Letter: Crane a proponent for education

I’m voting for Karen Crane for Mayor on March 15. Bbetter yet, I’ll do it soon at the Assembly chambers, since early voting has started. Early voting is also available at the Mendenhall Mall Annex. You don’t have to provide a reason why you want to vote early, and it is very convenient!

Why am I supporting Karen Crane for Mayor? Let me tell you….

I’ve worked with Karen over the past 20 years — most recently when her niece traveled with Juneau students on the “Juneau to Japan” friendship mission to Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido, Japan. We worked collaboratively with other Juneau families on the 2013 fundraising campaign to help forge international relationships and enrich the lives of the middle school student participants. Karen was someone who could be counted on to do more than expected.

I also worked with Karen Crane at the state department of education in the mid-90’s. During that time, she worked as the director of the Museums, Libraries and Archives (for 18 years). She has had a long-time commitment to education in Juneau. Not only did Karen have the vision for a statewide system to serve our residents, she had the vision for the SLAM. Karen put the details in perspective to make it happen, such as purchasing additional land in the area and securing funding over many, many years. Karen Crane has demonstrated commitment to a solid vision for education in Alaska. We need that focus in the mayor’s office as well.

Karen has a practical approach to making things happen. She is making a difference for Juneau on a daily basis. As an elected Assembly member, she has a proven track record in support of our local education opportunities. Karen voted at least five times to fully fund the Juneau School District budget during her tenure on the Juneau Assembly — that shows commitment to education — as a priority over other competing priorities! Thank you, Karen Crane!

We can count on Karen Crane to support our children in their learning journey in Juneau. We can count on her to make the difficult decisions to support our future citizens. Her opponent, Ken Koelsch, has had comparatively very limited experience in this arena, so I hope you join me in voting for Karen Crane for mayor.

Don’t forget: you can vote early at either the Assembly chambers or the Mendenhall Mall before March 15!

Kimberly Homm