Thank You letters for June 9, 2019

Thank you, Merci, Danke.

Glacier Swim Club concludes 2019 annual Aqualaps fundraiser

Glacier Swim Club (GSC) would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the Juneau community for their incredible generosity and support during the club’s 2019 Aqualaps Fundraising Campaign. We are extremely appreciative and thankful to all the businesses who have signed on as GSC sponsors as well as those that contributed weekly prizes during our campaign. Thank you to Fred Meyer, IGA Foodland and Super Bear, and the Hangar on the Wharf for allowing our swimmers to set up pledge collection tables at those locations. And thank you to everyone who took time to engage with our swimmers and show their support through their pledge donations.

As a way to say thank you to Juneau, GSC coaches, swimmers and parents participated in a Litter Clean Up event on April 20.

Glacier Swim Club is a nonprofit organization which was founded by parents of swimmers in 1973. The club offers year-round swimming programs for boys and girls ages 5-18, as well as, a Masters program. Swimmers learn correct swimming techniques, gain physical endurance and develop team spirit and sportsmanship.

Thank you so much, Juneau, for your support of Glacier Swim Club.

Cheryl Fellman, Tracey Morrison, Karen Pallenberg

GSC Aqualaps Coordinators

NAMI Juneau wraps up Mental Health Month with gratitude

NAMI Juneau would like to thank several groups, businesses, and individuals for their participation and donations during the month of May, observed as Mental Health Month.

A very special thanks to the Mudrooms Storyboard for selecting NAMI Juneau as one of their beneficiaries for Season 8 which wrapped up on May 14. Mudroom’s event proceeds benefited NAMI Juneau from February-May and raised a total of $4,900 for our mental illness education and support programs. Thank you, Mudrooms!

In honor of Mental Health Month, Coppa generously donated their “Free Ice Cream Day” tip proceeds to NAMI Juneau. Thank you to Marc Wheeler and Coppa staff for thinking of NAMI Juneau and supporting our mental health community with a $668 donation.

We are grateful to Juneau Public Libraries and Friends of the Library for partnering with us and hosting the first ever “Mental Wellness Miniseries.” Special thanks to Felicite Toney with Juneau Public Libraries for all her help and coordination throughout the series. Thank you to the workshop presenters, Bridget Kuhar, Dorolyn Alper, Carrie Kline and Megan Gunkel for sharing your wellness skills and knowledge with us. Several businesses and individuals generously donated prizes for our wellness workshop raffle. Thank you to Dr. Emily Kane, the Yoga Path, The Gym and Mountainside Wellness, Glacier Salt Cave and Spa, Rainforest Yoga and the Northern Tea House!

We are grateful to Mudrooms, Juneau Public Libraries, Coppa and all of the Mental Health Month contributors for helping NAMI Juneau continue its mission to help individuals affected by mental health conditions build better lives through education, support, advocacy and public awareness. To learn more visit

Submitted by Megan Gunkel

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