A Peterson's Pretzels pretzel

A Peterson's Pretzels pretzel

Letter: Please return my pretzel magnet

This quick letter is in response to an incident that occurred to me yesterday. I am the owner of a small business. I work extremely hard during the summer months to grow my business and earn new customer loyalty. I am also a Juneau School District teacher.

I would like whoever removed my Peterson’s Pretzels car magnet from my car that was parked in the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church parking lot to return my car magnet. It means a lot more to me that it could possibly mean to you. Although you may like my magnet, I value it far more. Please return it to our pretzel cart in front of Juneau Drug Co., no questions asked. I will even offer you two or three free pretzels. If you know who has our magnet and can return it to us, we will give the returnee, three free pretzels. No questions asked. And in the future, please leave my property alone. I’ve worked very hard to pay for it.

Chris Peterson,

Peterson’s Pretzels