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Disruptors & Dominators Review – Weiss Ratings’ Saving America Summit

Disruptors & Dominators is a financial newsletter published by Weiss Ratings.

As part of a new marketing campaign, the Disruptors & Dominators team has launched a report on the stocks that will save America – while making Americans rich.


What’s the story behind Disruptors & Dominators? Should you subscribe to Disruptors & Dominators today? Find out everything you need to know about this financial newsletter today in our review.

What is Disruptors & Dominators?

Disruptors & Dominators is a financial analysis newsletter priced at around $60 per year.

The newsletter aims to identify companies that are preparing to disrupt existing industries – or dominate current industries.


Disruptors & Dominators is published online and in print by Weiss Ratings, a financial analysis company. Weiss Ratings analyzes companies based on their financial positions. The company also publishes free and paid financial analysis in the form of multiple newsletters.

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Weiss Ratings has launched a sales page featuring stocks that will save America. By investing in these stocks today, investors could purportedly make gains as high as 2,170%.

About Stocks to Save America

Weiss Ratings has launched a new sales page featuring stocks that will save America.

By subscribing to Disruptors & Dominators today, you get a free copy of multiple reports highlighting stocks that will propel America’s recovery from COVID-19.


Here’s how Tony Sagami of Disruptors & Dominators explains the opportunity:

“In the next few minutes, I will reveal a unique wave of profit opportunities that emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Revolutionary changes that are beginning to attract a flood of money and are pulling America back from the brink of economic disaster.”

After subscribing to Disruptors & Dominators, you receive instant access to a report highlighting the best companies for Americans to invest in during the COVID-19 recovery.

How Much Money Can You Make?

According to the Disruptors & Dominators sales page, the Weiss Ratings team believes their recommended stocks could earn returns as high as 2,170% according to the Disruptors & Dominators sales page.

In fact, the company claims investors who acted on one of their recent recommended opportunities “could have a return of 22,185% today,” turning a $10,000 investment into a $2.2 million windfall on a single trade.


The sales page for Disruptors & Dominators is filled with stories of huge potential returns from recently recommended stocks.

Disruptors & Dominators recently recommended all of the following stocks as part of its “Saving America” series, for example:

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, which gained 771% after participating in COVID-19 research
  • IEH, which led to 60x returns for investors
  • 3,434% returns on Tyler Technologies, turning a $10,000 investment into $353,000
  • 3,312% returns on Ansys

Like most financial analysis companies, Disruptors & Dominators must explain that these results are not typical. However, the sales page is filled with stories of quadruple-digit percentage returns on ordinary stocks.


At one point, Disruptors & Dominators even claims that the company’s advice “could have made you…a minimum of 10 times your money.” By following 39 “Saving America” buy signals, you could have earned a minimum of 1,000% returns on investment.


Clearly, Disruptors & Dominators believes in the power of its recommended stocks and the amount of money you could make. Let’s take a closer look at what these stocks are and how they work.

What Are “Saving America” Stocks?

Tony Sagami and the Disruptors & Dominators team have identified companies that will “save America” over the coming months. As America exits the COVID-19 pandemic, certain companies will emerge stronger than others. Other companies will falter.

Weiss Ratings doesn’t have a secret to picking their stocks. In fact, they claim they have an advantage because they don’t have a secret. They don’t use Wall Street algorithms to predict stock markets, nor do they claim to beat market returns.

The last time America faced a serious pandemic, it invested in infrastructure. America built the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. America built the Golden Gate Bridge across the mouth of San Francisco Bay. The country built some of the greatest engineering marvels in national history, many of which continue to be marvels today.

Now, Disruptors & Dominators claims to have identified similar opportunities as America exits the latest crisis.

“Saving America” Industries as We Recover from COVID-19

Disruptors & Dominators recommends stocks in specific industries. The company calls these areas “Saving America industries.” They include all of the following fields:

Saving America Industry #1: COVID-19 Vaccines: Certain companies are developing COVID-19 vaccines or other related treatments. Shares of Regeneron (REGN), Moderna (MNRA), and Novavax (NVAX) skyrocketed after they developed new COVID-19 vaccines or treatments. Moderna was priced at $15.88 a year ago. Today, it’s as high as $64 per share, providing gains of over 300%. Novavax, meanwhile, is a smaller company up over 2,107% year to date.

