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Life can be unpredictable, as most people know. Anxiety that one has over their future and the future of their loved ones can be debilitating. It would be nice to have a way to determine if one should expect bad times or good times ahead. But is this possible? Is there a manner through which one could understand whether there is a proverbial storm waiting ahead? The answer is yes. The means through which this is possible is through tarot card reading.

The internet is home to several resources that may prove advantageous to us. One can now add online tarot reading to this list as well. There are several websites housing thousands of individuals who are experts in all things supernatural. These psychics or readers can provide some muchneeded guidance during a difficult time or to an individual traversing through an indefinite period in their lives. However, the general public possesses a preconceived notion regarding tarot readings. Most people believe that the tarot cards are a medium through which one will receive a runthrough of their future. In addition to this being highly implausible, it also leads to many disappointed visitors after their first visit to a tarot reader.

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A tarot card reading is simply a resource through which one can understand if their current state of being mental or physical is conducive to having a good future. In essence, the tarot card readings will help determine if the client is in the right state of mind and if their current dealings with both other people and themselves are on the right track.

To receive the best experience, here is a list of the top four online tarot reading sites in the year 2021. The below review is carried out to compare the following four tarot card reading online sites: Kasamba, California Psychics, Keen Psychic, and Psychic Source.

The comparison or the review, in general, will depend on the benefits and services they provide. For example, their special offers, regular price, perks, and expertise of the individuals on these platforms. According to the websites, each online tarot reading platform offers several special perks to its customers.

Top 4 Online Tarot Card Reading Sites In 2021 :

Keen Fully certified and trusted tarot readers, introductory Offer $1.99 for 10 minutes only.

Kasamba Best site for love & relationship readings. the special introductory offer includes 50% off + 3 free minutes for the first session for new users.

California Psychics Best for first time users of tarot cards services. offer includes the use of promo code “ADD5” for free five minutes of the session and low rate of $1/minute..

Psychic Source Highly skilled readers, excellent service, Introductory offer included 3 free minutes + low rate of $1/minute after.

One needs to make an informed decision while investing in any service. This is especially true for receiving online tarot card readings. Therefore, the reviews below will contain a detailed report of all the above platforms’ features.

Keen: Most Accurate Tarot Readers



  • The platform has been around for nearly three decades.

  • Experienced advisors.

  • Free Horoscope readings.

  • Keen radio to better understand the spirituality of the readings.

  • An introductory offer involves the payment of only $1.99 for a whole 10 minutes.

  • Three minutes of tarot reading online free.


  • Can only connect with advisors with the help of chat or phone.

Keen is probably one of the more experienced tarot card reading websites on the internet at the moment. Some advisors present on the platform have been active since the initiation of the website. Therefore, the platform is known for its services and the free tarot reading accurate online services. Keen Psychics also displays their qualifications and the services offered with the help of labels in a grid layout. These psychics are also rated by other users so that incoming users know how much expertise they possess.

In addition to this, the labels also possess a short rundown on the qualifications of the advisor. The advisor can be reached from virtual methods like phone calls or live chats. The most popular offer on the platform is the $1.99 charge for a whopping 10 mins. However, one can also surf through the 1700 experts present on the platform without spending any money. This is possible by availing of the first three minutes free offer that is available.

The platform also possesses a filter that can easily find a psychic within one’s price range. The user has to move the cursor towards the price that one can afford per minute, and they can find an advisor in their price range.

Keen also prides itself on transparency. This is reflected by its privacy policy and the review system available on the platform. The privacy policy put in place by the Keen website protects the customer during their sessions and after. The advisors cannot disclose any personal information to a third party. In addition to this, sensitive information like credit card information and bank statements are not disclosed by the website. Therefore, one can be sure that they need not worry about payment or the confidentiality terms.

