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Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Tarot Card Reading Services Ranked by Accuracy

From changing your perspective on major life events to helping you realize your goals, online tarot card reading has so much to offer.

In an era of so many inaccurate, dishonest, and fake ‘fortune-telling’ methods, tarot reading stands out as the only practice that actually works. It is a tried and tested method seasoned psychics use to read and predict the flow of your destiny.

With the many curveballs life throws our way, divining one’s fate makes perfect sense. In fact, throughout history, people have been obsessed with learning about the future. Now, did you know the practice of tarot reading is as old as civilization itself?

It is arguably the oldest form of cartomancy, or divination using a deck of cards. The practice has stood the test of time in every sense of the word. Historians believe ancient Egyptians made use of an early form of tarots to gain foresight and determine the will of their gods.

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Over the centuries, this practice has cropped up in many different ancient civilizations. Interestingly, though, it wasn’t until the 17th century that psychics in Europe started making use of tarot cards. As you can imagine, the process had been refined to perfection by that point.

In short, tarot card readers have survived the fall of civilizations, religious persecution, and even the relentless march of time. So, make no mistake; this practice is the real deal. Read on to learn more about where to get the most accurate and trusted tarot card readers.

The past year or so has been a lesson in uncertainty. For safety reasons, we are all urged not to attend an in-person tarot reading session. This is where tarot reading online comes in and becomes very convenient. With online readings, you can learn the outcome of your future from the comfort of your home.

However, there are thousands of sites claiming to offer this service, and unfortunately, many of them are out to scam you. Thankfully, this guide covers all the sites you can trust. You will learn of their specialties, price ranges, and special deals and offers to look out for.

Are you ready to learn about the practice of online tarot readings? If so, let’s dive right in.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Ranked by Accuracy – Best psychic network overall; your ideal love tarot card reading site, Introductory offer: Free 3 minutes with every new psychic, plus 50% off your first session – Most affordable site with top-rated tarot readers , Best trial offer: 10-minute reading for only $1.99

California Psychics – Highly accurate tarot readers specializing in fortune telling, Introductory offer: $1 per minute, plus 5 free minutes if you use the promo code ‘ADD5”

Psychic Source – Best site for first-time users of psychic services, Inexpensive rates with readings costing as little as $1 per minute. The first three minutes are free. Best Psychic Network Overall. Your Ideal Love Tarot Reading Site


Love is a battlefield; many of us can find some truth in this phrase. Finding true love in the old days was tough. If we add to that the fast pace of modern life, the search gets even harder. Finding a soulmate nowadays has become a pipe dream.

Without an ace up your sleeve, you are doomed to a trial and error process as you move through the dating world. The result will likely be a streak of short relationships at best or a broken and jaded heart at worst.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer this fate. With the help of love tarot readings from Kasamba, you will quickly find true love. It really is that simple!

Here’s the most special thing about Kasamba: it is widely considered to be the best psychic network there is. Over the past few decades, millions of Kasamba users have found guidance from the gifted mystics who call the site home.

While you will find almost every arcane art offered on the site, Kasamba is perhaps best known for its accurate love tarot card readings. If you have been unlucky in love and need psychic assistance, this site is your solution. Readings on this platform are done through live text chat, email, and video chat.

Other Special Things About Kasamba

  • The site’s user-friendly design works in its favor. As a first-time user, navigating the website is a fun and easy experience. Finding the right tarot reader is a breeze since the search function is highly responsive.

  • Detailed advisor pages make it easy for you to learn whatever you need about any psychic on the platform. This reduces the chances of you choosing a tarot reader you do not connect with. However, in the rare event that this happens, the site has systems in place to ensure you are promptly redirected to your ideal psychic.

  • Your first love tarot reading is free for the first three minutes. Plus, if for some reason you do not connect with your reader, you can terminate the session within this free trial period.

  • Also, the site offers 50% off readings for first-time users. This is a great deal, considering Kasamba is a premier psychic network. These features, combined with its responsive customer service, make Kasamba the best option when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.