Saving America Industry #2: Work at Home: Working from home may not be required in the next few months, but many companies will continue to do a significant amount of business from home. Tony brags about being “among the first to invest in Zoom,” claiming he “recently bagged a profit of $15000 in Zoom. In just one day.” Zoom is the best-known work-from-home stock globally, but there are plenty of other opportunities in the space. DocuSign, Teladoc, Shopify, Etsy, Square, and others have exploded with growth. The Disruptors & Dominators has created a report highlighting other work-from-home stocks to target over the coming months.

Saving America Industry #3: Drone Logistics & Delivery: Drones are no longer just toys or nuisances. They’re huge opportunities. They can save lives by delivering things faster than any other method. They can revolutionize the logistics space. Pharmacies, ranchers, search and rescue crews, architects, meteorologists, and law enforcement could change forever as drones become more common. Disruptors & Dominators have created a report highlighting the most likely companies most likely to profit as drones become more useful than ever.

Saving America Industry #4: Contactless Payments: Contactless payments have been common worldwide for nearly a decade, but many banks in America have recently begun to offer contactless payment cards. Most modern smartphones support contactless payments, and some people use smartwatches for contactless payments. Everyone is jumping on board. Disruptors & Dominators has created a report highlighting the companies most likely to profit from the rise in contactless payments.

What’s Included with Disruptors & Dominators?

As part of a new promotion, Disruptors & Dominators bundles several bonus reports with its subscription. In addition to the base subscription, you receive several free bonus reports at no added cost.


Here’s what you get with all new subscriptions to Disruptors & Dominators:

Monthly Issues of Disruptors & Dominators: Each month, Weiss Ratings sends another issue of Disruptors & Dominators to your email inbox or mailbox. Each issue of the newsletter features updates on market trends, an in-depth portfolio review, detailed reports on the stock of the month, recommendations for new subscribers, and more.

Weekly Hotline Alerts: Each week, subscribers receive alerts with details and updates on stocks lighting up markets. You also get analysis from the Disruptors & Dominators team about larger trends and global economic forces. From specific stock recommendations to complete a market analysis, Disruptors & Dominators aims to keep you covered with weekly and monthly updates.

Weiss Ratings Market Barometer: Subscribers get access to the Weiss Ratings Market Barometer, a tool that analyzes 23 different financial, credit, and economic indicators, telling you instantly whether a market is bullish, bearish, or in-between. You can use this information to make informed decisions about the stocks you buy.

Flash Alerts: If the Disruptors & Dominators team spots a hot opportunity, they’ll send a flash alert to subscribers. Each flash alert highlights a specific, short-term opportunity to make huge returns on investment.

Investment Recommendations: Weiss Ratings claims to give subscribers “clear, concise guidance…on what to buy and sell.” Subscribers get regular question and answer sessions and other information to help them make informed decisions on their portfolios.


Free Report #1: How to Cash In on America’s Newest Blockbuster Business Trend: This eBook claims to share investment opportunities that have earned returns as high as 2,170% in the past 12 months. The report discusses a new megatrend that will emerge as we exit the pandemic. By buying these stocks today, you could protect your portfolio and earn huge returns in the future.


Free Report #2: COVID Millionaires: Getting Rich from Pandemic Stocks: This report highlights some of the best pandemic stocks to buy as America and the world recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The report specifically focuses on vaccine makers, some of which have delivered 2,100% profits in the past few months alone. The Disruptors & Dominators team claims one company identified in this report “stands to make early investors millions of dollars in profits” no matter which vaccine ends up being the most successful.


Free Report #3: Drone Delivery: Mega-Profits from America’s New Drone Stocks: Drone delivery is more common than ever. We’ll see drones revolutionize multiple industries in the coming years – from law enforcement to pharmaceutical delivery to logistics. The Disruptors & Dominators believes drone delivery will grow to a $27 billion industry by 2030. The company recommends buying a drone logistics company they expect will feed “billions of packages to drone fleets run by Amazon, Walmart, and FedEx.”


