Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé junior Ida Meyer, right, wins the Sitka Invitational by a fraction of a second in front of Sitka junior Clare Mullin on Saturday. (James Poulson / Sitka Sentinel)

Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé junior Ida Meyer, right, wins the Sitka Invitational by a fraction of a second in front of Sitka junior Clare Mullin on Saturday. (James Poulson / Sitka Sentinel)

JDHS girls, boys crush Sitka course

Largest field in Southeast history sees Crimson Bears on top

The sheer number of 264 runners alone was enough to inspire awe at the Sitka Invitational high school cross-country meet on Saturday, but the firepower among those numbers created an even greater atmosphere of championship running.

Included in the field were the defending Division I state runner-up Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé Crimson Bears girls and fifth-place state finishing JDHS boys; the defending Division II state champion Grace Christian Grizzlies boys (from Anchorage) and state runner-up GCHS girls; the state Division II runner-up Sitka Wolves boys and state fourth-place SHS girls; defending Division III state champion Haines Glacier Bears girls and state champion Wrangell Wolves boys; and the Division III state runner-up Haines boys and state fourth-place Petersburg Vikings girls.

“It was so exciting to host 150 young men and 100 young women at Totem Park, the largest race Sitka has ever hosted,” Sitka coach Shasta Smith said. “We were so pleased to get to have Grace Christian. It is very rare for Anchorage teams to make the journey so we were very happy to welcome them to Southeast.”

High school runners start the Sitka Invitational Boys 5K race on Saturday. The field included 150 runners in the boys field and 91 in the girls. (James Poulson / Sitka Sentinel)

High school runners start the Sitka Invitational Boys 5K race on Saturday. The field included 150 runners in the boys field and 91 in the girls. (James Poulson / Sitka Sentinel)

JDHS seemed to be pleased to be among the Anchorage guests as well.

“We were impressed by our entire team last weekend,” JDHS co-coach Abby Jahn said. “It was a joy to see them find each other out there and really dig in.”

JDHS topped both the boys and girls team finishes with scores of 52 and 22 points, respectively, and Grace Christian was second with 64 and 62.

“One of our athletes told us that it started getting really tough out there and they thought of their teammate ahead of them working hard,” Jahn said. “That helped them through the rest of their race and they finished so strong for their team as a result.”

JDHS junior Ida Meyer leaned out Sitka junior Clare Mullin at the finish to win the girls race in 19 minutes 8.04 seconds to 19:08.43. JDHS senior Rayna Tuckwood placed third in 19:25.28.

“It was a pretty solid race,” Meyer said. “Me and Rayna, my teammate, worked pretty well together sticking behind the Sitka girls until the two-mile mark. It was a really good reflection of what our girls team has been working for this whole season with our efforts, and it was really fun and really fast too…It is fun to have a lot of girls there in one race, everyone gets pushed. It kind of prepares you to just go out fast for state.”

Meyer placed sixth at last season’s DI state meet with 19:57 and Mullin was a DII state runner-up in 20:02.

“I’m very grateful that the weather cooperated with us and so many people came out to support us,” Mullin said. “I am also glad so many teams could join us and we had some really good competition. Overall I was happy with my performance and I am looking forward to regions and state.”

Grace junior Robbie Annett topped the boys field in Sitka with a 16:26.60 finish, just ahead of Sitka junior Connor Hitchcock (16:37.40), Grace senior Simon Nelson (16:50.39) and JDHS senior Edgar Vera Alvarado (16:55.27).

“It was pretty exciting,” Vera Alvarado said. “It was a pretty big meet. I was not expecting the meet to be that big for Southeast. With a hundred and some runners it was pretty scary going into the race. Once we started going I felt pretty smooth and comfortable up there with the pack.”

Annett placed third at DII state last season (16:34) and Hitchcock ninth (17:22) while Vera Alvarado placed 15th in DI state.