Keen is the perfect website for individuals who are unsure about tarot readings. The introductory offers and general prices are extremely affordable. The experts available on the platform are known to impart good wisdom during sessions that could positively affect one’s future and decisions. The platform makes their advisors extremely accessible with the help of the “call back” feature. According to this feature, the user will be capable of getting in touch with an expert tarot reader who is not online. They can do so by issuing a callback request with the customer service or the Keen app available on the Play Store and Apple store.

The Keen website also urges its users to learn more about the services they are investing in. They do so by releasing frequent blogs. These blogs contain information regarding tarot readings and other spiritual readings. They also release a free horoscope every day. The blog is especially useful to firsttime users as it provides information on what to look for when searching for a tarot reader. In addition to this, one could learn how to ask questions to advisors that would benefit their lives the most.

Payment on Keen takes place with the help of Keen dollars, which is a form of store credit. The payment of real money gets converted into Keen dollars, which can then be used to book appointments with the tarot readers of their choice. An individual will have to consent to their money being transferred from their account to their Keen accounts. After a session ends, the amount owed to an advisor is automatically paid to the psychic.

This platform also allows a refund to ensure that all their customers are always satisfied upon using the platform. Therefore, a user can ask for their money back as well. However, the request for a refund must occur within 72 hours after the end of the session.

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Kasamba Great for Love Tarot Readings



  • The promotional offer allows 50% on all first sessions for newcomers to the platform.
  • Advisors are available 24/7
  • The first three minutes with a new psychic is free on live chat
  • Extensive information regarding psychic readings and other topics on the Kasamba blog.


  • Horoscope reading is not free.

Kasamba has been around for over 20 years. The customers they have gathered along the way speak extremely highly of their services. The reason being that Kasamba offers a large variety of services available on the platform. The experts offer their services that range from more mainstream psychic activities like fortunetelling and tarot readings and delve into more niche services like dream interpretation and numerology readings.

However, most customers who use their services state that the love tarot card readings are their best feature. The platform encourages new visitors with some offers available only for a limited time. The most recent offer caters to the individuals who take part in their first session. They receive a 50% waiver on their first session.

In addition to this, Kasamba is adamant about allowing individuals to find the psychic that they are most comfortable with. Therefore, the first three minutes of the first session with a new advisor will not be charged. The client can spend these minutes determining if the psychic is the right fit for them.

The hiring process for the advisors present on this platform is extremely rigorous. The requirements put forward by the platform are many and specific. Therefore, Kasamba ensures that its clients always receive genuine readings from authentic advisors.

The advisors are required to disclose all their information regarding their qualifications and experience.

All readings, including the tarot card readings, are carried out virtually. The psychics offer their services either on a phone call or chat. Therefore, one need not have the “Tarot Reading near me” mindset while availing of the services. One can choose from a large array of experts as well to carry out their readings.

The advisors on Kasamba are displayed in a gridlike system where each advisor receives a “label”. This label will display all the information regarding the psychic’s service. The label also shows if the expert might be available at the moment. The advisors present on this platform are required to disclose their availability. They can say if they are online or offline so that clients can reach out to them.

In case they are available, then their label will have a “Let’s chat” option. The clients who receive sessions through live chat report that they have had a better experience since they receive a response in realtime. In case the advisor is not available at present, a client can still reach out to them by sending in an offline query. The advisor will then reply through email to the client in less than 24 hours. However, the reply will only occur once the payment details are agreed upon. Thus, a client will always receive their readings.

Kasamba hosts advisors from all over the world. Therefore, one will be able to attain a different perspective during their tarot readings. The Kasamba app is available on any app store, both iOS, and Android. The app setup or signin process is fairly simple and involves plugging in a few personal details. The app also contains the Best Match Guarantee. This assists a client as they try to find the advisor that they are most comfortable with by awarding the client three free minutes. Therefore, there is no financial risk involved while using this trial.

