Nuubu Detox Patches Reviews: Shocking Side Effects & Complaints?

The Nuubu Cleansing Patch helps consumers eliminate the body’s impurities to deal with issues like body odor, skin issues, exhaustion, and more. The patches are easy to apply, eco-friendly, and include many important botanicals that keep the body healthy.

What is Nuubu?

Everyone has impurities that build up in their body and may not even realize it. Feeling mentally “foggy” is a good indicator that the brain isn’t entirely getting the nutrients it needs, but there are many more signs. Becoming irritable or even noticing new blemishes are signs that the toxins build up and need to get out. Other signs include sleepless nights, difficulty with weight loss, and constipation, but that doesn’t mean that consumers are left without options.

While there are supplements and detoxing formulas that consumers can use to purge themselves, the creators behind the Nuubu Cleansing Patch have developed an option. While the body still cleanses the impurities from within, the patch doesn’t have to be ingested. Instead, it is placed on the foot to use methods that have been passed down for centuries in Japanese treatments.

This remedy is completely holistic, using natural ingredients to eliminate the metabolic waste built up in the body. Without being purged, it can create poor blood flow and create more stress than the body should go through. Users will be able to rejuvenate their minds and body, reducing the risk of high medical costs that may come with time. Plus, Nuubu is paired with balanced lifestyle choices, ensuring that it is easy to keep up with the detoxing remedy.

No one should have to go through life with constant fatigue, especially with all of the damage that busy schedules and bad habits can cause. The reason that this patch is so essential to the health of the body is due to the way that it can take away the poor health issues that consumers endure. There are no invasive or unappetizing home remedies to drink.

How Does Nuubu Work?

Though the Nuubu Cleansing Patch may seem like a simple sheet, it isn’t. It is actually filled with multiple ingredients that can help with the removal of toxins safely and effectively.

The ingredients include:

Loquat Leaf

Loquat leaf is introduced to this remedy for the way that it offers antioxidant protection. The remedy is beneficial in absorbing bad odors, replacing them with a more pleasant smell.

Bamboo Vinegar

Bamboo vinegar is used to help the body produce the healthy microorganisms that it needs to thrive. The ingredient is beneficial to individuals who suffer from damage in the digestive system, ensuring that bad odors are purged. The use of this ingredient helps individuals that want better oral health and want to protect the bowels.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the health of the body, primarily because the work it does as an antioxidant has linked it to many different processes. Along with how it improves the immune system, consumers will also find that it helps boost metabolism.


Dextrin provides the body with fiber that will motivate improvements in digestion. However, it is primarily used as a way to support the other ingredients used in the patches.

Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar is an antibacterial ingredient, which means that it can pull out the bacteria and other microorganisms from the body, causing massive fatigue and other damage. It is used to eliminate the bad odors in the body, but it also absorbs moisture (like perspiration). It also reduces waste in the pores.

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb is a plant often used for medicinal purposes. It provides many different benefits, reducing the risk of obesity and eliminating viruses and bacteria in the body. The ingredients also prevent damage to the liver, which naturally purges toxins from the body.


Tourmaline is primarily known as a precious metal found in many collections of gemstones. However, introducing it to these patches will aid in detoxification, ensuring that the liver and kidneys stay strong.

Anion (Negative ION Powder)

Anion is the last ingredient of these patches, providing the user’s pH levels safely. It also helps users to keep healthy oxygen levels in the blood.


Using the Nuubu Patch

Proper placement and usage are necessary to ensure that consumers get all of the Nuubu Cleansing Patches’ benefits. The key is to place the patch on the middle areas (along the arch) of the foot. To ensure that the patch can absorb toxins, make sure that the soft side is the one that is touching the skin.

The second patch should be applied to the other foot. However, it is safe to apply to nearly any place on the body as well. Once the patches are placed, they should be kept on the body for approximately 6-8 hours. Since it is best to allow them to be free from sweat or friction, the creators recommend using them when they plan to go to sleep.

Once removed, the feet can be washed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuubu

Q: How does the Nuubu Cleansing Patch help the user to eliminate toxins?

A: These foot patches use a technique that Japanese healers have included for decades of healing and pull the body’s toxins through highly absorbent pads.

Q: Can the Nuubu Cleansing Patch reliably eliminate the toxins?

A: Yes. The ingredients are combined in such a way that consumers can consistently rely on them for support.

Q: How will users know if the Nuubu Cleansing Patch works?

A: After being used, consumers will notice that the entire pad is covered in a black discharge from harmful toxins in the body. The depth of the blackness will indicate how substantial the body’s impurities are.

Q: How long should users continue to use Nuubu Cleansing Patches?

A: Most users see a difference within the first few times of using the Nuubu Cleansing Patches. However, they can be used as many times as the user still is feeling the benefits.

To learn more information about the Nuubu Cleansing Patches, consumers can call 914-559-9997

Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday – Sunday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT-7) or submit an email to getnuubu.com/contact. Emails can also be sent to support@nuubu.com.

Purchasing Nuubu

The Nuubu Cleansing Patches are available with a 70% discount for a limited time, depending on the package that consumers choose. The packages allow users to stock up on up to 40 pads at once. Each box contains up to 10 patches.

Choose from the following packages:

  • $17.95 for One Box
  • $33.96 for Two Boxes
  • $45.96 for Three Boxes
  • $55.96 for Four Boxes

The company offers free shipping to all the countries listed on the official website.

The patches are only available while supplies are still available. If the user finds that the patches do not help them, they have up to 30 days to ask for a full refund.


Nuubu Summary

The Nuubu Cleansing Patches help users improve their overall health by pulling the toxins in their bodies out through the foot, rather than ingesting something. The patches are easy to apply, requiring no prescription to integrate them into the user’s daily habits. They stay on the skin for up to 8 hours, making the user’s bedtime the best time for use.


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