“For me a really good goal will be to try and get the Sitka runner in front of me which would hopefully be a second or first at regions,” Vera Alvarado said. “That would be my goal going into regions and then at state I think a good goal for me would be a top-five finisher.”

The JDHS girls placed five runners in the top eight on Saturday, with senior Iris White earning sixth (20:40.31), sophomore Kate Schwarting seventh (20:40.56) and junior Elshaday Yerkes eighth (21:25.90).

Thunder Mountain sophomore Della Mearig led the Falcons girls with a 10th-place finish (21:31.83).

“It is my long-standing PR course and the playground is a great place to chill out after the race,” Mearig said.

The JDHS boys placed three runners in the top ten with Vera Alvarado being followed by junior Nick Iverson in sixth (17:04.93) and senior Malachi Peimann in eighth (17:12.34).

TMHS junior Owen Woodruff placed 10th (17:27.60) and freshman Erik Thompson 12th (17:29.28).

“Sitka is my favorite course,” Woodruff said. “Flat and fast.”

TMHS coach Jon Stearns said the Sitka race is the Falcons’ favorite of the season.

“It always has an awesome field of competitors,” he said. “Our boys and girls teams had such a great day. Our boys scored third overall, and all of our runners had both fantastic team and individual performances. We couldn’t be prouder of the team. Everyone keeps getting stronger and we can’t wait for the last few meets of the season.”

Both the Crimson Bears and Falcons will use this weekend’s race at Ketchikan to finalize their rosters for the Region V Championships at the Treadwell Mines Trails on Sept. 30.

Crimson Bears stalwart senior runner Etta Eller missed the Sitka meet, but won the TM Trails 5K on the same date in 20:43 and JDHS junior Corder Janes won the boys race in 18:21, and JDHS topped both the girls and boys races over TMHS, sweeping both scores 15-50.




1. JDHS 52; 2. Grace Christian 64; 3. TMHS 88; 4. Sitka 90; 5. Ketchikan 104; 6. Wrangell 114; 7. Petersburg 224; 8. Mt. Edgecumbe 230; 9. Kake 245; 10. Haines 247; 11. Metlakatla 342; 12. Craig 350.


