Letter: Climate change is definately real

It is beyond my understanding how anyone, especially those in leadership roles, can question the fact that humans burning fossil fuels have pushed the planets CO2 levels beyond anything the earth has seen in at least 650,000 years, and that this is already having a profound impact on our planets climate.

Yet there are those who believe that this is a vast global conspiracy concocted by 97 percent of the world’s scientists and at least 190 countries for political or other nefarious reasons.

Unfortunately in the U.S. we have a political party whose stated policy is one of climate change denial. This is not a small unknown party with little political representation — it is one of two major parties that holds the reigns of power of the most powerful and influential country on this planet today. This party at this time controls both the House and the Senate, and hopes to win the presidential election this November.

The damage the Republican Party is capable of doing by controlling Congress as well as the presidency is beyond comprehension.

This issue alone is so significant and potentially so severe that every American voting this November must consider how their vote will impact our children, grandchildren and the people of this planet from this time forward.

I have never been a single issue voter, but as long as the Republican Party is unwilling to accept that human-caused climate change is real, then I for one am unwilling to vote for members of the Republican Party.

Norbert Chaudhary,