Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews – Do NOT Buy Yet! Crypto Training Update!

Dan Hollings just announced a new live training session to promote The Wiggle Factor.

The creator of The Plan is giving away a total of $2,500 during the live event, with winners drawn randomly. During the webinar, you can discover how to use crypto bots to make easy money.

What is The Wiggle Factor? Is The Wiggle Factor legit? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Dan Hollings and The Wiggle Factor today in our review.

What is The Wiggle Factor?

The Wiggle Factor is a moneymaking system created by Dan Hollings, best-known for creating The Plan.

Dan describes The Wiggle Factor as “the key to immediate passive income“. By following the system, you can “wiggle your way to passive profits,” earning money as you sleep.

The Wiggle Factor is based on using crypto bots to generate large returns through automated trading.

You sign up, setup your crypto bots, and let those crypto bots trade cryptocurrencies continuously to make money. Dan has spent $5 million researching and developing his crypto bots. Today, he claims people in 129+ countries profit from these crypto bots using a “do nothing strategy.”

The Wiggle Factor live training session is scheduled for May 3, 2022 at 2pm PST. It’s free for anyone to attend. Just enter your name and contact information into the online form to get started.

What Will You Learn During The Wiggle Factor Live Training Session?


Dan covers all of the following topics during The Wiggle Factor’s live training session:

How Dan and his team have helped traders in 129+ countries profit from crypto bots

How to earn money through crypto trading by using bots to execute a “do nothing” trading strategy

How Dan and his team perfected the crypto bot formula by performing 10,000+ automations and investing over $5 million in research and development over the last 3+ years

Why the most accurate predictive model of all times says bitcoin will be worth at least $135,000 in the near future (and why Dan doesn’t care if this model is wrong)

Live trading status of all The Wiggle Factor’s “guinea pig clients;” each client paid at least $10,000 to prove Dan and his team could help anyone earn money through automated crypto trading from anywhere in the world

After the webinar concludes, you get a free guide called The Wiggle Factor. In that guide, Dan explains further information about his unique trading strategy – and how you could make huge returns on investment through automated crypto trading.

If you like the sound of The Wiggle Factor, then you may wish to sign up for The Plan from Dan Hollings. It’s a paid online education program that teaches more about Dan’s trading philosophy and how he makes money online.

When is The Wiggle Factor Live Training Session?

The Wiggle Factor live training session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3 at 2pm PST.

Register in advance at ThePlanRocks.com. Attendance is free to anyone who signs up online. However, Dan claims demand for the session is massive, and he recommends registering ASAP to lock up your spot.

Dan recommends showing up at least 10 minutes before the call because the web event software has a limited capacity on the number of people who can attend.

Dan and his team are giving out $2,500 in prizes to viewers during the event, distributing the prizes randomly to attendees.

How Does The Wiggle Factor Work?

Plenty of crypto traders claim to use bots to earn huge returns on investment. Some of these bots are legitimate, while others are not. So how does The Wiggle Factor work?

After The Wiggle Factor’s online training session concludes, you receive a free digital guide called The Wiggle Factor. In that guide, Dan explains further details about how he uses automated crypto trading bots to enjoy passive income.

Dan claims his trading bots earn consistent passive income for him, generating positive returns on investment while executing automatic crypto trades throughout the day.

After 3+ years of research and $5 million of investment, Dan claims to have perfected the crypto trading formula. And, instead of keeping his moneymaking machine to himself, Dan wants to share that system with the world to help other people get rich.

Obviously, crypto markets can go up and down. Crypto markets are some of the most volatile major markets in the world. However, Dan claims his crypto bots make money on market downswings and upswings.

One Crypto Trading Bot Produces 1.5% Returns Per Day

In The Wiggle Factor eBook, you’ll learn about Dan’s crypto trading bots and how they work. According to Dan, one bot has a track record of producing 1.5% returns per day.

Here’s how Dan introduces that bot:

“Take a look at this crypto bot. It was started with about $4,800 in capital. The value of the cryptocurrency itself went up by 1.67%. Whatever. More important is the profit the bot has already produced. $147 in under two days. Put another way, the bot is producing over a 1.5% return per day.”

As Dan explains, if the bot can continue generating these returns, the bot will be making $26,000 in net profit. Even if the price of the coin drops from $20 to $5, you’re still making money from the trading bot.

The secret to Dan’s crypto trading success involves taking advantage of the “wiggle.”

Crypto prices are volatile. They go up and down – or they wiggle. Dan claims to have developed bots that time those signals effectively, helping you sell when prices are high and buy when prices are low, giving you the best chance of earning positive returns on investment.

Because The Wiggle Factor involves buying and selling coins as they wiggle, you can purportedly earn money regardless of market conditions. Here’s how Dan explains the phenomenon:

“We call it wiggle profits – because the more a coin wiggles up and down, the more profits the bot can gobble up.”

While some crypto trading methods rely on crypto prices going up continuously, The Wiggle Factor takes advantage of the volatility to generate returns, which means current prices are less important.

How to Use The Wiggle Factor to Earn Money

Dan has designed his crypto trading bots to be as easy as possible to use. Here’s the step by step process he recommends to start earing passive income today:

  • Pick coins
  • Setup a bot
  • Cast your “wiggle net”
  • Let the bot generate profits

As the bot generates profits, these profits are “off the table,” which means the bot does not re-invest these profits into the market manually. You can re-invest these profits yourself. Or, you can keep them as realized profit.

The Wiggle Factor Pricing

The Wiggle Factor is a free training session anyone can attend with no obligations.

You can also get The Wiggle Factor eBook for free just by entering your name and email address online today. You can instantly download the eBook to learn more about Dan Hollings and his trading philosophy.

What’s the Catch?

The Wiggle Factor is genuinely available for free online. You can attend the webinar at no cost, download the eBook for free, and absorb all of Dan’s information without inputting credit card information or spending anything.

If you wish to learn more about Dan Hollings’ The Plan, then you can sign up for The Plan’s training program, which is a paid online education program. However, you’re under no obligation to purchase The Plan.

About Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings is a crypto entrepreneur who has created crypto trading bots to generate consistent income online.

Over the last three years, Dan has spent millions of dollars testing and optimizing his bots across hundreds of countries and multiple market conditions. Today, he calls his moneymaking system “The Plan,” and anyone can discover more details about The Plan by signing up for The Wiggle Factor or download The Wiggle Factor eBook.

Before entering the crypto trading bot space, Dan ran a successful Amazon business.

About Rapid Crush, Inc.

Dan Hollings publishes The Wiggle Factor online through Rapid Crush, Inc., a Florida-based digital marketing company founded in 2011 by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos.

If you buy The Plan, then Rapid Crush handles all billing.

You can contact Rapid Crush via the following:

  • Phone: (661) 505-8540
  • Mailing Address: 2520 N Tamiami Trl, Ste 17, Nokomis, FL 34275

Final Word

Dan Hollings and the team at Rapid Crush have launched a new webinar called The Wiggle Factor. In that webinar, you can discover how Dan’s trading philosophy works, how he uses crypto trading bots to make passive income, and why he’s confident his trading system works for anyone.

To learn more about Dan Hollings, The Plan, and The Wiggle Factor, sign up online today through ThePlanRocks.com >>>


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