1. JDHS 22; 2. GCHS 62; 3. SIT 69; 4. KTN 92; 5. TMHS 122; 6. MEHS 162; 7. KAK 194; 8. CRG 214.


1. Ida Meyer 19:08.04 JDHS; 2. Clare Mullin 19:08.43 SIT; 3. Rayna Tuckwood 19:25.28 JDHS; 4. Marina Dill 20:04.67 SIT; 5. Ari’el Godinez Long 20:05.05 HNS; 6. Iris White 20:40.31 JDHS; 7. Kate Schwarting 20:40.56 JDHS; 8. Elshaday (Ellie) Yerkes 21:25.90 JDHS; 9. Sydney Mondeel 21:28.77 GCHS; 10. Della Mearig 21:31.83 TMHS; 11. Maria Toth 22:07.24 PSG; 12. Faith Mondeel 22:23.83 GCHS; 13. Aliyah Glover 22:32.08 KTN; 14. Kinley Lister 22:38.47 PSG; 15. Alana Harrison 22:47.28 WRG; 16. Carol Frey 22:48.33 KTN; 17. Delaney Schaffer 22:54.61 GCHS; 18. Aliyah Merculief 22:55.39 SIT; 19. Tagan Rinner 23:07.52 GCHS; 20. Ava Huey 23:07.93 GCHS; 21. Ryan Elerding 23:26.13 KTN; 22. Sophia Owen 23:28.03 TMHS; 23. Jadelynn Kubik 23:33.20 SIT; 24. Bessie Williams 23:36.56 MEHS; 25. Avery Reger 23:43.84 GCHS; 26. Hope Jackson 23:54.46 GCHS; 27. Aries Bioff 24:13.86 MEHS; 28. Sarah Kleeman 24:15.27 KTN; 29. Faith Elliott 24:15.51 GCHS; 30. Gabriele Whitacre 24:25.85 PSG; 31. Adelaide Bell 24:32.42 GCHS; 32. Krista Howland 24:41.15 HNH; 33. Brynne Loggy-Smith 24:43.17 TMHS; 34. Easton Ross 24:45.08 HNH; 35. Jillian Jackson 24:54.43 KAK; 36. Ellie Wall 24:57.95 JDHS; 37. Lauren Tucker 25:01.87 KTN; 38. Maria Chang 25:04.51 KAK; 39. Macy Alander 25:08.09 HYD; 40. Abigail Clark 25:11.91 GCHS; 41. Marina Marley 25:12.46 SIT; 42. Bailey Roguska 25:13.27 JDHS; 43. Kate Thompson 25:22.18 PSG; 44. Sarah Murphy 25:23.67 GCHS; 45. Kalee Herman 25:38.38 WRG; 46. Madelyn Gass 25:42.40 KTN; 47. Camelia Bell 25:43.18 HNS; 48. Alison Tingey 25:43.74 TMHS; 49. Leilynn Swain 26:04.69 SIT; 50. Ashlynn Smith 26:13.52 CRG; 51. Sarah Bahnke 26:16.12 MEHS; 52. Jullian Levy 26:17.05 TMHS; 53. Kaycee Parady 26:20.39 JDHS; 54. Kiera Arnold 26:27.55 KTN; 55. Sarah Nanouk-Jones 26:31.48 MEHS; 56. Lydia Chang 26:44.84 KAK; 57. Olivia Heath 26:52.52 CRG; 58. Faith Horner 26:54.84 CRG; 59. Madison Conatser 27:02.25 CRG; 60. Magen Barr 27:19.92 MEHS; 61. Randy Stichert 27:23.88 TMHS; 62. Breana Nelson 27:25.57 MEHS; 63. Audrey Bahnke 27:26.74 MEHS; 64. Piper Blackgoat 27:37.99 TMHS; 65. Sloan Christiansen 27:38.59 TMHS; 66. Khaila Fratis 27:54.09 MEHS; 67. Isabella Hoppe 27:58.41 KLW; 68. Katie Jackson 28:01.48 GCHS; 69. Piper Caskey 28:21.67 KTN; 70. Paige Ross 28:23.78 KAK; 71. Madison Padgett 28:25.31 KAK; 72. Lisa Kookesh-Booth 28:42.57 ANG; 73. Ashlyn Ganey 28:50.80 HNS; 74. Mackenzie Williams 28:55.00 MET; 75. Angela Bahna 29:07.09 SIT; 76. Ilana Kalke 29:15.82 MEHS; 77. Ella Ebbighausen 29:31.33 CRG; 78. Makenna Beans 30:16.93 MEHS; 79. Keira Sanderson 30:32.72 KLW; 80. Clara Edenfield 31:14.53 KTN; 81. Raven Hotch 31:41.90 HNS; 82. Eden Hallingstad 31:47.69 KAK; 83. Riley Dock 32:31.83 MEHS; 84. Makia Silva 32:53.13 ANG; 85. LilyIda Jackson 33:11.98 KAK; 86. Rowan Huskey 33:19.14 HNH; 87. Nina Varnell 33:22.27 KTN; 88. Sara Steffen 33:57.07 CRG; 89. Nalaysia Raymond 34:13.64 CRG; 90. Aubrey Buck 36:23.58 GCHS; 91. Georgina Tocktoo 40:06.52 MEHS.


