Metabolic Renewal Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Metabolic Renewal is a doctor-designed program that can boost energy, revitalize health, and optimize metabolism at any age.

By following the Metabolic Renewal program, you can purportedly lose weight, keep your heart strong, raise your energy, and control hunger and cravings, among other benefits.

Is Metabolic Renewal the right program for you? How does Metabolic Renewal work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Metabolic Renewal and what to expect from the program.

What is Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal is a health program sold online through MetabolicRenewal.com. The program consists of videos and books. You buy the program online in physical or digital form, then receive instant access to Metabolic Renewal.

The program is built on Dr. Teta’s “4M” framework. By targeting metabolism in various ways, women of any age can enjoy powerful benefits. Metabolic Renewal is primarily marketed to middle-aged and older women, although anyone can use the lessons in Metabolic Renewal to boost metabolism.

Women are different than men. They have different hormone production. They have different diets and lifestyle needs. So the creators of Metabolic Renewal wanted to create a program specifically for women.

By following the Metabolic Renewal program, you can purportedly enhance female fat loss (especially around the belly), keep your heart strong and your bones sturdy, improve the suppleness of your skin, boost your energy, balance mood, and enjoy other benefits.

Metabolic Renewal Benefits

According to the creators of Metabolic Renewal, you can purportedly enjoy the following benefits by buying and following Metabolic Renewal today:

  • Based on Dr. Teta’s clinically-proven “4M” framework
  • Designed to enhance female fat loss
  • Keep your heart strong, bones sturdy, and skin supple
  • Boost energy, improve sleep, and balance mood
  • Control hunger and cravings while maintaining ideal weight
  • Customized to your unique hormone type

Overall, Metabolic Renewal markets itself as a customized health program specifically for women. The program emphasizes targeting metabolism using various diet and lifestyle strategies.

Women struggle with other health guides because the advice isn’t targeted to their unique hormone types. According to Dr. Teta, women experience seven major hormone types over their lifetime. Each hormone type has a different impact on metabolism, weight, and wellbeing.

How Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

Metabolic Renewal is based on Dr. Teta’s clinically proven “4M” framework for female metabolism. Dr. Teta has identified four ways to target female metabolism.

Each of the four Ms forms a different layer of the pyramid. For example, diet and exercise are not the most important parts of the pyramid. Instead, movement and mindset are more important, forming the foundational levels of the pyramid. By targeting these four levels, women of any age can boost their metabolism and enjoy other benefits advertised in Metabolic Renewal.

Because of hormones, many women experience weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, hot flashes, hunger and cravings, body aches and joint pain, low energy, and other issues.

Metabolic Renewal claims to solve these problems by targeting hormones and metabolism, helping women achieve their health and wellness goals.


How the 4M Framework Works

In Metabolic Renewal, you’ll learn about Dr. Teta’s clinically proven 4M framework. That framework is designed to boost your metabolism with multiple methods.

The 4Ms are ranked in order of importance, from the largest and lowest pyramid levels to the top. Here’s how Dr. Teta explains the benefits of each of the 4Ms in his 4M framework:

#1: Mindset: Mindset is the strong base for your female metabolism. According to Dr. Teta, the female metabolism is far more sensitive to stress than a man’s metabolism. Dr. Teta believes the female metabolism needs to be more in tune with its environment because women are child-bearers. When the female body is stressed, it releases stress hormones like cortisol. Cortisol disrupts sleep and causes weight gain. Over 75% of doctor visits are related to stress. That’s why Metabolic Renewal puts a huge focus on resting, relaxing, and recovering – including the importance of things like ‘me time.’


#2: Movement: The second level of the pyramid is movement. Most people believe exercise is the key to weight loss. That’s partially true. However, Dr. Teta emphasizes movement instead of exercise. In Metabolic Renewal, you’ll learn about Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT). It’s an often-ignored but crucial part of burning fat in the female body. NEAT burns 200% more calories than exercise. Your ordinary movement throughout the day causes more fat burning than your daily exercise. NEAT doesn’t just include walking – it includes all the moving you do throughout the day, including standing up and sitting down, breathing, typing on your computer, and more.

#3: Meals: Metabolic Renewal features dietary tips and strategies. According to Dr. Teta, Metabolic Renewal features a hormone-first approach to weight loss. Instead of forcing you into a one-size-fits-all diet, Metabolic Renewal recommends customizing your diet to your unique needs. As a result, you create a diet that works for your hormones, metabolism, and preferences.

#4: Metabolics: The fourth and final ‘M’ of the 4M framework is metabolic. Using metabolic, you can create a lean, shapely physique. Metabolics, also known as working out, can help you get the body you need – all without the intense stress of other exercise routines. In Metabolic Renewal, you’ll discover Dr. Teta’s 45-second 3-in-1 exercises. By working out for just 15 minutes, 3 times a week, you can maximize fat-burning results without spending hours at the gym. Dr. Teta recommends four specific workout phases to upgrade your body and metabolism.

