Alaska For Real

Reality TV before TV

A story about a book of letters.


Alaska for Real: Case lot stock up

At this time of the year stores offer big sales and the market in Thorne Bay across the strait from us is no different. At… Continue reading


The Eternal Quest of Floathouse Dwellers

When you live in a floathouse in SE Alaska for over twenty years you develop vision not dissimilar to The Terminator’s. You know how The… Continue reading


Sweat and driftwood: Building from scratch

It’s difficult to get building materials such as siding and roofing out in the wilderness, so when my sister Megan visited recently with the desire… Continue reading

Alaska For Real: That shipwreck guy

If you live out in the wilderness in Southeast Alaska you will continually come across evidence of shipwrecks, new and old.

Alaska for Real: Lessons learned at the end of the world

When I signed the book deal to write a memoir about my childhood growing up in the burned ruins of an old cannery way out… Continue reading

Summer boating: Adrift, aground, flipped, sunk

It was a sunny beautiful day and my parents and I took my brother Jamie’s little boys, Sterling and Ethan, over to the small bay… Continue reading