1. Robbie Annett 16:26.60 GCHS; 2. Connor Hitchcock 16:37.40 SIT; 3. Simon Nelson 16:50.39 GCHS; 4. Edgar Vera Alverado 16:55.27 JDHS; 5. Trey Demmert 16:56.32 SIT; 6. Nick Iverson 17:04.93 JDHS; 7. Boomchain Loucks 17:08.84 WRG; 8. Malachi Peimann 17:12.34 JDHS; 9. Keegan Hansen 17:14.35 WRG; 10. Owen Woodruff 17:27.60 TMHS; 11. Casey Styles 17:28.41 KTN; 12. Erik Thompson 17:29.28 TMHS; 13. Annan Weiland 17:29.58 SIT; 14. Henry Vail 17:35.62 KTN; 15. Noah Robbins 17:35.85 KTN; 16. Logan Fellman 17:40.97 JDHS; 17. Sage Janes 17:42.33 TMHS; 18. Oliver Zigmund 17:45.38 JDHS; 19. Andrew Pounds 17:54.85 GCHS; 20. Aodhan Nakada 17:55.10 GCHS; 21. Colton Merriner 17:55.38 GCHS; 22. Daniel Harrison 17:59.90 WRG; 23. Carter Phillips 18:01.01 KTN; 24. Calvin Knapp 18:03.03 TMHS; 25. Justin Scussel 18:04.19 TMHS; 26. Jacob Friske 18:04.44 MEHS; 27. Joshua Reed 18:11.03 JDHS; 28. Alex Holmgrain 18:18.16 PSG; 29. Dominic Ross 18:23.09 KAK; 30. Owen Crotts 18:26.50 GCHS; 31. Calder Prussian 18:33.58 SIT; 32. Ian Nelson 18:42.27 WRG; 33. Xzavier Munoz-Torres 18:46.84 KAK; 34. Elias Ward 18:58.36 PSG; 35. Joe Adolfae 19:01.81 GCHS; 36. Easton Roads 19:02.88 GCHS; 37. Dalton Henry 19:09.34 HNS; 38. Miezen Deraimer 19:10.59 TMHS; 39. Franz Fermoyle 19:13.18 MEHS; 40. Brett Ross 19:20.75 SIT; 41. Bryce Calhoun 19:22.83 SIT; 42. Kailen Wills 19:23.66 KTN; 43. Collin Aldassy 19:24.09 HNS; 44. Theo Everson 19:31.89 SIT; 45. Jackson Powers 19:32.81 WRG; 46. Theo Garcia 19:35.11 GCHS; 47. Finley Hightower 19:36.47 TMHS; 48. Ben Kandoll 19:36.71 PSG; 49. Bence Bury 19:37.23 JDHS; 50. JC Davis 19:37.70 HNS; 51. Jackson Carney 19:38.95 WRG; 52. Derek Wilson 19:43.12 MEHS; 53. Carson Crotts 19:45.26 GCHS; 54. Tristen Lemerond 19:52.86 KTN; 55. Austin Huang 19:53.14 JDHS; 56. Banan Davison 19:54.45 GCHS; 57. Grant Eldridge 19:54.97 GCHS; 58. Andrew Zingone 19:55.45 GCHS; 59. Scott Johnson 19:55.78 KTN; 60. Jack Styles 19:56.06 KTN; 61. Talen Davis 20:04.34 KAK; 62. Joshua Bennett 20:07.26 CRG; 63. Gerred Garrison 20:08.38 HNH; 64. Landon Kirkness 20:13.17 SIT; 65. Ethan Reichl 20:17.90 TMHS; 66. Weston Allred 20:18.33 SIT; 67. George Peratrovich 20:21.62 MET; 68. Mathias Paden 20:22.46 TMHS; 69. Isaac Verbrugge 20:29.15 GCHS; 70. Tyler Ward 0:29.45 PSG; 71. Bryden Roberts 20:42.61 JDHS; 72. Brent Sun 20:44.28 MEHS; 73. Jude Lindberg 20:47.16 GCHS; 74. Caleb Spence 20:47.59 GCHS; 75. TJ Smith 20:49.31 HNS; 76. Jeremiah Ward 20:54.09 SIT; 77. Edwin Solomon 20:54.65 MEHS; 78. Daniel