Ian Martin and his dog Ricky. (Courtesy photo)

Ian Martin and his dog Ricky. (Courtesy photo)

Opinion: Elliot comes home

A man and his best friend.

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Tynly Booth, 8, holds still as Dr. Jessica Branco, of Juneau Pediatric Dentistry, applies a topical flouride varnish during a checkup on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire)
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Let’s focus instead on good nutrition, proper dental hygeine.

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America’s wasteful consumer culture contributes to economic growth and prosperity.

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It’s time to protect the future of our airport.

Lower branch of the Taku Glacier and Grizzly Bar, October 2018. (Gabe Donohoe | For the Juneau Empire File)
Opinion: Canada must clean up mine pollution

Protecting Alaska’s environment is a sober challenge.

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“Open for business” or “business as usual?”

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Don’t blame the wrong former governor.

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