(Juneau Empire File)

Letter: Stoking a human-abusive culture of fear

This “gunning” of our fellow citizens with military assault, sub-machine weapons of war must be arrested; in tandem with the kind of unhuman corporate, profit-driven mindlessness manufacturers of these killing tools are able to “fearfully” market their products as an urban/suburban necessity.

Sociopathic, mentally disturbed entities, entering densely populated festivals, their places of employ, or sniping innocent toddlers in classrooms — not to mention stalking neighborhoods and commercial avenues — prowling for targets as if they were on battlefields fantasized in the neurosis of a gamer’s World of Warcraft. This is the mental disturbance that must be constrained while delegitimizing these legalized gun traffickers. Were it not for the tragedy of it all, this human-abusive, democratic distraction could be construed as clown-like ludicrous; just as the GOP has become, falling in line with that “orange buffoon” trying to trump our democracy.

Not surprisingly, this absurd alternate universe is entirely born of the autocratically inclined, psychologically arrested (never maturing from their teens), emboldened by that previous executor fraternizing and counseling with personalities desiring a (dis)United States and being entrenched in the fantasy of treating other human beings as property…as they try to return the Confederacy (in a modernization sought by the Trump advisor Steve Bannon and his minions of far-right fanatics) by insurrecting our Grand Old Party.

John Sonin