Degener 20:56.16 TMHS; 79. Calder Ratliff 20:56.47 PSG; 80. Brady Crotts 21:00.25 GCHS; 81. Luke Syren 21:02.77 GCHS; 82. Dashel Huskey 21:05.20 HNH; 83. Royce Rock 21:06.77 GCHS; 84. Gavin Alderson-Bell 21:08.97 KTN; 85. Kolby Clark-Pruitt 21:34.28 MEHS; 86. Daniel Davis 21:41.56 GCHS; 87. Ian Bagley 21:44.16 SIT; 88. Justin Hames 21:44.79 SIT; 89. Adrian Skeek 21:53.09 KAK; 90. Jomar Molina 21:54.67 SIT; 91. Cooper Martin 21:56.44 GCHS; 92. Alex Weerasignhe 21:56.85 HNS; 93. Will Davis 21:57.14 HNS; 94. Max Wallace 22:02.41 GCHS; 95. Nathaniel Vincler 22:03.06 MEHS; 96. Inde Eckerson 22:04.23 JDHS; 97. Shane Tincher 22:09.54 SIT; 98. Jackson Benson 22:11.02 MET; 99. ADI Michael 22:19.65 MEHS; 100. Cole McLaughlin 22:23.48 SIT; 101. Tyger Waythomas 22:25.35 GCHS; 102. Cooper Powers 22:27.22 WRG; 103. Benjamin Wright 22:30.62 GCHS; 104. Ryan Annett 22:30.88 GCHS; 105. Rylan Armstrong 22:36.20 MEHS; 106. Tavin Aceveda-Chilton 22:39.67 KAK; 107. Donald Olson 22:49.27 MEHS; 108. Jeremy Newcomb 22:54.20 CRG; 109. Trevyn Gillen 22:56.61 WRG; 110. Carter Marsden 22:57.31 MET; 111. Ethan Bertagnoli 22:59.94 PSG; 112. Morgan Crenna 23:01.50 SIT; 113. Vincent Verley 23:01.80 GCHS; 114. Liam Andrews 23:27.65 CRG; 115. Waylon Jones 23:30.98 PSG; 116. Edward Austin 23:32.45 HNH; 117. Sawyer Rose 23:33.85 KTN; 118. Adrian Ducat 23:34.10 PSG; 119. Aulis Nelson 23:37.99 CRG; 120. Xavier Olsen 23:42.11 MET; 121. David Friday 23:46.31 KLW; 122. Lennie Brandell 24:00.11 MEHS; 123. Rocco Lindsey 24:11.70 MET; 124. Josh McGraw 24:35.31 SIT; 125. Jack Mickelson 24:36.23 SIT; 126. Woods Hill 24:48.36 SIT; 127. Dreydin Ohana 24:49.57 KTN; 128. Nigatu Daggett 25:01.91 GCHS; 129. Cruz Lindsey 25:07.07 MET; 130. Aiden Karsunki 25:13.29 SIT; 131. Dane Evans 25:15.90 SIT; 132. Kyle Johnson 25:22.41 ANG; 133. Omar Tinker 25:27.20 MEHS; 134. Brody Booth 25:27.49 MET; 135. Lawrence Howland 26:09.87 HNH; 136. Gianni Scudero Hayward 26:26.82 MET; 137. Donavon Kookesh-Booth 27:09.49 ANG; 138. Tyrone Carlson 27:11.81 HYD; 139. Axel Poulin 27:14.79 GCHS; 140. Daniel Bean-Willis 27:15.76 KAK; 141. Joseph Henry 28:40.38 MEHS; 142. Gage Pendergrass 28:56.33 MEHS; 143. Bruce Cook 28:59.22 MET; 144. Tristan Ross-Shaquanie 29:03.44 KAK; 145. Vincent Milligrock 29:51.81 MET; 146. Gus Mork 30:40.50 MEHS; 147. Raymond Fairbanks 31:10.56 KLW; 148. Sylvester Williams 37:16.87 CRG; 149. Maika Olap 39:58.09 HYD; 150. Kaylen Williams 42:45.91 MET.

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