Klondike Relay Results

Klondike Relay Results

Over 40 Juneau teams make trip north for race

A pair of relay teams assembled with mostly Juneau runners finished the Klondike Trail of ‘98 International Road Relay with two of the fastest 10 overall times.

The Longest Game of Tag Ever (third overall, second in mixed division) and C.C. Striders (10th overall, third in open division) were just two of the 45 teams from the capital city to join the 110-mile relay that takes place almost exclusively on the highway connecting Skagway and Whitehorse.

Race Results


1. Getting’ Buzzed: Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters/Yukon Brewing 11:38:56

2. Rain Dogs 15:32:59

3. C.C. Striders (Dan Robinson, Jim Ustasiewski, Daren Booton, Aaron Morrison, Mark Neidhold, Jim Marcotte, Jim Grammel, Tracy Morrison, Zane Clark, David Thomson) 15:38:47


1. Yukon Lady Crushers (Whitehorse) 14:54:05

2. Winterlooooong! (Whitehorse) 16:23:37

3. Jogger Jams (Whitehorse) 16:48:45


1. TNP: Dirty Skags (Anchorage) 12:07:54

2. Longest Game of Tag Ever (Abraham Levy, Nina Schwinghammer, Elisha Thibodeau, Gregory Frank, Allan Spangler, Seth Tucker, Jordan Moser, Lillian Burger-Pothier, Justin Jones, Joshua Musson) 13:09:24

3. MoHoers (Anchorage) 13:28:27

Masters Open

1. Shier Law Runners (Whitehorse) 14:58:08

2. Los(t) Lobos (George Elgee, Mike McKrill, Ron Flint, Paige McKinney, Steve Schmitz, John McConnochie, Scott Watts, Jared Erickson, Roger Brown, John Bursell) 16:50:36

Masters Women

1. Quantum Running Machines (Whitehorse) 16:04:34

2. Hard Women are Good to Find (Terri Fagerstrom, Shelly Saviers, Jennifer Heidersdorf, Amy Carroll, Tyra Smith, Nancy Potts, Heather Johnson Smith, Jamie Bursell, Lucy Potter, Bridget Weiss) 17:30:40

3. Glacial Erratics (Robin Dale, Katherine McGee-Prussian, JoAnn Marie Quigg, Laura Eakes, Suzanne McGee, Lois Verbaan, Heidi Allison, Jo Ann Day, Susea Albee, Marketa Ith) 17:39:06

Masters Mixed

1. The Classics (Anchorage) 16:04:46

2. The New Thirty (Whitehorse) 19:16:06

3. Metcalfes and Friends (Patrice Parker, Sherrie Daigle, Ken Hoff, Candace White, Jake Metcalfe, Peter Metcalfe, Kimberly Metcalfe, Doreen Rossberg, Michael Fleischhauer, Brian McTague) 20:35:08


1. Hard Coeur (Kelsey Stockert, Joel Clark, Collin Wigfield-Gorka, Bob Chernikoff, Jamie Pierce, Mike Spehlmann, Grant Wick, Laura Maruhashi, Alan Gordon, Kelsey Stockert) 15:58:29

2. Horny Goats (Vancouver) 16:07:49

3. Northwestel High Speed (Whitehorse) 16:24:33

Youth (7a-10b)

1. Baby Blue (Whitehorse) 5:28:37

2. Extreme Green (Whitehorse) 5:39:55

3. Road Hogs (Kean Buss, Skylar Tuckwood, Finn Kesey, Caden Mesdag, Karter Kohlhase, Will Robinson, Riley Duncan, Eli Crupi) 5:41:13

Walkers (7-10)

1. Slowly Heading North (Whitehorse) 9:28:04

2. Skagway Sleepwalkers (Skagway) 10:36:02

3. Skagway Sole Sisters (Skagway)11:15:58

Walkers (7a-10b)

1. AFF-Gang (Whitehorse) 8:42:02

2. All Girls and a Guy (Whitehorse) 10:12:13

3. SANPO (Whitehorse) 10:49:45