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Letter: Be a part of humankind, not human mean

When I was a teenager I met a man who greeted me with “It’s a good day for the race.” When I asked what race he replied, “The human race.”

We are all part of the human race, but there are some people who demean and otherize groups of people by using racial, ethnic or sexual orientation slurs.

Not speaking out when hearing these slurs aids in the perpetuation of the myth that some groups of people are “less than” others. It is my personal observation that women are more likely than men to object when hearing these slurs even though these men believe it to be wrong. In this manner many men are physically brave, but moral cowards.

Let us not use our differences to drive us apart, but rather to use them to be able to celebrate our differences. Let’s all be a part of humankind, not human mean.

Let’s make this day and every day a good day for the race.

Art Morris

North Douglas