Letter: For Crane

I never worked with Ken Koelsch or had him as a teacher, but by all accounts he was an inspiring mentor to many Juneau-Douglas High School graduates and fellow teachers.

I am unsure, however, that he is the best mayoral candidate for our schools right now. Both the city and state have tough financial choices ahead. Cuts have been and will be necessary.

During her tenure on the assembly, Karen Crane did make the difficult choice to put education spending first while cutting the budget in other areas. Her opponent, Ken Koelsch, has focused his campaign on fully reinstating the senior sales tax exemption (all seniors are currently exempt from city sales tax on “consumables”, and those in need can still apply for further exemptions, but according to Mr. Koelsch, that’s not enough.)

As the state proposes even deeper cuts to education spending, I don’t understand how Juneau can afford to offer additional tax breaks and keep our schools whole at the same time. The math just doesn’t work out. I’m supporting the candidate who has a proven track record of prioritizing funding for our schools.

Lisa EaganLagerquist

Former teacher and parent