In addition to finding an advisor in this, one can also receive some help by viewing the psychic’s profile. The profile contains a page of information regarding some background about the psychic’s experience and qualifications. Therefore, a user can scan through these pages to find a psychic that can provide the most help for the price they ask for.

In addition to this, Kasamba offers a Money Back Guarantee. According to this guarantee, an individual who is dissatisfied with the services provided by Kasamba can ask for their money back with no questions asked.

The blog available on the platform also possesses a large volume of information regarding spiritual readings. Topics range from tips to receive the most from psychic readings to the history and science behind tarot cards and more.

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California Psychics – Great For First Time Users



  • An introductory offer allows a client to book a session for just $1/minute and enjoy from 5 additional minutes free readings when using the promo code “ADD5”
  • The ongoing offer that is available allows clients to book a tarot reader for just $2 a minute.
  • Easy to find an advisor due to the grouping system available on the platform.
  • Can receive a range of services involving a variety of spiritual methods.

Disadvantages :

  • Nofree tarot reading trial while finding a psychic

California Psychic has some of the most varied advisors on the internet. The services available here can range from tarot readings to specialized readings like rune readings. The platform has a specific manner in which the psychics are hosted on the website. That is, there is a classification of all the psychics and tarot readers available on the website. The classification involves creating three separate groups. The groups are created based on the price.

The three groups are Popular, Preferred, and Premium. The popular psychics were previously priced at $5. However, introducing a new offer has now brought this price down to $1 for every minute. The preferred advisors are rated higher and are also priced higher for the same reason. The price was brought down from $6.5 per minute to just $2 for each minute. Finally, the advisors possessing the highest rating, and most customers offer their services at $4 per min which is a far cry from the previous price of $8 per minute.

In addition to ratings, this division is also made with the help of the interview that is carried out during the hiring process.

As per the website, the popular advisors are said to be providing readings with the help of their proven abilities. All sessions with all the advisors present on the platform are carried out in a confidential space. The preferred advisors can provide insight into their client’s personal life and the various aspects involved in their lives. The premium advisors are some of the most soughtafter advisors on the platform. This is because they have years of experience under their belts and hundreds of satisfied customers. Therefore, a new customer can receive the best experience the first time they visit the website.

In addition to the introductory offer, clients can receive timely offers on their sessions through their emails. This is also beneficial to the clients who have stuck with the website for a long time. The website is also available in an app format for mobile screens by downloading the app from the iPhone and Android app stores.

As is the case with other platforms, California Psychics also offers a satisfaction guarantee. Client can receive their money back if they are not happy with a certain reading. The client has to get in touch with customer service and file a complaint. After this, the customer service team will pay the money spent from the user’s side. In addition to this, the team will also help the client get in touch with another advisor.

Speaking of the customer service team, they are different from the typical service teams. The reason for this is that the representatives working here take part in tarot reading sessions themselves. Therefore, they can accurately recommend an expert tarot reader to the individuals looking to try it out or even change their current advisor.

In addition to this, California Psychic differs from the typical psychic websites with the introduction of the Karma Rewards system. According to this system, individuals can receive certain perks from the platform if they carry out certain tasks. These may involve downloading the app, making purchases, or investing in longer sessions.

Once the user receives a few points, they can now reside in certain tiers. There are three tiers in which a user can find themselves. The more time they spend engaged in sessions with their advisors, the more points they will attain. Therefore, the user will either receive the Renewed, Enlightened or Inspired title. The Renewed Title requires the user to complete 249 hours engaged in reading. In case they cross this requirement and reach numbers from 250 to 2,999, they will attain the Enlightened title. After which, they are set to procure the “Inspired” title.

However, these are not just titles. They come with several beneficial implications. These include receiving double the points with every objective completion and free credits to act as a discount for the sessions being carried out.

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Psychic Source: Great Customer Experience



  • Offers readings on the video call, live chat, and even call.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Experience for over 20 years
  • Offer includes $1 for each minute along with tarot reading online free for 3 minutes.


