  • Videos on each product page talking about the benefits of the product – more personal

UpWellness Cons

  • The price of some products is higher than competing products on the market
  • Testimonials on the website are picked
  • Not many reviews in general – on both Amazon and company site
  • No talk or information regarding the protocols on quality of ingredients or manufacturing facility standards- mentioned but no explanation on their processes to speak to those claims

UpWellness Refund Policy

UpWellness provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for a full refund on the purchase minus the shipping and handling fees. You can contact refunds@upwellness.com if you would like to return your product, cancel a subscription or have any other questions regarding returns.

  • All return information is stated on their website under the page Terms & Conditions.
  • Contact UpWellness
  • Located in Jupiter, FL
  • Contact via email for any inquiries: info@upwellness.com
  • For advertising and partnership opportunities, email: sales@upwellness.com
  • Phone: (800) 876-2196
  • Can also chat with online customer support at any time.

UpWellness Recap

UpWellness, led by Dr. Josh and Amanda Lewitt, along with their team of naturopathic doctors, have made their splash in the supplement world and are working to make their brand a household name. Their mission is to get their customers to live nutrient-rich lives by incorporating their products into their daily living. They instill safety and security into their customers by creating products that meet the highest standards in supplement formulations. All supplements created with UpWellness are meant to optimize your health and get you out of a nutrient-deficient lifestyle.

While all supplement companies have their science and mind-blowing reviews, our team took it upon ourselves to get to the bottom of whether or not the products UpWellness has created are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

All the supplements provided by UpWellness are 100% natural, and none have proprietary blends, so there are no hidden ingredients. Label transparency is good for the most part; however, some products are more expensive and contain fewer ingredients than similar products. Everyone has their scientific background and reasoning behind dosages. Maybe Dr. Lewitt and his team have come to formulate their products based on specific backgrounds they carry through their naturopathic work. Still, something to consider when looking to purchase any product on the market; you want to get the best bang for your buck. There is no clear label image; you have to zoom the entire webpage to read the labels. Not the most significant issue; however, it may come across to some as trying to hide. Still crucial from the standpoint of providing all information, clearly, to each of the customers.

In terms of the certified facility and integrity of the products. Nowhere on the website does it have proof of a GMP certification or any quality control information. It has a concise sentence that states they create their products to the highest quality standards. Most companies who say this have the GMP certified stamps on each product page and extensive information on how they quality control each of their batches. We finally found one small detail by zooming into the label on the product page. Right at the bottom, it states the product is manufactured in a GMP registered facility. So it seems that the products are regulated in that sense. However, it seems odd that compared to other supplement companies, UpWellness has no interest in showing that off and making it very apparent to their customers.

The reviews are another factor that plays into effect when looking to purchase a product. As a consumer, you want to be made to feel as though thousands of other people have tried this product and haven’t had any issues with it. Many product pages have very explicit images saying they have over 25,000 happy customers, and the particular product is rated 5 out of 5 stars. However, in many cases, the overall review for the product is not five stars, and it has nowhere close to 25,000 reviews or indications of purchases (in most cases, it wasn’t more than ten reviews). This can be misleading to customers looking at these products. It’s possible in total, UpWellness has served 25,000 customers. However, we are unsure that 25,000 people have purchased the specific product and rated it five stars. The reviews on Amazon were similar; high but not perfect. Whatever products they sell on Amazon, their most popular, are still priced the same with few reviews. However, specifically for the Golden Revive + product, several products look identical to the UpWellness version. Be cautious and ensure you are purchasing the UpWellness one if you are looking on Amazon.

UpWellness does provide the option of purchasing stacks or bundles of each of its products. If you thoroughly enjoy one of their products, purchasing multiple at a lower price than buying every month makes sense—an excellent option for returning users looking to buy bulk. The prices of the stacks make the bottles a little more affordable. However, you are naturally spending more money compared to purchasing a single bottle.

UpWelless offers a few discount options when purchasing from their website. You can subscribe & save to any supplement or bundle to save 10% on your purchase. This is on the lower end compared to competitors, but they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. They offer free shipping on orders in the US and orders over either $75 or $100 (unclear on the website as it states both).

Dr. Josh is the author of several books, and on the UpWellness website, there are links to their Facebook page and youtube page. They have a ton of videos, blog posts, and articles all on nutrition and health. This provides their customers a very immersive experience and follows their mission statement of educating their customers—great information for people looking to become more educated in how to live healthier lives through natural methods.

UpWellness Final Thoughts

UpWellness is focused and driven to elevate the lives of their customers by educating them and providing them nutrient-rich supplements to boost their systems. They have a group, although small, of customers who genuinely like their products and have seen the difference, it makes in their wellness. There is always a bonus when companies provide their customers with science and education pieces, which UpWellness does well. Dr. Josh Lewitt takes his passion for the ocean, natural medicine, and teaching and has bundled it all up into what we know as UpWellness, LLC. Although there are a couple of small details to be ironed out, as most companies have, overall UpWellness seems to be on the right track.

Overall, the variety of products, from inflammation help to coffee to manuka honey cream, are well researched and backed by science. UpWellness is very clear on its mission, and that is reflected in its labels and product pages. With free shipping around the US and a 60-day money-back guarantee, UpWellness supplements are worth giving a shot, and hopefully, you can reap the benefits of their formulations. As always, do your research and ensure that these products are the right fit for your body and goals.


The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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