Free Report #4: Contactless Payment Blockbusters: Contactless payments are here to stay. We have contactless banking cards, contactless payments with phones, and contactless payments with other smart devices. Disruptors & Dominators recommends buying specific contactless payment stocks set to make big gains in the coming years.

Members-Only Section: Subscribers receive access to a members-only platform. You can interact with other members of the Disruptors & Dominators community and discuss how much money you’ve made.

Weekly Video Briefings: Each week, Tony Sagami, Dr. Martin Weiss, and other members of the Weiss Ratings team join up for a video briefing discussing market trends and analysis.

Weiss Ratings Daily Briefing: This is a free newsletter from Weiss Ratings. When you subscribe to Disruptors & Dominators, you automatically subscribe to this free newsletter, which contains daily market news and analysis.

Additional Bonus Reports

All memberships include the items listed above. However, Premium Memberships include three additional bonus reports, including

Additional Bonus Report #1: Shield Your Wealth in Terrible Times: This report explains how to make your investment portfolio crash-proof. You can protect your investments against the ongoing COVID-19 turmoil.

Additional Bonus Report #2: Four Horsemen of the American Apocalypse: Protect Yourself and Profit: This report is an emergency guide explaining how COVId-19 deficit spending and debts will affect your personal finances in the coming years. The report lists specific steps you should take to put your financial house in order, protecting your investments, real estate, and more.

Additional Bonus Report #3: 3 Gold X Trades to Go for at Least 300% Gains: How You Can Leverage Gold Gains for Giant Profits: In this report, Weiss Ratings’ Sean Brodrick explains how to invest in gold and silver mining to maximize gains. Brodrick believes now is the best time to invest in gold and silver, and his report shows you how.

Disruptors & Dominators Pricing

Disruptors & Dominators is priced at $29 to $59, depending on your subscription level:

Standard Membership ($29)

  • Includes digital-only subscription to Disruptors & Dominators
  • Includes 4 free bonuses

Premium Membership ($59)

  • Includes digital and print subscription to Disruptors & Dominators
  • Includes 4 free bonus reports
  • Includes 3 additional reports

The website lists a third membership, a Deluxe Membership, for $119. It includes a digital and print membership to Disruptors & Dominators along with four free bonus reports. You get less content than the Deluxe Subscription and at a higher price.

Disruptors & Dominators Refund Policy

You can request a complete refund on your Disruptors & Dominators membership within one full year of your purchase.

If you’re unhappy with your subscription, or if you didn’t like the bonus reports, then you can request a complete refund within 365 days. Since most products are digital, you don’t need to “return” anything to qualify for the refund.

About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is a financial analysis company based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

According to the official website, Weiss Ratings aims to empower consumers, investors, professionals, and end-users to make prudent decisions about their financial future.

Weiss Ratings was founded in 1971 by Dr. Martin D. Weiss. It was originally based in New York. Weiss Ratings was dedicated to reviewing US banks and other financial institutions for high net worth clients.

In recent years, Weiss Ratings has branched into the financial publishing space. The company publishes a range of free and paid newsletters online and offline, ranging from cryptocurrency newsletters to traditional financial analysis.

You can contact Weiss Ratings via the following:

Who is Tony Sagami?

Tony Sagami leads disruptors & Dominators. Tony is also the editor of Weiss Ratings’ Weiss Ultimate Portfolio.

Tony was one of the first pioneers in using technical and quantitative analysis to analyze mutual funds and stocks. Today, he uses two “obscure but effective mathematical models” to inform his analysis, according to one profile.

Tony famously warned investors to sell tech stocks in October 2000, on the Dot Com bubble bursting cusp.

Final Word

Disruptors & Dominators is a financial analysis newsletter published by Tony Sagami and the team at Weiss Ratings.

The newsletter recommends investing in specific stocks to earn huge returns. The sales page is filled with stories of quadruple and quintuple-digit returns from previous company recommendations – with no mention of any losing positions held by the company.

Although you should be skeptical of any get-rich-quick scheme, Disruptors & Dominators backs up its claims with a generous 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your subscription within 365 days.

To learn more about Disruptors & Dominators and its new “Saving America” series of stock recommendations and reports, visit online today at WeissRatings.com.

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