  • Customer care is not very responsive.

The final member of this review is Psychic Source. This platform is also an “OG” in the online tarot reading industry with around two decades of experience. However, some of the advisors available on the platform have been practicing for a longer period. In addition to this, the platform requires all its advisors to have at least ten years of experience before joining the platform. Therefore, Psychic Source ensures that they provide the best services to their clients. Psychics Source is also a great website to turn to if one is not sure about what kind of service they are looking for.

One can find a psychic suitable to their requirement even if they know what kind of readings they want to get the best advice. This is possible using the Find My Psychic tool available on the platform. The tool involves a user to undertake a survey. This survey will accurately decide what kind of reading the user wants and create a list of the top psychics available on the platform. Therefore, if one wants to get a tarot card reading, they can plug in a few details on the survey regarding the reason behind the need for a reading.

That is if one wants to get a reading about their future or their current and future relationships. The platform is also a hub for daily horoscopes readings that happen to be free.

The blog section of this platform is especially insightful as it functions to warn people against being scammed and other unwanted experiences while receiving a psychic reading. For example, the blogs will be directed towards bringing awareness to customers who may have been to other fake websites or been led by fraudsters. Therefore, they take up the crucial task of educating visitors and longtime users of the platform about the benefits of taking part in psychic readings.

Psychic Source possesses a special feature that makes it easy to find an advisor available at the moment. The web page contains a popup menu that houses some popular or available psychics at the moment. The online and offline psychics are differentiated with the help of colors.

The green color, for example, refers to the psychics that are available at the moment. The red will denote the psychics who are unavailable at the moment. In addition to this, one can group with their favorite psychics by “favoring” them or clicking the heart button, in other words. The popup menu also contains a list of all the mediums through which the advisors are available, either through phone, chat, or call.

Finally, Psychic Source makes sure to acquaint the incoming users with the psychics present on the platform. This is carried out with the help of a “profile” for each of their advisors. The profile page will contain a variety of information regarding the advisor. That is the types of readings they offer, the number of customers they have catered to, and more. A list of reviews is also published from several clients. All this serves to make the decision of finding a psychic a little easier. In addition to this, the profile also contains information on how to reach the advisor, and one can choose the medium through which they will be receiving their readings.

There is a separate corner that possesses a denoting the days that these advisors will be free. One can book appointments at this corner as well as make payments. However, Psychic Source goes a step further in offering a boon to its customers. The introductory offer can reduce the price of the first reading considerably.

In addition to this, Psychic Source offers something that very few websites offer. The company is tied to certain charities ranging from dogs to humans. This is part of the Kindness Initiative, which uses some of the proceeds from the readings to donate to a charity. With every purchase that an individual makes on the platform, 1% of the purchase goes towards the group of charities currently in association with Psychic Source. Therefore, Psychic Source makes it possible to give back to the community.

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Therefore, the websites in this review are genuine and provide their services with utmost diligence. The aim of all four websites is geared towards making their user’s lives better with the help of tarot card readings. The websites host various advisors, all willing to use their gifts to ensure a better standard of living. With features like the moneyback guarantees, one can take the financial risk that may appear with engaging in tarot readings. However, the chances of this happening are unlikely.

Tarot Readings: How do they take place?

Tarot readings are an ancient practice originating in France in the early 15th century. The practice of reading these cards would be looked down upon until the late 1780s. The art of reading tarot cards falls under the spiritual gift of cartomancy. The advisor will lay out several cards in a particular manner.

Each card is adorned with an intricate image that will denote a particular state of the individual. That is, either the past, present or future. In addition to this, there are also aspects of the individual that are mentioned. For example, their love life, family, and other aspects.

Depending on the questions asked and the advisor in question, tarot readings can be carried out. Tarot readings rarely provide a definitive answer regarding one’s future but rather helps them to understand if there is anything that can be done to make the current situation of their lives a bit better. This will, in turn, positively impact an individual’s future.

