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The best online tarot reading sites in 2021 to seek financial advice and wealth-related tarot card reading from., an unbiased review site that focuses on the psychic and tarot readers community on the internet, understands the current predicament of the average citizen – not only are they plagued by financial uncertainties, one’s mind is plagued by negative thoughts, the likes of which can only be cleared by seeking clairvoyant guidance.

To help out those who are lost, explains in detail the possibilities of predicting wealth for oneself so that family planning and budgeting goes well and provides the reader with details about the best tarot reading sites of 2021 so that they can get started with a life of psychic guidance immediately.

The internet is swarming with free tarot card reading websites, but out of the tens and thousands of websites available today, but it is close to impossible to figure out which ones can predict one’s future regarding family and finance.

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With the recent Covid-19 pandemic shaking the roots of modern society, it has been rather difficult for many families to break through from their unemployment and financial instability phases. At times like this, people must try to get the right kind of guidance and reassurance from sources that they can trust.

After understanding how tarot cards can open the doors to a new and optimistic kind of family wealth planning, let us look at four sites that provide the best accurate tarot card readings in 2021:

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For 2021:

Kasamba Ideal for readings related to love, relationships, and connections, but offers reliable financial advice. Get three free minutes for free upon registration and an additional 50% off afterwards. Kasamba does readings over phone calls and live chat.

Keen Psychics Offers some of the cheapest tarot card readings done online and provides ten minutes for just $1.99 for new users. Readings are done via phone, live chat, and video call.

California Psychics The best tarot readers for telling the future, to uncover the mysteries of the past. The pricing is very low, at $1 per minute. New customers can also use the promo code ADD5 and get five extra minutes for completely free. They do readings via video call, phones, and live chat as well.

Psychic Source With specialists for angel card reading, Psychic Source has strong cartomancers. Priced at $0.66 per minute, new customers also get the first three minutes for free.


With two decades of experience, Kasamba’s tarot readers are great at figuring out exactly where one’s energy is going off and will ask the right questions that lead to self-enlightenment. Kasamba has over 150 tarot readers that they screen and let through many qualifying tests to assure the quality of the work they produce. This makes Kasamba’s readers reliable, along with the experience they have garnered over the years.

Kasamba has a mobile app that is available across platforms, making it extremely easy for customers to get their cards read on the go. If someone’s right outside the room, ready to go in for a pitch meeting that will finally give them and their family the big break, they can get their cards read in a matter of minutes through their phone.

Kasamba also offers its services relatively low and gives three free minutes to every new registered user. They also give 50% off after this discount, which is why many users take their first step into the psychic community using websites like Kasamba.

  • Great customer support
  • Great at matching clients with psychic advisors.
  • Relatively low cost and additional offer
  • Cross-platform mobile app.
  • Refunds for dissatisfied customers
  • Offers angel card reading and other forms of cartomancy.

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Keen Psychics

Much like Kasamba, Keen also has around two decades of experience with the clairvoyant community and offers extremely reliable online tarot card reading that has helped many people figure out their way through tough situations. Only reliable psychics and card readers are allowed on the website, making the readings more accurate and the user testimonials more positive.

Keen has reported that they completed over thirty million sessions across their two decades of existence. Offering more than just love tarot reading, Keen Psychics has professional card readers who will focus on money matters and career if that is what the client wants to know about. Using video, phone, or chat to communicate with their advice-seeker, clairvoyants on Keen will read the cards that are picked with determination and kindness and let the client know what and where they should look for.

Keen also offers video call readings where the client need not be present with their video on. This alleviates a lot of social anxiety that first-timers have with talking to a tarot card reader. Just text on the chat box picking the card out, listing out the queries and reflecting on what is being said by the seer, and any advice-seeker would have gotten what they wanted.

However, suppose any clairvoyant or tarot card reader makes a customer uncomfortable. In that case, the 24/7 customer support team will conduct an intensive investigation into the situation and provide a full refund to the client if their case is found right.

Keen Psychics takes their business very seriously, making them very reliable when it comes to tarot card reading and other psychic practices.

  • Ten minutes at $1.99 – very affordable rates
  • Easy to use website
  • Three free minutes on registration
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Readings via phone call, live chat or video conference.

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California Psychics

Over their twenty-five years of connecting advice-seekers and clairvoyants, California Psychics have added a formidable number of tarot card readers to their directory, most of whom have specialized repertoires and fields of interest. These highly specialized psychics can help anyone get through financial insecurity by pointing out where their approach to life is wrong.

They also have a good number of tarot card readers who can predict the future, which can be of significant help when it comes to guessing at the future of one’s family’s financial matters. Tarot cards reading offered by these psychics have been lauded for their accuracy and precision.

The affordable rates are also a great advantage for those who are trying to count every penny. At just a dollar a minute, along with the numerous discounts and trials they offer, California Psychics has contributed towards democratizing the psychic arts and tarot card reading with citizens of the new age.

To sign up on California Psychics, make an account on the website through its registration portal. People can pay with debit, credit cards or via PayPal, but the wallet credit system that is in place prevents people from losing too much money when they forget about exceeding time limits. Just load up the online wallet with money before the sessions and use it up as time passes.

There are premium tarot readers on the website who charge up to $9 per minute, which can be consulted for the first reading by paying an extra four dollars. These readers have been voted up the ranking to a point where they can charge such an amount – a glance at the user testimonial should give a good idea about their skills and powers.

