Racers start the Spring Tide Scramble at Fish Creek Park on Saturday. (Courtesy Photo)

Racers start the Spring Tide Scramble at Fish Creek Park on Saturday. (Courtesy Photo)

Spring Tide Scramble beats the tide

Youth and adult runners get dirty on the mud flats

A shout out to the hearty “soles” who braved the early morning fog and entered the Spring Tide Scramble on Saturday, braving the mud and mayhem for smelly bragging rights.

The 4-mile and 7-mile routes, both starting by the Fish Creek Bridge parking lot on North Douglas Highway, included the infamous low tide crossing of Gastineau Channel.

Four-milers Logan Fellman, 13, and Erik Thompson, 15, were the first males and first participants overall to finish the race, hitting identical times of 31 minutes and 43 seconds to win the 18 & Under category.

Top male in the 19 & Up category, and third overall, was Leon Ulrich, 31, who hit 32:45 to out pace Quinn Tracy, 42, in 34:59. Top four-mile 19 & Up female, and ninth overall, was Kally DiMarzio, 38, in 47:03, who used the motivational pacing of Kimberly Ferrin, 36, following in 47:04 for 1oth overall.

Top 18 & Under 4-mile female was 28th place finisher Anika Linstid,13, in 59:51 with Megyn Linstid, 11, on her heels in 1:00:10. The 4-mile route left Fish Creek Park down onto the weltlands, to the ADT and back.

The 7-mile male winner was Eric Oravsky, 34, in 1:00:25 and top female, and fourth overall, was Naomi Staley, 31, in 1:14:57. The 7-mile loop started in Fish Creek Park, followed Fish Creek Trail to Fish Creek Road and onto Ninemile Creek Road where racers entered the wetlands to cross the channel, pick up a wrist band on the Airport Dike Trail and negotiate a path back across to the start.

Race judges had to convene after the event as runners Brandon Ivanowicz, 41, and Tim Mikulski, 24, missed the trail markings and thus bypassed the tidal crossing. They were given 10-minute penalties in the results.

A bevy of young runners took to the4-mile course with males Sage Miller, 9, placing sixth in 46:58 and Luke Miller, 11, seventh in 47:00. Young male athlete Barrow West, 6, placed 15th in 52:44 and female Nora DeSlover, 8, finished 22nd in 54:59 just ahead of male James Dorn, 8, who put in a 55:02 mark for 23rd and pulled off a one-second win over papa Justin Dorn, 40. Male Dylan Nielsen, 6, placed 38th in 1:28:25.

4-Mile Results (name, gender, age, time):

1. TIE Logan Fellman (M, 13) & Erik Thompson (M, 15) 31:43; 3. Leon Ulrich (M, 31) 32:45; 4. Quinn Tracy (M, 42) 34:59; 5. Jerad McClure (M, 35) 42:04; 6. Sage Miller (M, 9) 46:58; 7. Luke Miller (M, 11) 47:00; 8. Avery Grossardt (M, 34) 47:02; 9. Kally DiMarzio (F, 38) 47:03; 10. Kimberly Ferrin (F, 36) 47:04; 11. Jessica Jefferys (F, 37) 47:24; 12. Keegan Jackson (F, 40) 49:51; 13. Hannah Bailey (F, 27) 52:18: 14. Olivia Barrow (F, 43) 52:44; 15. Barrow West (M, 6) 52:44; 16. Kelsey Duke (F, 34) 52:54; 17. Sydney Reese (F, 29) 54:12; 18. Carl Reese (M, 60) 54:13; 19. Aubrey Ruschmann (F, 36) 54:13; 20. Amy Pinney (F, 46) 54:46; 21. Dani DeSlover (M,43) 54:59; 22. Nora DeSlover (F, 8) 54:59; 23. James Dorn (M, 8) 55:02; 24. Justin Dorn (M, 40) 55:03; 25. Joshua Thurman (M, 19) 55:18; 26. Andrea Florendo (F, 47) 58:26; 27. Elijah Jarrett (M, 17) 58:27; 28. Anika Linstid (F, 13) 59:51; 29. Megyn Linstid (F, 11) 1:00:10; 30. Laura James (F, 41) 1:01:07; 31. Bex Sakarias (F, 42) 1:02:02; 32. Stephenie Harris (F, 45) 1:05:27; 33. Fernando Rodriguez (M, 18) 1:08:55; 34. Alexander Li (M, 23) 1:08:56; 35. Kelsey Stefanich (F, 26) 1:10:33; 36. Austin Stefanich (M, 28) 1:10:35; 37. Tristan Berkey (F, 42) 1:10:36; 38. Dylan Nielsen (M, 6) 1:28:25; 39. Kaili Nielsen (F, 40) 1:28:26; 40. Sherri Humphrey (F, 57) 1:38:00; 41. Kristine Loveid (F, 57) 1:38:00; 42. Nayda Ferguson (F, 60) 1:38:00; 43. Craig Ferguson (M, 61) 1:38:00; 44. Ross McCann (n/a, 21) 1:46:47; 45. Quinn Pearson (F, 23) 1:46:47.

7-Mile Results (name, gender, age, time):

1. Eric Oravsky (M, 34) 1:00:25; 2. Kelson Mcpherson (M, 24) 1:12:28; 3. Dylan Krueger (M, 30) 1:13:07; 4. Naomi Staley (F, 31) 1:14:57; 5. Tie Brandon Ivanowicz (M, 41) & Tim Mikulski (M, 24) 1:15:30* wrong turn skipped mudflats, 10 minute penalty imposed; 7. Olivia Glasscock (F, 30) 1:16:28; 8. Paul Strickler (M, 24) 1:16:44; 9. Christy Gentemann (F, 34) 1:18:58; 10. Cahal Morehouse (M, 24) 1:23:27; 11. Claire Delbecq (F, 31) 1:23:43; 12. Matt Leither (M, 35) 1:24:31; 13. April Renendez (F, 38) 1:24:31; 14. Therese Pokorney (F, 24) 1:25:13; 15. Lauren Tanel (F, 23) 1:27:00; 16. Karina Zumbrun (F, 21) 1:27:00; 17. Jodie Totten (F, 38) 1:29:42; 18. Michele Shirakura (F, 57) 1:30:09; 19. Jenevieve Clauss (F, 31) 1:31:58; 20. Ben Linstid (M, 47) 1:39:48; 21. Christine Woll (F, 38) 1:39:53; 22. Ken Platt (M, 61) 1:40:18; 23. Elizabeth Solger (F, 36) 1:42:15.

Four did not start the run:

Dani Alston (F, 35) , Adam Bowen (M, 23), Guy Crockroft (M, 63) and Paz GurArye (M, 22).

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