  • Kasamba supports every major payment method for your convenience. From credit cards to PayPal, Kasamba has you covered.

  • If you have a fast-paced lifestyle with little free time, then the Kasamba app is perfect for you. The app is free, easy to navigate, and secure.

With its wide pool of talented Tarot advisors, it’s easy to see why Kasamba is one of the most popular psychic networks online. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what clients have to say about the service. You will find nothing but excellent reviews with an emphasis on love and free love tarot reading.

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Don’t you just love a bargain? When it comes to tarot card readings, the Keen psychic network is undisputed in affordable price packages. Of all the psychic networks available, Keen Psychics is probably the best for meeting your budget, but we will get to that in a bit. There’s so much more to Keen than bargain prices.

Navigating the site is a smooth, simple experience. In addition to a functional design, the Keen site boasts a clutter-free environment. As a first-time user, you will have no problem finding an online tarot reader of your choice.

Keen’s search function further adds to the site’s efficiency. The filter options allow you to narrow down your search using categories like price range, specialty, and user ratings. Plus, speaking of user ratings, making a wrong choice is next to impossible on Keen. Every psychic on the platform has a detailed profile that showcases crucial details about them.

Did we mention that Keen offers the best deals for new users? For only $1.99, you’ll get a 10-minute reading from the site’s top-rated psychics. Imagine the possibilities: in just ten minutes, you could have answers to the numerous questions you have about your future. From finding your purpose in life to advancing your career, you’ll be able to get the answers you need.

While the prices are great, is the Keen psychic network trustworthy? After all, cheap is expensive in the long run, right? Well, Keen is an exception to this rule. The site has been around since 1999. That’s three decades of stellar service! The number of clients who have found the site useful since it launched speaks volumes about the quality of its readings. In short, as a Keen customer, your needs always come first.

Other Special Things About Keen Psychics

  • The site is well known for their vetting process, meaning only genuine and talented psychics make it onto the platform.

  • Another aspect Keen is famous for is client security. Thanks to its stance on anonymity, you can browse the site freely with the guarantee that your data and identity are secure.

  • Keen offers a 10-minute free trial tarot reading session at $1.99 window for you to test out a psychic. If they do not meet your standards, then you can terminate the session and move on.

  • Paying for services on Keen is an easy and straightforward experience. Not only is the process secure, but all major payment platforms are supported as well.

  • Different communication options are available, which makes reaching out to your preferred psychic fast and easy. You can opt for live chat readings, phone readings, or even email readings on the Keen platform.

  • There is a free Keen psychic app available for Android and Apple devices. With the app, you get to access the functionality of the website even when you are on the move.

Equally important to mention is that Keen offers the best psychic match guarantee with its ‘Get Matched’ tool. In case you get overwhelmed by the wide range of options on the site, you can use this tool to find your ideal tarot card reader. In summary, the Keen psychic network offers premium tarot card reading experiences at a low cost.

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California Psychics: Super Accurate Tarot Readers Specializing in Fortune Telling


If you are looking for extremely accurate online tarot readers, then California Psychics fits the bill. The company has been operational since 1995. Few psychic networks can boast of such a long history of service. Over the years, the network has helped millions of clients find much-needed guidance and reach resolutions on complex life issues.

It’s no secret that California Psychics offers high-quality services. The customer reviews say it all. The tarot card readings on the site are not any different. Not only are the readers thoroughly vetted, but customers can rate practitioners on the site as well. This means the site has very high standards, ensuring every reading offered is genuine.

Unlike other upstart psychic networks, the California Psychics vetting process is detailed and rigorous. In each test group of 100 applicants, only 3 psychics can make the cut. Apart from an exhaustive background check, the psychics are interviewed in depth to ascertain their abilities.

What’s more, the evaluators make sure the psychics are approachable, understanding, and easy to talk to.

Other Special Things About California Psychics

  • Compared to other similar companies, the California Psychics network offers the best connection method variety. As a client, you can connect with your preferred psychic via phone call, email, text, and live chat.

