Opinion: I agree, Sullivan needs to speak up

Opinion: I agree, Sullivan needs to speak up

My compliments on the July 5 opinion piece by Rich Moniak in the Empire.

[Opinion: Fear of the president’s immature tweets]

I appreciate the distinction he made between our two Alaskan Senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. Senator Murkowski has not always represented my views on issues, but since President Donald Trump moved into the White House, I have come to appreciate her integrity. Not so much for Senator Sullivan. He has been a reliable rubber stamp for the president. Fortunately for Alaskans we have the opportunity to replace Senator Sullivan in November. Dr. Al Gross takes the right stands on Alaskan issues and is alleged to have a backbone. For me, it’s too late for Senator Sullivan to take a contrary stand and secure my vote. But he could gain respect by speaking out on the issue of Russia paying bounties to the Taliban to kill our troops. He wouldn’t even have to take a stand on what the president knew and when he knew it. A start would be to affirm that the story is not a hoax, that a hoax is not defined as simply a position contrary to the one the president has taken.

Richard Stokes,