Emergency Preparedness

Emergency response officials probe the wreckage of a simulated avalanche site during a training exercise in Lemon Creek on Saturday. (Mark Sabbatini / Juneau Empire)

Simulated disaster strikes — repeatedly — as do rescue efforts during avalanche training exercise

Staged burial of three homes implores multitude of agencies to share specialized response skills


A map shows the location of Suicide Basin, an ice dam which since 2011 has released water into the Mendenhall Lake and River in an annual cycle known as a jökulhlaup. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Bomb the glacier? City leaders say they’re willing to evaluate all options after flood

Drastic measures for Suicide Basin appear impractical, river protection more likely, officials say.


Capital City Fire/Rescue personnel underwent annual ice rescue training at Twin Lakes on April 7, 2021. The training occurs in the spring, when the ice is rotted and most dangerous. (Michael S. Lockett / Juneau Empire)

Firefighters on ice: CCFR goes for a chilly dip as part of annual training

The annual training prepares firefighters for accidents on Juneau’s frozen lakes and ponds.