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Hyfit Gear Review – Smart Home Gym Workout Exercise System?

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Hyfit is an all-in-one workout system designed for use at home.

You order Hyfit online, then get everything you need to enjoy powerful workouts at home. The Hyfit system includes equipment, training videos, smart resistance bands, and more.

Is Hyfit worth the price? What’s included with Hyfit? We’re answering all your questions today in our review.


What is Hyfit?

Hyfit is a smart resistance band workout program sold online at HyfitGear.com.

The workout program comes with resistance bands and other equipment you can use at home or anywhere else you want to work out. With Hyfit, you can work out anytime, anywhere. The kit even comes with a portable carrying case, allowing you to take your resistance bands with you on the go easily.

There are plenty of resistance band kits available online. However, Hyfit distinguishes itself from the competition with smart resistance bands. Each Hyfit resistance band has a sensor built near the handle. This sensor tracks your movement, weight, repetitions, and more. You view this data in the app and track your performance over time.

Hyfit is priced at $199 for the all-in-one kit. Your purchase includes 18 months of a Hyfit Premium Membership. Your membership comes with customized workout programs and other bonus perks.

The Hyfit system includes two core components:

Hyfit Gear 1: Hyfit Gear 1 is an all-in-one workout kit with resistance bands, handles, and other gear needed to work out. Your purchase includes a carrying case for easy on-the-go travel.

Hyfit App: The Hyfit app is a personal training app that walks you through each workout, tracks your progress, and explains how to use each part of the Hyfit Gear 1 training system.

Hyfit calls itself “the future of fitness.” Let’s take a closer look at how the system works and what’s included with your purchase.


How Does the Hyfit App work?

When you subscribe to Hyfit, you get access to the Hyfit app. Like other premium workout apps, you can get customized workouts, guided exercises, fitness tracking, and more.

Want to learn how to use your resistance bands for booty training? You can use the app for that. Want to find the best bicep workout for your resistance bands? You’ll find plenty of videos explaining everything you need to know.


The app also tracks the number of calories you burned, the total number of repetitions, your max weight, and the max number of reps, among other metrics.

As mentioned above, the app tracks all of this data by tracking the information from your sensors. Your sensors relay data to the app, and the app analyzes this data for reps, weight resistance, and more.


The goal of the app is to give you everything you need to stay motivated, including:

Your Workouts: Get customized workouts for all types of exercises, movements, and muscle groups.

Your Personal Trainer: Get guided insight from the Hyfit team as they walk you through each workout, showing you exactly how it’s done.

Your Journey: The Hyfit app tracks your journey, including the number of times you’ve worked out, the number of minutes you’ve spent exercising, and more.

Overall, Hyfit claims their app is “like having your own personal trainer.” The app tells you when and how to work out for maximum gains. It also guides you through stretches for flexibility, movements to boost metabolism, and workouts to enhance strength and endurance, among other targets.


Hyfit App Features & Benefits

The Hyfit app includes all of the following features and benefits:

500+ Exercises: Works on every muscle group with expert-led exercises. The Hyfit app comes with 500 exercises to target different muscle groups and movements.

Adjustable Resistance Bands: Instead of using bulky weights, you use adjustable resistance bands. You can use these resistance bands anywhere, take them on vacation, and customize their strength as necessary – all without hauling around heavy, cumbersome weights.

Track Workouts in Real Time: Hyfit’s app delivers real-time workout metrics, letting you track your progress and improve your performance in real-time.

Use Multiple Training Techniques: Hyfit’s exercises include HIIT, cardio, core workouts, strength training, kickboxing, yoga, and more.

Track 25 Parameters: Hyfit’s mobile app tracks all of the things you want a personal training app to track, including calories burned, maximum weight used, total repetitions, the pace kept, power used, total exercise time, average time per exercise, number of sets completed, active muscles, and more. The app tracks 25 parameters in total.

Smart Resistance Bands: Hyfit Gear 1 resistance bands come with sensors inside each handle. These sensors track your movement, making it easy to see how much weight you’re moving around, how many reps you’ve done, and your total time spent working out, among other metrics. You can get all of this data without wearing any smartwatch or fitness tracker.


What is Hyfit Gear 1?

Hyfit Gear 1, also known as the Hyfit Smart Home Gym System, is a package of resistance bands, anchors, and handles you need to work out anywhere.

Your purchase includes a full set of customizable resistance bands along with a charger and a bag. You can bring the resistance bands with you on the go using the carrying case. It’s easy to bring the resistance bands to a hotel, the office, or anywhere else you need to go.

When you purchase Hyfit Gear 1, you get all of the following:

Resistance Bands: The core of the Hyfit Gear 1 system consists of resistance bands. These resistance bands can be customized based on different weights. Like other resistance bands, you can choose multiple weight settings to customize your workout as needed.

Handles: Hyfit Gear 1 comes with handles for all resistance bands, allowing you to easily grasp the resistance bands in your hands and use them for a workout.

