Stronger Bones Now Review – Legit Bone Coach Kevin Ellis Program?

Did you know that over 200 million people are currently suffering from osteoporosis as this is being written [1]? According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, women (1 in every 3) are at greater risk of being diagnosed with the condition than men (1 in every 5). Can you imagine letting out a sneeze only to feel crippled and possibly fracturing a bone in the process?

To think that even mild stressors can destroy one’s daily existence is daunting, and as someone who has gone through it all, Kevin Ellis wants to do his part to support this population.

Dubbed the BoneCoach™ of our time, Kevin and his team have since launched a blueprint reckoned to cover different angles of the condition for maximum benefits. Most of all, this solution might permit individuals to go about their lives without fear of unravelling new conditions. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive guide on “Stronger Bones Now.”

What is Stronger Bones Now?

Stronger Bones Now is a 60-page, three-step blueprint that has been designed to help people overcome stress, overwhelm, fracture-related concerns, and fear of deteriorating bone health. By following the instructions outlined in this blueprint, individuals can anticipate elevated confidence, and stronger bones. This system was developed after Kevin Ellis was diagnosed with osteoporosis, i.e., a disease linked to weakened bones, consequently, introducing swift fracturing in the hips, spine, and possibly the wrists. It’s an unfortunate condition, as everything will go unnoticed until a bone actually breaks. Considering the seriousness of the health condition, it is imperative that we provide insight into the three steps.

What is there to discover through Stronger Bones Now?

First and foremost, we have the three foundational steps to attaining stronger bones. While Kevin didn’t go too much into detail yet, we do know that it entails identifying and eliminating stressors, restoring the body with essential nutrients, and optimizing the body, mind, and bones.

Undoubtedly, more on the specifics will be discussed once individuals gain access to the Stronger Bones Now eBook. In the meantime, here are other acquirable pieces of information found inside the Bone Coach’s Stronger Bones Now eBook:

  • How this three-step blueprint can help build strong bones, prevent fractures, and lead active lives
  • A relevant component that Bone Density scans fail to pinpoint, and doctors don’t seem to be fazed by
  • Why people aren’t well-versed on their bone health (i.e., whether they are strong or weak)
  • Five actionable steps poised to boost bone health without leaving the home
  • Why natural and conventional strategies fail to promote stronger bones
  • The #1 mistake many people with osteopenia and osteoporosis make
  • The relationship between water and low bone density and why it must be studied
  • Essential tools to have on hand for people with osteoporosis
  • The four internal disruptors preventing nutrients from influencing bone health
  • Why the likelihood of experiencing fractures is high, yet not always guaranteed
  • The missing pieces to most stronger bones plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How long will I have access to Stronger Bones Now after my purchase?

The listed price is for a lifetime access to Stronger Bones Now.

Is Stronger Bones Now delivered physically or virtually?

Stronger Bones Now coupled with the bonus guides will be delivered virtually. Once a purchase has been made, a link will be sent to one’s respective email to download everything. Bear in mind that this email can either be found in the Inbox or Junk folders.

Is there any way to get further assistance from the Stronger Bones Now team?

Yes, after placing an order to the Stronger Bones Now system, individuals should receive a notification about upgrades to live, personalized coaching support directly from Kevin and his team. For instance, if people require assistance with lab testing, Kevin will gladly help, but this would cost extra. Of course, upgrading is optional, however, such an opportunity will only be presented to those who purchase this system.

Why should individuals act now?

Preventing bone loss is easier to attain than having to rebuild it once the damage has been caused. Though building bones can be commenced at any age, it will only become challenging with time. By acting immediately through Stronger Bones Now, individuals will have acquired tricks for both preventative and bone-building results.

Will Stronger Bones Now replace visits to my doctor?

Never, the intention for Stronger Bones Now is to offer additional support. In no way has it been designed to replace a healthcare professional’s help. In fact, Kevin and his team encourage discussing the possibilities of including Stronger Bones Now with their respective doctors before introducing something new to a routine.

What are the purported benefits of Stronger Bones Now?

Broadly speaking, all the guesswork regarding osteoporosis symptoms and means of attaining relief have been eliminated. This means individuals no longer must struggle through books and research or resort to misinformation presented on the Internet. In all honesty, the guide at hand has been compiled by someone who overcame osteoporosis along with:

  • Marcelle Pick: OBGYN Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Educator
  • Betty Murray: Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Dr. Sherry Betz: Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Board-Certified Geriatric Specialist
  • Amanda Li: Registered Dietitian & Chef
  • Polina Rikoun: Stress Reduction Expert
  • Danya Joy: Registered Nurse & Certified Health Coach

For more information on the Stronger Now Bones’ team members, click here. Regarding particulars, this system is reckoned to do wonders to bone health.

What if Stronger Bones Now isn’t as effective as it is suggested to be?

Should individuals mistrust solutions over the internet or simply find no comfort in the guidance offered through Stronger Bones Now, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund thanks to the 14-day money-back guarantee. For the essentials, consider contacting customer support via email at customercare@bonecoach.com.

What does each Stronger Bones Now include?

