Opinion: Here’s why I’m voting for the oil tax referendum

I hope everyone votes yes on Proposition 1.

Like Rich Moniak, I too am voting for proposition one, the oil tax referendum, for all the reasons he stated in his July 12 editorial, plus other reasons.

[The quackery economics of libertarian ideologues]

Hilcorp just spent $5.6 billion dollars buying British Petroleum assets in Alaska, but they don’t want to pay us a fair tax for our oil? Their commercials state that now is not the time to increase their taxes. When is a good time? The oil companies have spent millions of dollars over the years opposing every proposed oil tax increase. Some day when our oil is gone, we can’t go back and say “We did not charge enough taxes for our oil, you will have to pay retroactively.”

Their commercials also talk about the PFD. If we want to continue getting PFD checks then we need to be collecting fail oil taxes and proposition one will do that. I hope everyone votes yes on Proposition 1.