  • To add to the point above, the practitioners are available around the clock. No longer will life catch you by surprise. Your preferred tarot reader is at the ready whenever you need them.

  • If you’re a new user, the introductory offer will interest you. For $1 per minute, you will have your fate determined by a gifted tarot practitioner. To sweeten the deal, you can use the ‘ADD 5’ promo code to get 5 extra minutes for free.

  • California Psychics has never had a data breach. Questions from your sessions are private and secured by high-grade cybersecurity.

  • Easy onboarding process. New users can sign up to the site with only a few steps. Plus, you don’t need to give up a lot of your personal information to sign up. Only your name, email address, and phone number are required.

Overall, California Psychics guarantees a great customer experience at an affordable price. The top-rated psychics on the site are experienced in their craft and have the training necessary to advise you on complex life issues.

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Psychic Source: Best Site for First-Time Users of Psychic Services


With over three decades of service under its belt, Psychic Source is one of the most trustworthy networks in operation. While the many psychics on the site specialize in various divining crafts, they are most famous for their accurate tarot card readings. From angel card reading to cartomancy tarot readings, the site has your every need covered.

Other Special Things About Psychic Source

  • Psychic Source offers the best deals for new users, with prices as low as $1 per minute.

  • You get 3 minutes for free as a new user.

  • Customer satisfaction is the driving force for Psychic Source. The site has a well-thought-out system in place to ensure you get value for your money. For example, you won’t be billed for unsatisfactory readings.

All you have to do is contact responsive customer care and lodge your complaints. The payment will be carried forward to your next session where your reading will be performed by a more proficient tarot practitioner.

The gifted practitioners on the network are masters at their craft. Using a tarot deck, they will answer your burning questions about your future, your purpose in life, your past life, and more.

>> Start A Free Tarot Reading Session With Psychic Source Experts

Is Tarot Card Reading Still Relevant In Modern Times?

Based on the historical context given, the next question you may have is whether the practice is still relevant today. Well, you might be surprised to learn the answer is yes, and the reason it’s still thriving is pretty simple.

We have unbreakable, perpetual ties to the spiritual realm. It is commonly believed time has a different nature in that domain. Fascinating stuff, right? Individuals who are uniquely aware of this indescribable connection perceive time differently than most people. Psychics fall into this category of individuals.

For you, time is linear. You are bound to the present. The coming moments of your life are a mystery. However, this is not the case for psychics.

Psychics’ connections to the spiritual realm allow them glimpses into the future. Without a proper structure in place, though, even the most gifted psychics can’t control or refine this process. This is where tarot card reading online comes in.

With a deck of tarot cards, mystics can better read the flow of destiny, allowing them to divine all the possible outcomes of your future.

How Are Online Tarot Card Readings Performed?

If you’re used to scheduling in-person appointments with your preferred tarot card reader, online readings are no different. The first thing you should know is that online tarot card readings usually come in two forms.

There are websites that use an algorithm to generate predictive tarot card readings. You’ll come across many of these in your search for accurate readings. One of the advantages of automated online tarot readings is you can always get quick responses.

However, automated readings are not 100% accurate. Algorithms don’t have the same intuitive foresight as an actual tarot card reader. Many people who are new to online tarot card readings use this option.

The second option is preferred if you’re genuinely pursuing in-depth and accurate online tarot card reading sessions. There are many websites that host actual online tarot card readers.

Once you’ve registered to a suitable website, you can start engaging in regular sessions. A personal connection with a real tarot card reader online is just as effective as an in-person meeting.

There’s also the added benefit of contacting your online tarot card reader from the comfort of your personal space. You can use various means of communication, such as video chat, instant messaging, email, etc.

Are Online Tarot Readings Reliable?

If you’re still new to tarot online reading, it’s easy to fall under the assumption that online readings are just not effective or reliable. There are many negative stereotypes about tarot readings of the online variety.

Online tarot readings are real and just as accurate as paying your tarot card reader a visit. Tarot cards act as guides that help you tap into your inner self and find the answers you seek.