How the Metabolic Renewal Diet Works

‘Meals’ is the third ‘M’ in the 4M framework. Dr. Teta avoids strict dieting practices. Instead, he recommends creating a diet that works for your unique needs and preferences. You can change your diet as your hormones change, adjusting your diet based on the effects.

Instead of forcing women to follow an awkward, one-size-fits-all diet, Metabolic Renewal gives you general principles, then lets you build upon those principles how you like.

Metabolic Renewal recommends three steps to create a diet, including:

First, you discover the foods your body needs at the right times to maximize the effects of your workouts. Second, eating the right foods at the right times can impact the effectiveness of your workouts.

Second, Metabolic Renewal teaches you how to eat in cycles in sync with your hormonal rhythms. Your body has natural hormonal rhythms that dictate your appetite and eating habits. According to Dr. Teta, this cyclic eating method helps your metabolism stay in fat-burning mode while avoiding frustrating plateaus.

Third, Metabolic Renewal contains specific recipes and detailed shopping lists you can use as a guide. You can use this information to create a custom diet based on your unique needs.

According to Dr. Teta, this diet program works regardless of whether you’re menstruating or in menopause. You program your metabolism to burn food for energy instead of storing it as body fat – something that can benefit women at any age.

By implementing the diet practices recommended in Metabolic Renewal, women can purportedly get consistent weight loss, all-day energy, and relief from chronic symptoms.

The Difference Between Female and Male Metabolism: What Does Science Say?

You can find plenty of information online about optimizing metabolism. However, Metabolic Renewal is specifically designed for women who are middle-aged or entering menopause. According to Dr. Teta, conventional diet advice ignores these women, so many women struggle to lose weight.

Dr. Teta cites several studies on the Metabolic Renewal website to reinforce that point, using science to verify that women have a different metabolism than men.

The United States National Institutes of Health only began requiring women to be included in clinical trials in 1994. And, it wasn’t until 2016 that all research studies were required to show precisely how women did, separately from men. In other words, 99% of the 50 million research papers published since 1665 do not fully account for the differences between women and men. So it’s no surprise women are frustrated by other programs.


Finding #1: Women Burn 65% More Fat than Men: Both the male and female body burn fat or sugar for energy. However, when men exercise, they tend to burn more sugar and less fat. The female body, meanwhile, prefers burning less sugar and more fat. In one 2002 study, researchers found that women burned an average of 65% more fat than men during exercise. In Metabolic Renewal, Dr. Teta teaches exercise strategies that can maximize this fat-burning even further.


Finding #2: Women Create Twice As Many Fat Burning Hormones as Men: It’s no secret that male and female hormones are different. Women tend to have higher levels of human growth hormone (HGH) than men. HGH is a hormone that naturally burns fat and sculpts lean muscle, and women have particularly high HGH levels. In one 2014 study, researchers found that women generated 93% more HGH than men. In Metabolic Renewal’s ‘intelligent workouts,’ women can discover movements to enhance this gap even further.


Finding #3: Intelligent Workouts Burn Almost 10x More Fat: In Metabolic Renewal, women can discover ‘intelligent workouts’ created by Dr. Teta. These workouts consist of 45 seconds of movement, with each movement combining three exercises into one. Dr. Teta claims his intelligent workouts burn almost 10x as much fat. In one study, participants doing intelligent workouts sculpted almost twice as much lean muscle mass as women doing a traditional workout (consisting of weightlifting, squats, and exercise machines).

Dr. Teta developed his Metabolic Renewal program based on scientific evidence, including studies that specifically used women – and studied women’s metabolism.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Metabolic Renewal?

The MetabolicRenewal.com website has testimonials from women who lost a significant amount of weight by implementing the strategies in Metabolic Renewal.


Here are some of the weight-loss claims made on MetabolicRenewal.com:

One woman lost 15 pounds just by exercising for 15 minutes a day, three times per week; she now fits into size 2 pants

Another woman claims she lost 10 pounds and 17 inches after implementing the strategies in Metabolic Renewal, describing how her body “totally just changed” from the program

Dr. Teta is careful to explain that weight loss results vary widely based on age and weight. However, he claims the expected weight loss with Metabolic Renewal is 1.5 to 2.5lbs per week.

Metabolic Renewal 12-Week Body Sculpting Program

The core of the Metabolic Renewal program consists of a 12-week diet and exercise program. You can customize the program to your unique preferences and intensity level.

The program’s goal is to progress through four phases, ultimately giving you a better metabolism – and more lean muscle – by the end of the program. Then, you can target stubborn belly fat and achieve your body composition goals.

