Opinion: New JACC is a great deal for Juneau

A recent letter opposed any city support for the New JACC. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion; but no one is entitled to make up your own facts. Let’s look at the claims made by the letter writer to see if they are facts:

“This building will do nothing for the economy of Juneau.” WRONG. City staff reported that “the majority of the construction budget will flow directly into our local economy.” A $26.4 million project in our city at a time when construction activity is badly needed will do a lot for our economy.

“We will need to subsidize the building with tax dollars forever more.” WRONG. Three detailed reports by the McDowell Group show a profit within three years. There will be no city tax subsidy for operations. The New JACC will be an economic engine for Juneau when it is badly needed.

Finally, the tone of the letter is that the New JACC is a bad deal for Juneau. WRONG! If voters approve, the CBJ will be investing roughly 30% of the project’s cost. The rest is being raised from private sources and foundations. The city owns the current JACC, on city land. Paying for only a third of the cost of replacing it with a new facility that will be a major economic driver for Juneau, that will make it an even more attractive place for people, young and old, to choose to live, is a great deal for Juneau.

Ginny Palmer,


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