Letter: For Koelsch

March is a very strange time for an election for mayor. What could the majority of Assembly members have been thinking when they turned down the very gracious offer of Mayor Mary Becker to stay in the mayor’s chair until regular election time? Why on earth would a city who claims to have budget woes turn around and spend an extra $35,000 for a hurried special election? It makes no sense.

How strange that just a few days after the Assembly decided to arrange for a special election that Karen Crane decided to run for mayor. In fact, she is one of the Assembly members who voted for this hurried special election for that very seat. It makes no sense.

It makes sense to me to vote for a candidate who will represent the interests of the citizens of Juneau and not their own personal interest. It make sense to vote for somebody who will watch out for the citizens’ pocketbooks. It makes a whole lot of sense to vote for somebody who will protect the old and the young. I suggest that person is Ken Koelsch.

Please help our city. Please vote March 15 and mark your ballot for Ken Koelsch. Thanks!

Linda Macaulay