Anchors: Hyfit Gear 1 comes with anchors you can attach to doorframes, hooks, or other objects to customize your workout. Many of the workouts in the Hyfit app require you to use resistance band anchors.

Charger: Hyfit’s resistance bands aren’t ordinary resistance bands. They have built-in sensors that track your reps, load, exercise duration, and intensity, among other metrics. Your purchase comes with a charger to recharge the resistance bands as needed.

Bag: It’s easy to carry the Hyfit Gear 1 resistance bands with you wherever you go. Your purchase comes with a bag that can easily fit everything inside.


Sample Hyfit Workouts

Hyfit workouts target different health and wellness goals. Some workouts target your abs and core. Others are designed for upper and lower body strength. Some maximize fa burning, while others maximize flexibility.

Some of the workouts available through Hyfit include:

How Does Hyfit Track Your Workout?

You don’t need to wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker with Hyfit. Instead, the resistance bands have sensors built-in that tell you everything you need to know about your workout.

Each Hyfit handle has a button. You press that button to start tracking your workout. Censors and a chip inside the handle track your movement. The sensors detect the amount of resistance, for example, the number of reps you’ve completed, and even your heart rate, among other metrics.

If you cancel your Hyfit premium membership, then the resistance bands stop tracking your workout. Although the technology is still in the bands, the app no longer works, and you cannot track your reps, movements, weight, or other data until you restart your premium membership.

Hyfit Gear 1 Pricing

Hyfit Gear 1 is priced at $199 for the all-in-one kit. You can also choose the $15 per month subscription option.


Here’s how pricing breaks down for the two packages:

One Time Purchase: $199

  • One-time payment
  • Comes with Hyfit Smart Home Gym System
  • Includes 18 months of premium membership
  • Includes handles, anchors, charger, and bag
  • 1 year-warranty
  • Includes shipping to US addresses

Monthly Membership: $15 Per Month

  • Comes with Hyfit Gear 1 Smart Home Gym System
  • Includes month-by-month premium membership
  • Mandatory 12-month membership commitment
  • Includes handles, anchors, charger, and bag
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping to US addresses

Hyfit Gear 1 Refund Policy

Hyfit Gear 1 offers limited refunds within 30 days of your purchase. You can only receive a refund if you purchased Hyfit Gear 1 through HyfitGear.com. You must pay for return shipping.

Sealed products in their original packaging (i.e., unused products) have an $11 restocking fee, while opened products have a $32 open box fee. The company will refuse refunds for missing parts or damaged items.

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Hyfit Gear 1 also requires you to list a reason for the return. While most refunds are “no questions asked,” Hyfit Gear 1 requires you to write one or two sentences about the product.

Hyfit Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Hyfit is relatively new. The product appeared online in 2020, and it’s now available to order widely in 2021.


Amazon reviewers have given Hyfit an average rating of 2.4 stars out of 5, although there are just 5 total reviews to date. Hyfit has also received praise from Men’s Journal (not to be confused with Men’s Health) and other media outlets. Some of the reviews from real customers include:

One customer described Hyfit as a “must product in every home,” claiming it “solved all my issues” for home workouts during quarantine; that customer also takes Hyfit to the park for outdoor workouts, and the customer now enjoys working out without lifting a dumbbell or damaging muscles.

Multiple customers have complained about bands recording data issues; some claim the sensors stop working properly even though the app shows the bands are connected.

One customer claims the bands worked the first time perfectly but stopped recording data on the second and subsequent times.

Men’s Journal’s Tom Lorenzo had nothing but positive things to say about Hyfit in a sponsored post from the company; he described Hyfit Gear 1 as “an amazing piece of equipment for any guy looking to get/stay in shape from home.”

According to the official website, Hyfit has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5

Aside from these reviews, there are limited reviews for Hyfit available online. The product is relatively new, and more reviews should appear online in the near future.

Who Created Hyfit?

Hyfit appeared on Kickstarter in June 2020. The workout system also received media attention from The Gadget Flow, Men’s Journal, and other platforms.

Hyfit is headquartered in Los Angeles and Israel. The company was founded in 2016 by childhood friends Guy Bar, Dean Strik, and Elad Elkalai.

You can contact Hyfit via the following:

Email Form: https://hyfitgear.com/pages/contact-us

Final Word

Hyfit is a home workout system consisting of the Hyfit app and the Hyfit Gear 1 package of resistance bands. The resistance bands come with smart sensors inside, allowing you to track your workout as you go. Hyfit analyzes your movement via the mobile app, helping you track your performance over time.

Your purchase comes with everything you need to get started with Hyfit, including the resistance bands, access to the mobile app, an all-in-one carrying case, and an introductory premium subscription to the Hyfit mobile app.

To learn more about the Hyfit all-in-one resistance band training system, or to buy your all-in-one kit today, visit online at HyfitGear.com.

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