One should remember that to attain the most from a session with a tarot reader, make sure to ask simple questions. That is, the questions should be yes or no and not very conceptual or vague.

Therefore, the process of Tarot card reading can greatly benefit an individual to reorient their mindset and achieve the things they would like to achieve shortly. It can also prove beneficial to the people struggling with a particular situation or a state of being.

The Meaning and Implications of an Angel Card Reading:

The reading of cards, as mentioned before, falls under the Cartomancy category of psychic processes. The tarot cards have long been a favorite of both the advisors and the individuals who take part in regular readings. However, in recent times, the use of Angel cards has started to appear more.

Angel card readings involve the use of tarot cards only. But the advisor does not deduce their interpretation of the cards they pick. In this case, an individual will receive their reading from their guardian angel. The guardian angel speaks through the advisor and to the user directly. Therefore, there is more of a spiritual aspect to this reading in comparison to normal tarot readings.

What is the best medium through which tarot readings are carried out?

Tarot readings can take place through three mediums primarily. These communication pathways make it possible for a psychic to impart a “tarot card reading near me” feeling to the users engaged in the reading. There is live chat, phone call, and video call. Now a preferred medium depends on the liking of the user.

Therefore, one can choose to chat with their advisor, giving one the chance to avail the first three minutes of free reading. This is similar to chatting with a person on any social media platform. A phone is for individuals who are unable to get accustomed to typing out their questions. It can also be a preferred medium if the individual wants there to be a bit more of a connection during a reading. It is also a great way to ensure that the reading is authentic since fraudsters tend to shy away from revealing their voice.

Finally, the video call offers the most amount of engagement when it comes to tarot readings. One can even make eye contact with the advisor on the side. This method is also beneficial because it feels like the reading is taking place in front of the individual. Therefore, there is much more of a personal feel in this type of reading.

What is a Celtic Cross in Tarot Reading? What does it mean?

Usually, tarot cards take place after laying out three cards. Another popular spread is the use of the Celtic cross. This involves the spread of several cards. These cards will be used to represent one’s past, present, and future. The tarot reader will shuffle the cards in hand and pick out a few cards. The tarot reader will interpret the reading based on the cards that are picked out and placed in the cross or the threecard spread. This part is solely dependent on the intuition of the reader. There will be a series of back and forth questions between the reader and the client to better understand the meaning of the spread. The Celtic cross is a signature reading method used by experienced tarot readers.

How to be open during a Tarot Reading?

Many individuals struggle with getting the most out of a tarot reading. The reason for this is that they may not apply themselves completely as the reading is taking place. There are many causes for this. However, a few notable ones include the person’s belief in the reading itself. There can be a significant amount of skepticism that a user brings to the reading. Therefore, the first step would be to let go of the general beliefs that one may have regarding the efficacy and truth behind the tarot cards.

The second requirement is to be honest during the readings. This is especially true when one is in a difficult position where things may not be so positive. The sessions with the advisor require one to be completely honest while answering the questions or answers put forward by the advisor.

What are the advantages of receiving a tarot card reading online?

The benefits can be many when it comes to tarot card readings online. If one is convinced of the authenticity of the website they are using, they can significantly benefit from these readings. The advantages that online tarot reading websites offer are:

Roundtheclock access to an advisor. The advisors present on a platform congregate there from different parts of the world. Therefore, they can provide their services at odd hours of the day as well, given the time difference.

The experience that some advisors on the online platforms possess is almost unprecedented. For example, Kasamba has some of the most experienced advisors on the internet with decades of expertise. The advisors are capable of helping an individual with skills that can only be learned with the years of experience they possess. Therefore, the client can rest easy knowing that they are investing money in a genuine psychic that knows what they are doing.

There is also no travel involved while taking part in readings online. Therefore, one need not devote a large portion of their day towards getting a tarot card reading.

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