JDHS boys win Ketchikan Invite

JDHS boys win Ketchikan Invite

Juneau swimmers win eight events

The Juneau-Douglas High School boys swim team leapfrogged Sitka in their second meet of the weekend on Saturday at Ketchikan’s Gateway Aquatic Center.

After finishing in second behind the Wolves on Friday, JDHS came out on top on Saturday with 122 points. Sitka had 112 points, Ketchikan had 99 points and Thunder Mountain scored 92 points.

The Sitka girls scored 141 points to win their meet, but watched as the Crimson Bears closed the gap by four points from the previous day’s invite. JDHS had 129 points, Thunder Mountain scored 99 points and Ketchikan came in at fourth with 79 points.

“I was very impressed with the way everyone performed this weekend,” JDHS coach Seth Cayce said via email. “It’s a good sign for regions in two weeks.”

It’s been eight years since the JDHS boys were last region champs, but that drought looks to be coming to a close soon with Tyler Weldon and Caleb Peimann leading the way.

Weldon was undefeated in the waters on Saturday. In the 100-yard freestyle, Peimann kept up with Weldon throughout the race and finished just eleven-tenths of a second behind the captain.

“It was a great race to watch,” Cayce said.

Peimann was already having a big meet before the Weldon showdown, coming in first in the 200 freestyle with a lifetime best swim. Thunder Mountain’s Micah Grigg was just two seconds behind Peimann in both races.

Cian Hart followed up his record-breaking Friday dive with another strong outing on Saturday. After breaking the school’s 1-meter diving record by nearly 20 points, Hart scored a 160 points to win the event again. Prior to this weekend, only two Alaska divers — West Anchorage’s Holt Dannenberg and Soldotna’s Kylin Welch — recorded higher scores than Hart this season.

Other podium finishers included: Raymie Matiashowski (breaststroke), Cameron Howard (freestyle), Taelyn Norvell (breaststroke), Hannah Taube (breaststroke), Riley Traxler (freestyle), Amber Kahklen (diving), Rosemary Kiessling (diving), Samson Anderson (freestyle), Karthik Sanguni (backstroke) and Noah Loseby (backstroke).

The Region V Swim Championships are Oct. 26-27 in Petersburg.

Ketchikan Invitational

Girls Top-3 Results

50 Yard Freestyle — 1, Cameron Howard, JDHS, 26.84. 2, Maddy Whitethorn, Petersburg, 27.11. 3, Razie Guillory, Sitka, 27.45.

100 Yard Freestyle — 1, Renee M Roberts, Wrangell, 57.13. 2, Kyleigh McArthur, Sitka, 57.96. 3, Riley Traxler, TMHS, 59.32.

200 Yard Freestyle — 1, Grace Harang, 2:02.16. 2, Jessica Davis, Sitka, 2:04.91. 3, Kyleigh McArthur, Sitka, 2:06.10.

500 Yard Freestyle — 1, Grace Harang, Sitka 5:28:08. 2, Cameron Howard, JDHS, 5:53.55. 3, Natalie Zimmerman, JDHS, 6:03.22.

100 Yard Backstroke — 1, Laura Sherill, Ketchikan, 1:06.49. 2, Tahila Gerger, JDHS, 1:07.85. 3, Molly Blackmon, Sitka, 1:08.08.

100 Yard Breaststroke — 1, Taelyn Norvell, JDHS, 1:17.55. 2, Alyssa Guthrie, Petersburg, 1:18.39. 3, Hannah Taube, TMHS, 1:20.09.

100 Yard Butterfly — 1, Jessica Davis, Sitka, 1:02.39. 2, Maria Pfundt, Petersburg, 1:02.78. 3, Sophia Schwantes, Sitka, 1:04.65.

200 Yard IM — 1, Laura Sherril, Ketchikan, 2:22.67. 2, Sophia Schwantes, Sitka, 2:25.45. 3, Alyssa B Guthrie, Petersburg, 2:27.83.

1-Meter diving — 1, Amber Kahklen, TMHS, 151.80. 2, Rosemary Kiessling, TMHS, 147.40. 3, Jessilyn Sivertsen, Ketchikan, 1:47.30.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay — 1, Sitka, 1:46.05. 2, Ketchikan, 1:54.18. 3, Petersburg, 1:52.02.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay — 1, Sitka, 4:02.39 2, Petersburg, 4:02.58. 3, JDHS, 4:05.38.

200 Yard Medley Relay — 1, Sitka, 1:56.05. 2, JDHS, 2:05.36. 3, TMHS, 2:05.77.

Boys Top-3 Results

50 Yard Freestyle — 1, Rylan Wallace, Petersburg, 23.58. 2, Peter Kowalski, Petersburg, 24.23. 3, Reed Gardinier, JDHS, 25.31.

100 Yard Freestyle —1, Tyler Weldon, JDHS, 50.25. 2, Caleb Peimann, JDHS, 50.36. 3, Micah Grigg, TMHS, 52.45.

200 Yard Freestyle — 1, Caleb Peimann, JDHS, 1:50.52. 2, Micah Grigg, TMHS, 1:52. 95. 3, McKinley Janik, Sitka, 1:53.22.

500 Yard Freestyle — 1, Tytan Frawley, Sitka, 5:09.14. 2, Samson Anderson, TMHS, 5:37.19. 3, John Bullock, Ketchikan, 5:48.44.

100 Yard Backstroke — 1, Peter Kowalski, Petersburg, 1:00.57. 2, Noah Loseby, TMHS, 1:03.15. 3, Karthik Sanguni, TMHS, 1:06.71.

100 Yard Breaststroke — 1, Raymie Matiashowski, TMHS, 1:08.66. 2, Lewis House, Craig, 1:12.55. 3, Jimmy Bagen, Wrangell, 1:13.94.

100 Yard Butterfly — 1, Jacob Gagner, Sitka, 58.26. 2, Rylan Wallace, Petersburg, 58.67. 3, McKinley Janik, Sitka, 59.33.

200 Yard IM — 1, Tyler Weldon, JDHS, 2:09.47. 2, Tytan Frawley, Sitka, 2:10.91. 3, Alec Lundburg, Ketchikan, 2:32.96.

1-meter diving — 1, Cian Hart, JDHS, 160.30. 2, Steven Ireland-Haight, JDHS, 126.15. 3, Branden Widdison, Sitka, 117.40.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay — 1, TMHS, 1:46.80. 2, Ketchikan, 1:47.62. 3, JDHS, 1:58.40.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay — 1, JDHS, 3:38.27. 2, Sitka, 3:38.45. 3, Ketchikan, 4:02.22.

200 Yard Medley Relay — 1, JDHS, 1:49.66. 2, Sitka, 1:50.28. 3, TMHS, 1:51.44.

Swimmers dive from the starting block on Fiday during the start of the girls 500-yard freestyle at Gateway Aquatic Center in Ketchikan. (Dustin Safranek | Ketchikan Daily News)

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