Understandably, accessing legitimate online psychic services has always been a challenge for online users with genuine interest. There’s no shortage of rogue sites that look like the real deal on the outside yet have malicious intent. To ensure you are using trustworthy and reliable online tarot cards reading sites, you should always do a thorough background check of the site in question.

Alternatively, you can save yourself all the trouble that comes with doing a thorough fresh search by further evaluating the four options we have reviewed.

Which Tarot Cards Are The Most Important?

Tarot cards have evolved from a recreational game to reading your energy and translating it into predictive outcomes.

As you search for a good online tarot card reader, it is important for you to know a thing or two about tarot cards and which are the most important.

Because tarot cards have undergone a lot of changes over the years, there are several different types of tarot card decks. Your typical tarot card deck consists of a total of 78 cards split into two sections.

The first section of the deck is the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana class houses 22 cards and mainly deals with life-altering events such as advancing in your spiritual journey, inner reflection and contemplation, death of a loved one, the birth of your first child, etc.

The second section is known as the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana class houses the rest of the 56 cards which deal mainly with everyday life situations like your career, relationships, wealth, etc.

All tarot cards have different meanings and bear different weights depending on your energy. Knowing which cards are most important can add a lot of value to your online sessions.

Some of the most important cards in a standard tarot card deck are:

  • Eight of swords – Symbolizes fear, conflict, dilemma.
  • Death card – A transitioning point in your life. A new chapter is beginning.
  • Wheel of fortune – Positive change is knocking on your door.

What Questions Should You Ask During Your Online Tarot Card Reading Session?

When you’re still testing out the depths of online tarot card reading, it’s common to be unsure of where you should start. What are the right questions to ask?

First of all, it’s important to do away with the many negative stereotypes surrounding tarot card reading. Tarot cards, for example, shouldn’t be used as a means of predicting your immediate future.

A perfect instance to illustrate that is when you want to know if your financial situation will improve by a certain period of time. This is a direct approach to your problems and it is not recommended.

If you want your financial situation to get better, you should frame your question a bit differently. Here’s a great example: What are the best ways to ensure my financial situation improves by a certain period?

With such an approach, your tarot card reader will be able to guide you through your financial journey by letting you arrive at the answer you seek.

Generally, you should ask questions that have a more specific need at the end or those that are about a transition period or a new chapter in your life, like marriage, expecting kids, a life-changing operation, etc.

Through online tarot card reading, you can get answers to the difficult questions in your personal and professional life. The trick to getting successful results, however, lies in how you approach your questions.

What Are The Benefits Of Tarot Reading Online?

If you’re used to scheduling personal meetings with your tarot card reader, it’s time you realized the advantages of having online reading sessions.

Don’t get discouraged by skeptical opinions claiming online tarot card readings are a hoax. Doing this online is just as accurate and effective as a face-to-face meeting.

For starters, you have the convenience of interacting with many professional tarot card readers all in one place. Registering with an approved website gives you the opportunity to explore different tarot card readers.

With online sessions, you can also schedule your appointment wherever you’re most comfortable, like at home or your workplace. Your personal space creates the perfect environment to harness positive energy, ensuring a successful session.

Say goodbye to endless trips back and forth to your psychic every time you need a session. Going online has made everything easier, cutting down on transportation costs. An online psychic network also has convenient payment plans, getting rid of unnecessary expenses and extra charges.

Plus, you can schedule your online sessions at any time you prefer.

Tips For Choosing The Right Tarot Card Reader

In your search for genuine psychic networks, you need to consider a few factors, especially if you are still new to tarot card reading.

Note that choosing the right tarot card reader makes a huge difference as far as your future is concerned. You do not want outcomes that will make your present situation far worse. We all want the best and most accurate readings, and this is only guaranteed when you choose the right tarot card reader.

To start you off, here are some expert tips:

  • Do a thorough background check of your chosen psychic network. Is it a legitimate online psychic service?

  • Look through your preferred website’s list of tarot card readers. Compare their profile information and pick a tarot card reader that fits your preferences.

  • Interact with your chosen tarot card reader to find common ground. With that established, it will be easier for both of you to work together.

