Best Green Vein Kratom: Top Products of 2022

Green vein kratom strains owe much of their popularity to their mild effects. Falling somewhere between red and white strains, green kratom’s effects are suggested to include increased energy and improved feelings of well-being.

But where do you find the best products?

Here, we discuss the top vendors of these strains and which one may be best for you the next time you’re itching to do some shopping.

Top 7 Best Green Vein Kratom 2022

1. Golden Monk – Green Vein Kratom

About Golden Monk

Golden Monk is a Las Vegas-based company that’s dedicated to offering products at an affordable price. But affordable doesn’t mean low-quality. On the contrary, their products are some of the most trustworthy on the market with customer-friendly policies to ensure an excellent experience.

About Golden Monk’s Green Vein Kratom Selection

The focus of the Golden Monk is quality at reasonable prices, so their selection isn’t the most varied. However, you’ll find the most popular strains here like green Thai, Borneo, Bali, and 5 other varieties in this color.

Pros of Ordering with Golden Monk

Cons of Ordering with Golden Monk

  • 21-year-old age restriction rather than 18

  • Less variety in selection offered despite higher quality standards

Verdict — Who’s Golden Monk Green Vein Kratom Best For?

If you’re new to this world and looking to get started, the lack of variety certainly won’t be a setback. And considering the excellent testing and high quality of the products, as shown by its connection to the American Kratom Association, you can’t go wrong with whichever strain you choose.

2. Bulk Kratom Now – Green Vein Kratom

About Bulk Kratom Now

As you can probably guess from the name, this vendor is all about saving customers money by selling in bulk at lower prices. However, the focus on quantity doesn’t mean you only get a lot of a few strains. With BKN, look forward to many choices for your cart.

About Bulk Kratom Now Green Vein Kratom Selection

Despite the name implying this vendor may only care about the cheapest price tag, you’ll find an impressive selection of green vein strains on the website. With 18 varieties, you’ll have some trouble choosing, especially if you’re new to shopping for these products.

Pros of Ordering with Bulk Kratom Now

  • Affordable prices

  • Accepts bitcoin

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Rewards program

Cons of Ordering with Bulk Kratom Now

  • Website isn’t the easiest to navigate

  • All powders

Verdict — Who’s Bulk Kratom Now Green Vein Kratom Best For?

If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing a wide selection, there’s no better choice than BKN. Between the low prices and rewards program, you can try every strain you want without breaking your budget.

3. Kona Kratom – Green Vein Kratom

About Kona Kratom

Kona is a bit of a newcomer to the industry but coming in hot with some of the highest-quality products on the market. Each strain comes in both powders and capsules. But their variety is good for anyone looking to find a new favorite strain.

About Kona’s Green Vein Kratom Selection

Similar to BKN, Kona has a wide selection of about 18 green vein strains. These are all sold as powders, and come in beautiful packaging that will catch your eye every time you pass it.

Pros of Ordering with Kona

Cons of Ordering with Kona

  • Only a contact form — no phone number for customer support

  • Must be 21 to order

Verdict — Who’s Kona Green Vein Kratom Best For?

Who doesn’t want a guarantee that they’ll be satisfied? If you’re trying these products for the first time, use Kona, and know that you can return them if anything is less than perfect.

4. Star Light Kratom – Green Vein Kratom

About Star Light Kratom

The mission of Star Light is to promote holistic wellness. They claim to do this by getting only the highest quality products directly from Indonesian farmers, and you may just taste the difference.

About Star Light’s Green Vein Kratom Selection

Closer to Golden Monk, Star Light has less variety, having only 12 green vein options. However, the quality may be high enough to let you forget about the fewer options.

Pros of Ordering with Star Light

  • Rigorous lab testing

  • Smaller package options for trying more strains

Cons of Ordering with Star Light

  • Exchanges only for damaged products

Verdict — Who’s Star Light Green Vein Kratom Best For?

Their variety of sizing options, for example, 50-capsule purchases, means you don’t have to make a large investment or waste product to try it out. With smaller packages, this could be the perfect first stop if you’re new to green vein strains.

5. SLOKratom – Green Vein Kratom

About SLOKratom

SLOKratom is committed to bringing the rarest, most unique strains to your doorstep.

About SLOKratom’s Green Vein Kratom Selection

Want variety? With 21 green vein strains, the kratom community can rejoice at how easy it is to find rare strains online.

Pros of Ordering with SLOKratom

  • A no questions asked return policy

  • Lab-tested products

  • Product purity guaranteed

  • Discounts on your first order

Cons of Ordering with SLOKratom

  • Only ships within the United States

Verdict — Who’s SLOKratom Green Vein Kratom Best For?

If you want rare strains, SLOKratom is the only right choice for you. You’ll love spotting obscure varieties and getting to try them for yourself.

6. New Dawn Kratom – Green Vein Kratom

About New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn isn’t one of your flashier vendors. But what they may lack in online presence, they make up for in their superior products. Their organic, direct from Indonesia offerings aren’t to be missed.

About New Dawn’s Green Vein Kratom Selection

For pure green vein options, New Dawn only offers 9 varieties. However, they also offer unique blends that are partially made up of various vein colors, such as their “Trainwreck” blend.

