Clean Nutra Reviews – What are Clean Nutraceuticals Customers Saying?

Clean Nutra is a health company that provides many remedies for better health, including support for the immune system and digestion. The formulas are made with proven ingredients and thorough testing.

What is Clean Nutra?

Staying healthy seems like a lot of work, but that’s only true for consumers that try to do everything themselves without a bit of help. The supplement industry has become increasingly popular and helpful for a good reason. Everyone needs support sometimes, but every supplement brand is not created equal. Consumers who want to make a difference in their wellness must also choose companies that uphold their values. For consumers who want a natural and safe range of options, there’s Clean Nutra.

Clean Nutra, or Clean Nutraceuticals, is about helping consumers live their “best life,” no matter what that means. Some people want to improve their energy levels safely, while others need to strengthen their immune systems. No matter what the user needs, all Clean Nutra supplements use potent ingredients with scientific evidence to support them. Even though the Food and Drug Administration does not approve supplements, the creators prioritize safety by crafting every formula in a pre-approved FDA-registered facility.

The whole point of the Clean Nutra brand is to support the entire body’s health, which it does with 14 supplements. They use a variety of botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals, offering the right combination for different needs.


What Products Are Available with Clean Nutra?

By shopping with Clean Nutra or on the Clean Nutra shop on Amazon, consumers will have access to:

  • Q Defend
  • Internal Fire
  • Live Defend
  • Multimane
  • Age Defend
  • GreensPower
  • Leanburn
  • Shroomzoom
  • Megamale
  • CollaClean
  • Cardisol
  • Immune Defend
  • Mag Genin
  • Arte-mune

Take a look below to learn about each of the formulas available.

Q Defend


Q Defend Immune provides users with five different immunity products at once. It improves the body’s natural immune response while improving the health of the lungs. It also helps individuals with seasonal allergies, cardiovascular support, and gut health. It is a combination of 18 ingredients, which includes multiple proprietary blends.

Internal Fire


Internal Fire is made to support energy levels while boosting the libido. The formula keeps the user’s mood balanced, making it like three supplements in one formula. Internal Fire includes fenugreek and ashwagandha with two proprietary blends – the Maca Blend and the Trifibranol100x blend. In total, there are 17 ingredients.

Liver Defend


Liver Defend uses ingredients like milk thistle and zinc to improve the liver’s health, providing a complete detox. With 23 ingredients, users get the support of a proprietary blend that boosts the user experience. As they take Liver Defend, the formula can improve the liver’s health through detoxification and cleansing.



Multimane is a formula for individuals who want to boost hair, skin, and nails growth and strength. Using collagen, biotin, and keratin (plus 15 other ingredients), users will experience better growth in these tissues while improving the health of their joints. These ingredients are necessary for creating collagen, which gives the cushion between the joints for better mobility.

Age Defend


Age Defend helps consumers age more gracefully without the pain, tiredness, and wrinkles. The formula includes multiple familiar ingredients (like berberine and resveratrol), pushing antioxidants into the body so that free radicals can be flushed out. Ultimately, the point of this formula is to improve wellness for individuals who are transitioning to their senior years.



GreensPower provides users with a collection of prebiotics and probiotics that can improve gut health. Rich with digestive enzymes, consumers will be happy to find that some natural fruits and vegetables contribute to their health. It improves gut health and supports the cardiovascular system with plenty of antioxidants.



Leanburn helps consumers to lose weight. It offers ten ingredients, which include green tea extract and ginseng. Along with the weight management benefits, Leanburn supports metabolism and detoxifies the liver for better nutrient absorption.



Shroomzoom provides a variety of mushrooms to improve the user’s memory retention, focus, and mood. The remedy has ten different ingredients, ultimately offering better mental clarity than most nootropics on the market today.



Megamale helps men perform at their best, regardless of the physical challenge ahead. With ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Turkesterone, this formula helps users keep up their energy and stamina.



CollaClean is rich with collagen peptides that can support the hair, skin, and nails. It includes hyaluronic acid and bamboo, but it also adds several vitamins that can improve the joints. It strengthens the hair and keeps nails from becoming brittle. It improves tendon and bone health.



Cardisol offers hawthorn, garlic, olive leaf, and 15 other ingredients to improve the cardiovascular system. By taking this formula regularly, users also experience other benefits, like improved immunity and lung support. These ingredients also help users to reduce the severity of their allergies.

Immune Defend


Immune Defend has eight supplements in one, providing support with quercetin, vitamin C, elderberry, and other ingredients. The formula is all about supporting the immune system, but it also improves lung health and seasonal allergy response. It is rich with defenses against free radicals and uses ingredients sourced from fruits and vegetables.

Mag Genin


Mag Genin is a solution for better nights of sleep. With ingredients like magnesium and L-theanine, users can relax a little easier to get to sleep. Along with a better night of sleep, users often experience a better night of sleep and increased wellness.



Arte-mune is the best defense that Clean Nutra offers for the immune system and allergies. It includes 16 ingredients, like zinc, quercetin, and artemisinin. It also provides support for the lungs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clean Nutra

Q: How long does it take to get an order out?

A: Every order goes out within the day of the purchase.

Q: What is the expiration date for Clean Nutra supplements?

A: The expiration date is found on the bottom of every bottle, about 1-3 years after the date of purchase.

Q: How does Clean Nutra ensure potency?

A: Every formula from Clean Nutra goes through testing at their facility and a third-party lab.

Q: Can customers track their packages?

A: Yes. Once the order is shipped out, customers will receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking link in their email.

Q: How long will it take to receive the purchase?

A: Domestic orders take about 3-7 days, while international shipments can take up to 15 business days.

Q: What is Clean Nutra’s return policy?

A: If the user isn’t happy with the Clean Nutra supplement, they have up to 180 days to get a refund.

Q: What subscriptions does Clean Nutra offer?

A: Consumers can use either the Clean Nutra website or Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option to get regular shipments of these products.

To reach the customer service team with other questions or concerns, email support@cleannutrastore.com.

Clean Nutra Summary

Clean Nutra has over a dozen formulas to deal with almost every aspect of the average person’s health. With quick delivery, consumers will notice a fast improvement in their body, though it can take several months to see the full effect of any remedies. Users need to take them daily to get the benefits, but each works differently. The website doesn’t indicate if more than one formula can be used at a time, but most of these remedies offer health support beyond their original purpose.


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