  • How’s the level of communication? Is your tarot card reader receptive to your case? Are they responsive and a good listener?

Other important factors to keep in mind include:

  • Years of experience
  • The price per session
  • Payment plans

The only way you’ll know you made the right choice is if you see positive changes happening around you. These changes will come as a result of your intuitive power and decision-making.

Is Tarot Card Reading Online Accurate?

What comes to mind when you think of online tarot card readings? It’s easy to dismiss the notion that in the right hands, tarot cards can portray your life’s past, present, and future. It’s even harder to believe an online psychic reading service is trustworthy and guarantees accurate tarot card readings.

However, genuine online psychic services have proven skeptics wrong time and again. In fact, both paid and free tarot reading online is accurate.

Online tarot card readers are licensed professionals who have been vetted through a thorough screening process. Such highly skilled experts have the best chance of conducting successful sessions.

Not only is this option convenient compared to traditional psychic reading sessions, but the service is also of high quality.

Free tarot card reading websites are fairly accurate. The results are convincing enough for you to consider trying out an online tarot card reader.

A lot has changed in tarot card reading over the years. Online sessions give you the opportunity to interact with both traditional and modern concepts. They also give you a more detailed understanding of how the practice works and how to make the most of it.

Free Online Tarot Readings: Are They As Accurate As Paid Ones?

Free online tarot reading services offer a great way to test out the authenticity of online psychic services. Free trials are usually meant to attract interested online users. But just how accurate are they?

It’s safe to say paid sessions usually offer you more value. Generally, anything that guarantees value has gone through lots of processes to ensure a successful end product.

A free online tarot reading session may not be able to provide you with results that specifically address your questions and concerns. Most reputable online psychic reading sites will only offer tarot card reading for free during the registration process. Keep in mind, however, that this trial period is only meant to familiarize you with the site before you make an informed decision.

Depending on the website, you may have access to a free trial session with any available online tarot card reader or automated tarot card readings. However, you will probably realize that paid readings are generally more accurate.

You will get the chance to interact for as long as you wish with your online tarot card reader. Each subsequent session gives your tarot card reader the opportunity to study your case, provide accurate insight, and fine-tune your progress.

How Do I Maximize My Tarot Card Reading Sessions?

First of all, you should get to know more about this practice and understand how it works.

The best thing about online tarot reading is there is a wide and varied selection of highly skilled tarot card readers all in one place. You can compare their stats, such as years of experience, ratings, client reviews, charges per session, etc. Choose a tarot card reader who best fits your preferences and see how your sessions go.

You can always try out different online tarot card readers and find out what works for you.

Once that is done, try to have as many online sessions as you can. The more you’re in tune with your sessions, the better the results. Your tarot card reader will have ample time to study your energy patterns, gauge your progress, and spot any changes.

Why Should I Get Online Tarot Card Readings?

With all the stress, anxieties, and worries of daily life as you know it, it can often feel like there’s no way out. No one seems to offer you a solution. Even therapy doesn’t work like it used to.

If this describes your present situation, then it’s time for you to consider online tarot card readings.

You need a quick, convenient, and effective solution to all the answers you seek in life. What better way to access life’s hidden mysteries than by online tarot card reading? With just a few clicks, you can access many reputable sites offering this service for free.

Online readings are extremely convenient. You’re safe and can remain anonymous if you choose to. It’s a wonderful alternative, compared to having in-person sessions with a tarot card reader.

It can be difficult to find good tarot card readers near you. Online psychic networks give you the advantage of interacting with highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to your every need as a client.

Confide all your personal and professional struggles in someone who will help you chart a new course in your life. Online tarot card readings have proven successful in drawing inspiration, strength, and willpower from within users.

In summary, tarot online readings help provide answers to a wide array of complex life situations. The trick to getting great results is to use the services of a trusted, reliable, and well-recognized online tarot card reader. By now, you already know where to look. Each of the psychic networks we have reviewed guarantees nothing less than exceptional and reliable results. Simply find the best one for your situation and watch your life take a turn for the better.

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