California Psychics also offer refunds if customers are disappointed, dissatisfied or uncomfortable with any session they purchase

  • Free five minutes, promo codes, discounts.
  • Get matched with the best psychics.
  • Online wallet systems prevent surprise expenditure.
  • Transparent user testimonials that are overwhelmingly positive.
  • Specialized tarot readers with decades of experience.

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Psychic Source

Psychic Source has deceptively low pricing for a website that provides so much quality when it comes to their tarot card reading. Charging only $0.66 per minute, Psychic Source is every broke person’s go-to for tarot card consultations. Offering the first three minutes for free, Psychic Source gives the best readings over phone calls and online chat.

With round-the-clock service, Psychic Source has made its agenda that humanity as a whole pivots back to believing in the metaphysical arts and science of tarot reading, divination and astrology. Strongly pushing the idea that such things are not mere superstition but facts bound by the universe’s laws, Psychic Source’s team makes sure that each customer is treated well and with respect.

This is also why they place so much importance to customer care and security. Because they understand how terrifying it is to divulge sensitive information to strangers, even if they are friendly clairvoyants on the internet. To avoid this daunting possibility, they provide end-to-end encryption of all conversations and interactions that take place on the website.

With a video chat system in place where the customer at no point has to reveal their face, Psychic Source puts the advice-seekers comforts on priority. They also offer an app that acts as a portal to their website, which is available both on the App Store and on the Play Store.

  • Customer privacy is prioritized.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality for all interactions
  • Cross-platform app to provide seamless service
  • Extremely cheap rates and additional discounts for newly registered users.
  • Have video switched off while communicating just through text.
  • Refund is provided if the customer is uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the service.

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Reading Tarot Cards to Know More About the Future of the Family’s Financial Wealth

Tarot Card readers do not claim that they can give professional financial advice – that would be ridiculous, but they can help an individual make better decisions on a holistic level. Increasing one’s net worth and lifting one’s family up from money-related instability can only be done if one is clear-headed, focused and careful while making important decisions – whether it is to order take-out thrice in a row, or if it is about major deals that need to be cut.

Tarot card reading on a three-card basis begins with the advice-seeker picking out three cards from the deck. These three cards can be read in many numbers of ways, but here are three interpretations that are sure to nail the matter on the head.

One interpretation is that from left to right, the first card contextualizes the whole situation – gives the clairvoyant and the seeker both an idea about what exactly is going on in that person’s life. The second card will tell us more about where exactly one’s resources and attention should be focused. If it reveals a card related to the love, maybe it is time to focus on one’s spouse, financial matters, and future.

The third card is where the future is predicted. It predicts the outcome of whatever decision will be made. This card’s true meaning can only be fully revealed after the decision has been made and the consequences play out. This kind of interpretation/card spread is ideal if the advice-seeker is looking for ways to shift focus, money and energy into something new.

The second kind of interpretation using a three-card spread has the first card focusing on the person’s current position in life and finance. This can be their current bank balance or their current employment status. The second card will reveal more about what the advice-seeker truly wants – not what they are pressured to do by society, but their heart’s innermost desires. The third card will show paths in which individuals can get there.

The third interpretation focuses its first card on what the individual wants. The second card will show the nature of the obstacles that stand in the way of the individual achieving their goals. The last card will tell the readers how they can overcome the obstacles. If read right, this can reveal the exact ways in which one can overcome those obstacles.

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The Best Tarot Cards for Finance, Wealth and Money-related Matters

From the minor arcana set, there are a few tarot cards that are ideal for financial matters.

The Ten of Pentacles

Also known as the completion card, the Tenth card in the Pentacles suit speaks of accumulated wealth, usually over an individuals’ lifetime or through generations across history. This may be a sign of the advice-seeker coming into an inheritance that can solve his financial problems or the return of an insurance premium. If this card is revealed, there is financial stability in the near future.

The Ace of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles in the minor Arcana suit is usually dedicated towards matters of material possession, which is why its Ace represents new beginnings – a new job, or the long-awaited credit of salary or arrears may be present in the near future. If the advice-seeker is a businessperson, they may run into angel investors.

Nine of Cups

From the Suit of Cups, this card is also called the Wish Card. One’s wishes will come true if this card is drawn, but keep in mind that it is the innermost desires that are usually revealed, not anything but. Whatever return is expected, will be delivered without a doubt. For instance, if one really, really wanted that bonus from work, the drawing of this card is a sign that good fortune is on the way.

The Emperor

A brilliant card for money and success for obvious reasons, The Emperor card shows good management and ambition which will come into fruition if they are dedicated enough. If one is employed and has this card drawn in a session, there is a good chance of a promotion or one’s name shining through above one’s colleagues. One’s business might take off to limits beyond one’s wildest imaginations.

The Star

This major Arcana card provides success, especially if one is in a foreign environment, in a situation where there already is a lot of success implied. The Star card amplifies existing success, especially if one is endowed with natural talents.

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Four of Pentacles

If the goal is incessant wealth accumulation, drawing the Four of Pentacles will change one’s life – whatever investment has been made, in the near or far past, will start yielding results once this card is picked – it shows conservation and caution when it comes to making decisions and an eagle’s eye on how to manage finances.

The Empress

This is the Queen that has been drawn, which is why there will be prosperity in the near future, along with all the luxury one can dream of. It shows a sudden amelioration of situations, as though in a fairy tale, where one rises to be on an empress’s level. This card works for those who have been stuck in a rut but have been putting in the effort – a ‘Rags to Riches’ story or just a sudden reward from the future for years of effort.

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