Nolin Ainsworth

Why are Juneau’s hemlock trees turning brown? This one insect is to blame.

This insect is vastly changing the appearance of some hemlocks in town.


Districts: Juneau Majors turn it on late against Ketchikan

They batted around the order.


Photos: Juneau Ridge Race

A mud and sweat affair.

Live Baseball: Juniors Baseball State Tournament

Follow the action live.

Salmon Run taking place on Saturday

A ‘zombie run’ with a twist.

District tourney opener for Juneau goes extra innings

The game went seven innings.

Photos: Capital Cup Tennis

Capital Tennis Glory.

Juneau Ridge Race returns this Saturday

A ‘ridge’-ed race.

Small jokulhlaup crests lower than expected

This one didn’t pack the punch of past Juneau jökulhlaups.

Juneau falls in Junior softball state tournament

One hit changed the outcome of the game.

One of the longest dry weather spells in Juneau just ended

The capital city went 18 straight days without rain.

Softball All-Stars win Minors Tournament

They almost never trailed in the touranment.


Softball All-Stars ‘stay strong,’ and alive at state tournament

Juneau attempts to even the series.

Smoky skies interrupt downtown air pollutant study

The instruments are picking up the smoke.