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Letter: Dunleavy should respect majority of Alaskans, take down ‘pro-life’ flag from governor’s mansion

When Gov. Dunleavy hung a so-called “pro-life” flag at the governor’s house — the people’s house in Alaska’s capital city — he thumbed his nose at the 63% of Alaskans who support women’s reproductive freedom and individual privacy rights provided by the Alaska Constitution.

The Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition Political Action Committee and supporters are outraged by this flag hanging at the people’s house, and request the flag be removed.

We know that Gov. Dunleavy is “unapologetically pro-life.” He stated in his 2023 State of the State speech that his goal is to make Alaska “the most pro-life state in the country.” Of course he has a problem doing that because our privacy, including our right to bodily autonomy, is protected by Alaska’s Constitution and in the same election he won Alaskans voted to preserve that constitution.

He should not be using our house to promote his religious-based anti-choice stance at a state property. During his term he has used his veto power to punish the state health department and the judiciary when they follow the Alaska Constitution that gives us rights to privacy in medical treatment, including abortion.

In 2022 thousands of Alaskans voted against a constitutional convention, many because of the risk of losing their right to privacy provided in Article 1, Section 22, which ensures Alaskans have the right to bodily autonomy, to determine whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, and to have the right to safe, legal abortion health care. This was consistent with the number of Alaskans who are pro-choice which is about 63% according to Pew Research.

We urge Gov. Dunleavy to respect the will of the majority of Alaskans and his oath of office to abide by the Alaska Constitution. He should focus on real problems, like fully funding education and other essential governmental functions.

Nancy Courtney

Board member on behalf of JPCC PAC Board