Each Stronger Bones Now main guide has been paired with three bonuses. Below is brief on what the three entail:

Bonus #1. BoneCoach™ Eat Sheet™

The BoneCoach™ Eat Sheet™ is a 50-page workbook has been developed for individuals to craft their own bone-healthy diet. Kevin has had heads turning upon revealing that calcium, vitamin D and leafy greens don’t represent the complete picture to stronger bones. The power rests in yet another three facets, which comprise of consuming the right nutrients, guaranteeing maximum absorption, and healing on a cellular level.

Inside this bonus, individuals will familiarize themselves on:

  • The difference between the right and wrong diet types for bone health
  • Proven tips to maximize the effects of nutrients on the body despite digestive distress
  • Means of navigating a bone-healthy diet with autoimmune disease
  • The six pillars of an influential bone-healthy diet
  • A one-page summary of bone-healthy proteins, carbs, fats, fruits, and vegetables
  • Kevin’s top 15 bone-building tactics that worked for him and 90% of his clients
  • A four-week step-by-step plan on mastering the craft of bone-healthy diet building
  • The hidden revelations surrounding the alkaline diet
  • 17 bone-healthy nutrients for optimal results in conjunction with delicious recipes

Bonus #2: Top Bone Damagers Guide

Onto the second bonus, “Top Bone Damagers Guide,” Kevin explains that there are several masked bone loss contributors that must be identified and barricaded altogether. Details on what needs to be removed and the process itself will be outlined throughout this bonus.

Bonus #3: Paying it Forward

As for the third bonus, Kevin pledges to donate to the No Kid Hungry charity for every person that invests in Stronger Bones Now. This charity provides access to meals, nutritional programs, and vital education to support kids in need. Take a minute to read what Kevin has to say:

“As the father of two kids, Autumn, and August, it pains me to know that some children aren’t getting the critical nourishment they need to support healthy bodies and healthy bones. And from a parent’s perspective, I can’t imagine having to decide between turning the heat on in winter or feeding my kids. Our goal is to donate $100,000 to this amazing charity throughout the year. That means YOUR investment in your own health directly improves the lives of kids in need!”

How much does Stronger Bones Now cost?

To kickstart the new year, Kevin and his team decided to offer the main guide and bonuses, typically offered at over $199, for as little as $27. This is a limited time offer that will end shortly, hence, individuals are urged to act fast before it returns to its retail price.

Meet the BoneCoach™, Kevin Ellis

Founder of BoneCoach™ and Osteoporosis “Thriver”, Kevin Ellis is an Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach, Stronger Bones Solution™ Program Instructor, and former osteoporosis fighter among others. He is also known for delivering powerful, engaging speeches ranging from sleep and managing stress to making better lifestyle, bone, and gut health choices. Matter-of-factly, Kevin has worked with organizations ranging from local Midwest businesses to NYC tech startups across the globe. To learn more about his virtual, private health coaching for business executives, an email can be directly sent to kevin@bonecoach.com.

That said, the BoneCoach™ brand took shape during Kevin’s journey with osteoporosis, namely, the struggles he encountered to figure out steps to addressing bone loss, bone strength and fracture prevention. Seeing the clear need to fill in the voids, especially for such an underserved population, he embarked on BoneCoach™. What started as a solo effort expanded to house a team of over a dozen highly credentialed and passionate team members who want to help women build stronger bones and lead healthier lives.

The following is an excerpt from the official website:

“We’re on a mission to help women all over the world address bone loss, build bone strength, and move from a life of fear, overwhelm, and defeat to a life of education, empowerment, and confidence […] We don’t believe in hyped-up claims or unethical guarantees. Instead, we believe in science and simplicity – a sensible, evidence-based approach that helps people make actionable progress toward improving bone health.”

Final Verdict

Overall, Stronger Bones Now is a simplified guide that walks women through the steps to enhancing bone health, while restricting any factors with the possibility of worsening one’s osteoporosis symptoms. Our editor team was quite persuaded by the entirety of this system for many reasons. For starters, the BoneCoach™ team’s strong belief that science and simple methods can co-exist speaks miles, namely regarding their strategy. This permits individuals to gain confidence because they are unlikely to be manipulated by false claims and hype solutions.

Second, the mere fact that this team encompasses health experts of different kinds ensures access to diverse perspectives. Bone health is evidently not just a topic involving recovery, but also nutrition, sleep quality, exercise (to some degree) and others – all of which are accounted for via Stronger Now Bones. Third, we have Kevin Ellis front and center. As a former diagnosed osteoporosis patient, Kevin was frustrated by the absence of pertinent information, leading him to set forth on his own journey to healing. Hence, Stronger Bones Now exemplifies a real-life experience!

Lastly, the team’s promise to give back to the community is the cherry on top. At one affordable rate, several people’s lives will be transformed for the better. If these aren’t convincing facets, we truly don’t know what are. It is important for us to note that Stronger Bones Now should be perceived as an extra driving force, and in no way will it ever replace existing medications or medical advice provided. To get started with Stronger Bones Now, visit here! >>>


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