The four body sculpting phases in the Metabolic Renewal program include:

Phase 1: Harmony (Weeks 1 to 3): During phase 1, you get your hormone-signaling systems working properly. You can enjoy the benefits o exercise without overloading your body with stress. The simple moves in this phase restore the hormone command and control center in your brain, awakening your metabolism and preparing your body for further changes.

Phase 2: Inspire (Weeks 4 to 6): During the second phase, you’ve awakened your metabolism, and your body will now start burning body fat for fuel. Metabolic Renewal introduces new moves in this phase. These new moves awaken your mitochondria (the energy factories within your cells), helping you turn fat into energy at top speed.

Phase 3: Enhance (Weeks 7 to 9): Metabolic Renewal introduces a new set of more intense movements during this third phase. Your metabolism is humming, and your hormones are in harmony, and the new moves continue the fat-burning process.

Phase 4: Symphony (Weeks 10 to 12): In this fourth and final phase, you increase the intensity to the fullest setting, tapping into a unique hormonal advantage linked to female metabolism: human growth hormone (HGH). Women produce more HGH than men, and this fourth phase maximizes HGH production to tone your belly, butt, hips, and arms.


What’s Included with Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal consists of a package of videos, eBooks, and other programs. Your purchase includes all of the following:


12-Week Body Sculpting Workout Plan: Metabolic Renewal comes with the Metabolic Renewal workout program. Over a 12-week period, you can discover how to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, build lean muscle mass, band burn belly fat. Dr. Teta recommends spending 3 days a week working out for 15 minutes. The 45-second intelligent workouts recommended in this program can be completed at home and customized to three different levels (including bodyweight, bands, and dumbbell workouts, based on your experience).


Metabolic Renewal Roadmap: The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap is a personal metabolic instruction manual. It explains how to adapt your metabolism as your body changes. In addition, you can discover personalization options. The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap walks you through everything you need to know about Dr. Teta’s Metabolic Renewal program, including hormones 101, the 4M framework, hormone types, metabolic toggles, the AIM protocol, and fat loss acceleration strategies.


12 Week Metabolic Meals Plan: Eating right will accelerate weight loss results. The Metabolic Renewal isn’t a strict diet program, but the program does recommend specific recipes and meal plans for maximum results. You can discover recipes, weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and customization options, giving you everything you need for a 12-week diet program.


Female Transformation Tracker: Dr. Teta’s Female Transformation Tracker makes it easy to track all of the important aspects of female health. You can learn how to track your metabolic score, vitality score, PMS symptom score, menopause score, body shape, weight, and more.


Bonus #1: Metabolic Renewal Body-Sculpting Burnouts: Dr. Teta recommends 15-minute workouts performed 3 days a week to maximize fat burning. In this bonus video series, you can discover the best body-sculpting “burnouts” to maximize fat-burning power.


The 5-Step Female Flat Belly Formula: This eBook teaches women how to target belly fat specifically. Belly fat is one of the most difficult types of fat to target, especially on the female body. In this program, Dr. Teta recommends five specific steps you can start using tomorrow to reduce belly fat, balance hormones, and attack belly fat using exercises, among other benefits.

About Dr. Jade Teta

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician and personal trainer with over 25 years of experience. Most of Dr. Teta’s clients are women.

According to MetabolicRenewal.com, Dr. Teta has “become an expert in the unique attributes of the female metabolism and its hormonal strengths and challenges.” Today, he uses that experience to recommend customized treatment programs to women.

To date, Dr. Teta has worked in person with over 10,000 people, helping them achieve their weight loss and health goals. In addition, he has helped hundreds of thousands of other clients through at-home workout programs.

Dr. Teta has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. He has a license to practice medicine in Washington and California, where he is registered as a primary care physician.

Metabolic Renewal Pricing

Metabolic Renewal is priced at $37. You can buy an online version of the program to get instant access. Or, you can ship the books and DVDs to your address (which comes with instant online access as well).

  • Online Version (Instant Access): $37
  • DVD + Online Version (Instant Access): $37

Metabolic Renewal Refund Policy

A 90-day moneyback guarantee backs metabolic Renewal. You can request a complete refund within 90 days of your original purchase date. However, the manufacturer will not refund the original shipping costs.

Contact Metabolic Renewal

You can contact Dr. Teta and the Metabolic Renewal team via the following:

  • Email: support@metabolicrenewal.com
  • Phone: 1-800-316-8556

Final Word

Metabolic Renewal is a customized health and wellness program created by Dr. Teta. The program is designed specifically for women who want to balance hormones, target belly fat, and lose weight.

To learn more about Metabolic Renewal or to buy online today, visit MetabolicRenewal.com. The program is priced at $37 and backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee.



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