Opinion: Medicaid Expansion is a fiscal trap for Alaskans

Since Gov. Bill Walker unilaterally expanded Obamacare in Alaska, enrollment has skyrocketed and is providing needed health care coverage to vulnerable Alaskans and bringing additional… Continue reading


Alaska Senate considers ways to limit Medicaid access

As the Alaska Senate considers new regulations for Alaskans receiving government-funded health care, state officials are warning that the changes will not save money. In… Continue reading


Alaska Legislature passes bill to avert shutdown of Medicaid, ferries

The Alaska Legislature on Friday morning approved a stopgap spending plan that keeps the Alaska Marine Highway System operating and the state’s Medicaid program working.… Continue reading

The Medicaid Mess

The American Health Care Act, spearheaded by Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R- WI), has failed. For now. AHCA was characterized as nothing… Continue reading