Pros of Ordering with New Dawn

  • Unique blends of vein colors

  • 100% organic products

  • Free shipping offers

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Ordering with New Dawn

  • Larger quantities for purchasing, no smaller batch options

  • Less informational content for people wanting to learn more about strains

Verdict — Who’s New Dawn Green Vein Kratom Best For?

For some of the best-textured, potent products, New Dawn is an excellent option. And with their free shipping and money-back guarantee, you’ll want to try New Dawn’s offerings at least once.

7. Nova Kratom – Green Vein Kratom

About Nova Kratom

Nova is a small batch vendor to focus on higher quality products and greater customer satisfaction. They also use third-party lab testing to get rid of absolutely any fillers, ensuring an excellent product.

About Nova’s Green Vein Kratom Selection

Nova has fewer strain options than some others, but at 17 varieties, that’s nothing to scoff at. The sizing lineup is also excellent, with a good selection of powder weight and capsule numbers, so you get exactly how much you want.

Pros of Ordering with Nova

  • Up to 1000-capsule packages for less ordering

  • Speediest customer support response time

  • Fastest free shipping offer on minimum purchase

Cons of Ordering with Nova

  • Can’t exchange opened products, but they may fall under the money-back guarantee

Verdict — Who’s Nova Green Vein Kratom Best For?

Nova offers what may just be some of the highest quality green vein strains on the market. In addition to a money-back guarantee, it also has one of the lowest thresholds for free shipping. All of this and their wide selection make Nova a great choice.


Types Of Green Vein Kratom?

Kratom effects vary not only by vein color but also by strains. Strains are determined by where a product is grown. For example, most of the kratom world is in Indonesia, but other strains are grown in different parts of Southeast Asia, like Thailand. Here are some examples of green vein strains you may find while browsing:

  • Green Thai Kratom

  • Green Maeng Da Kratom

  • Green Malay

  • Green Bali

  • Green Sumatra

  • Elephant

  • Hulu

Don’t limit yourself to this list. Other green vein varieties and blends are being created around the world. Shop top vendors so you can stay updated on the latest offerings.

How To Shop For Quality Green Vein Kratom Strains in 2022?

When shopping vendors, you want a good selection of strains. For example, do they only offer green Thai, or will you find more options? However, there are other factors to consider before checking out your cart. Here are some things to check from your vendor:

  • Are products tested?

  • Is their return policy customer-friendly?

  • Do they ship to your location?

  • Is the website easy to use and customer support easy to locate online?

  • Are their products grown in Asia?

So before you buy that green Thai kratom at the cheapest price online, ensure that you’re only buying from vendors you can trust. When in doubt, check out the vendors we recommend above.

Possible Side Effects For Green Vein Kratom?

You want to know, “what does green vein kratom do?” Effects vary from one strain to another, but here are some of the possible side effects you may experience.

Unlike coffee, a green vein kratom dosage can provide an energy boost without jitters. And unlike caffeine from something like energy drinks, effects may also include:

  • Relieving pain

  • Support to lose weight

  • Energy

  • Feelings of well-being

However, not all effects are wanted. Even popular strains can have negative side effects. For example, green Thai kratom effects may include headaches or dizziness. To avoid unwanted side effects, always start with the smallest dose.

What’s the Best Green Thai Kratom Dosage?

Growers harvest the kratom plant, or the mitragyna speciosa plant in Southeast Asia. When the plant reaches mid-maturity and green veins are on the leaves, it is harvested, allowing for more mild effects than red vein strains (developed during peak maturity period). But they are picked after white veins have passed.

You may expect green Thai kratom dosage to be higher doses because this color of veins may be less powerful than red and white strains. However, green vein Thai is more powerful and typically requires lower doses. So start with a small dose and follow the product instructions for best results.

What to Look for if You Buy Green Vein Kratom in 2022?

The most important part of shopping for green vein strain products is determining the effects you want and discovering which products are most likely to meet your expectations. While not every particular strain will provide the same benefits, most green strains are known for a few possible effects:

  • They may help with chronic pain relief.

  • May act as a mood enhancement.

  • Unlike the sedative effects of red vein strains, green vein strains are known for providing energy.

If you want high-quality products, take a closer look at the seven top vendors we recommend. Explore their offerings further for more details on what’d you get from different strains like green Thai kratom, and see who has the best fit for you.

What Makes Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom Such a Popular Strain?

Green vein strains have many strains, and Maeng Da is one of the most potent, even compared to red vein kratom and white vein kratom. Like other strains, this one comes from an Indonesian island with excellent soil nutrients.

The vein color here truly makes a difference for Maeng Da. If plucked in the early life cycle with white veins, it may produce a sedative effect. Picked later with red veins, it’s better recognized as a way to possibly relieve pain. As a green kratom strain, some that it may reduce pain while improving an overall sense of well-being along with a boost of energy.

This makes this strain a versatile one to explore and a popular choice among enthusiasts.

Is Green Vein Kratom Legal?

Although this plant binds to opioid receptors and simulates similar effects, it isn’t regulated the same as opioids. Local regulations may affect the legality of the plant’s products, but green vein strains are not regulated differently than red or white vein strains. This may be a legal way of finding mood-boosting or chronic pain relief effects.

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