Letter: Run for office

Dear reader, you need to run for the Alaska Legislature.


For example, on the Kenai Peninsula we’ve got three socialists representing us right now and they are going to ruin us. They’re the bad kind — corporate socialists — who passively watch the “free market” ravage families but then rush to grab a Kleenex when one of their corporate benefactors sneezes.

Our state lawmakers’ priorities are hopelessly warped. These aren’t bad people; it’s just that they are governing while impaired — impaired by their love for power, wealth and recognition, and they can’t bring themselves to see how their actions are destroying our community.

We need high-minded, ethical people to change the laws that permit legislators to vote on matters that affect them personally. And we need intelligent people who understand that Alaska’s economy will only thrive if our people are healthy, well educated and paid enough so that they can survive without government handouts.

If the Legislature isn’t your cup of tea, please consider running for office at any level — local, state or federal.

Transform your indignation into action.

Eric Treider,